Terraria Halloween Contest - 2023 - Winners!

In the beginning of this contest I was hoping I came close, maybe even second place. But after seeing who did come in 1st-3rd for all of these categories, I understand and respect that I didn't. These are truly incredible!
Good job everybody who won and everybody who participated! These were an absolute joy to look at!
Figured I'd also post this other gif I made for the submission

Here's my thing. It's Dr. Bones, because for some reason I really, really like this guy in particular.

Somehow I got into the community showcase last year even though my costume was. Like. The same character but ten times worse lmao

Errrrr next year maybe I'll cosplay the groom.... Maybe my costume'll still be too mid to get up there, dunno. Likely it's just not enough of a well-known character, but I dunno if the Groom is more well known at all... Also Idk because I also went as Bones last year but my costume was way different and way worse.


  • Doctor Bones Cosplay ;D.png
    Doctor Bones Cosplay ;D.png
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  • Does anybody even know this guy exists.png
    Does anybody even know this guy exists.png
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