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*Coban, whilst running, trips into a MASSIVE ice cave!
*Coban runs directly into a cabin, and loots the chest.
"Haha! SCORE!"
*Coban pulls out some Flurry boots, an Ice mirror, a Spelunker potion, Gravitation potion, a healing potion, 2 gold coins, and a... Dead man's sweater?
"Uh oh."
*Coban is sent into the wall*
*Coban puts on the Flurry boots, drinks the healing potion, and summons a slime from the slime staff.
"I'll just rest here for a bit...
*meanwhile in Yharim's palace he interrupts the party go make a speech*
Everybody! We will conquer all that calls themselves "good"! We will make them suffer and then take control!
"Hear Hear!" Duke Fishron yells from the table across from EOC.
Suddenly, the whole side of one of the walls blows in, showering debris onto the surrounding guests.
Most of the bad guys get out of the way, except for a mimic, 2 slimes, and a bunny (Who joined the bad side)

Standing in the rubble was a large group of good guys, who had smashed open the wall with a giant PWN hammer. "CHAAAAARGE!" a large man in spider armor yells. The good guys rush at the bewildered bad guys, while they are still regrouping. EoC dashes into the air and rushes at a guy manning a bunny cannon. Duke Fishron oinks as he rushes into the fray, dashing towards a harpy with a magic boomerang. The harpy is easily crushed in his large boar-jaws. Nearby, an eater of souls got blown to pieces by a smaller-than average Santa-nk1.
*Coban climbs out of the ice cave, appearing to have looted the whole thing. He's got Flurry Boots, A Blizzard in a Bottle, an Ice Blade, and a Snowball Cannon.
"...Atleast this is a good seed..."
After many months of silence, a rumbling shakes the ground, filling the air with a large *craaaack!!!!*. Critters for miles look up from their peace, ears pricked. A chimera soars out of a cave, followed by a wave of face monsters and blood crawlers. The fierce army charges out of the crimson biome, seemingly awoken from a weird trance. They rampage, killing animals, converting the land to crimson. "What happened?" A squirrel says, watching an owl crash through the forest, racing away from the hoard. Suddenly, an earsplitting screech causes all of the animals to quake with fear. The brain of Cthulhu erupts from the mountain, rising quickly into the sky.
Meanwhile, the EOC sits patiently waiting on his throne of flesh. The brain floats through the large gates towards him. "Cousin. How good it is to finally be reunited with you..."
"I share the same sentiment. I have brought you here to discuss the growing situation on the overworld. A being known as World Blighter has been controlling the surface. He has defeated me once already. It will not be long before he visits your domain. If we work together we may be able to take him. If not, we may need to consult with the council of parts."
"I see what you mean... Hmmm... Let me consult my army."
He turns away to speak with a chimera.
(World Blighter hasn't even gone on the surface yet. He's busy improving the fancy house he's building in the Underworld.)
*Coban leaves the ice biome with his bag full of loot.
"...Hopefully the King slime won't come back."
*Coban proceeds to craft some Platinum shoulder guards, boots, a Platinum Shield, and a Platinum bow.
"Good thing in this terraria world I can craft stuff usually uncraftable..."
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