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Circle Prefect hosting is a free and paid service. We are based in the western US but have been told our service is manageable across many time-zones. Since we offer a free service, it is available for testing and later consideration.

Simple updates and details will be kept here in the forums but other important information is typically kept on the website.

To sign up for a server, free or otherwise, a form is available on the website where details can be filled out and sent in. When a form is submitted, if there is availability, a message will go out within due time and a server started.

The website link is available by clicking on the image header.

Testing hosting services is available through a week-long service. This includes everything that a subscription would include, such as world uploading, downloading, and configuration management.

There is ping information available to check latency with the server location.

To access the home page, visit this direct link.

Several services are available straight out if using the 7 day testing such as world upload/download and config/ssc manager.
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I'm upgrading the server hardware so I can provide more servers -- currently hosting is down until that occurs, which will be in only a couple of days. Afterwards, I could provide 6 more servers for a total of seven.

Hey I'm interested in using a free server, if one is available. However, for some reason I am not able to click on the image header and therefore can not register for a server. Perhaps you could help me out?

Edit: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. :)
I've since made the image header a direct link to the website. For some reason, I overlooked that.
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Found new hosting for servers because the previous one proved to be unstable. The new hardware and speeds are far superior, so lag should only be an issue if you reside far away from the server location.

You can, again, fill out the form on the website for free servers 16 players and under (limited availability). May push the limit of players higher in the coming weeks if needs demand it.

Update and News:
Since the previous hosting setup was inefficient and altogether unstable, a move has been made to host servers at a remote location virtually. The setup is in testing, and so during this phase, a limited number of servers are available through the form at http://www.tServerHost.com/. The "tServer Host" domain is a recent addition to Circle Prefect.

Among other things such as pending updates to this and that, the free service will last until testing phase is complete. This is estimated at around one month.

For support, the http://www.circleprefect.com/contact.html contact service is available.
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Information on the free server offer:
In case anyone has tried within the last month to start a server, well, it was working maybe a fraction of that time frame. There was some things to work out in the mean time. But as of now, that should be completely resolved.

Do know, if the servers reach capacity for the duration of the testing offer, then if anyone applies, that attempt will be denied.

The current offer for free servers is going to last until the end of April, and the server uptime until closure will last another one month. At that point, the offer for free servers will have been done.

Again, this offer is only temporary.

World uploading:
At this point, world uploading services for servers is available. It is through the upload link from the main page. The only details necessary are the server name with which it was registered, the code that is provided at the end of the server-start process, and then the server password (none if there is no password).
A server hosting throwback is online using the latest hosting tool: Carbuncle v2.

The website includes a page where all the servers are advertised. Space is very limited, so hosting up to 255 per server is free for the month of January. Custom maps can be uploaded to the server instance using the Carbuncle client. The client also supports world seeds. If the server does not activate it likely means there is no longer space for new servers.

Carbuncle client is listed as a download in server details.

Visit the site here: link.
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January Tokens

Carbuncle has been updated to restrict hosting to only clients who have either been given, or bought, an access token. In efforts to continue work on the client software, three free tokens will be granted to those who desire server hosting. Simply send me a forums PM and then I will give you one if you are among the first three.

Carbuncle How-to document -- is a document that explains the client program basics.
If you prefer a website, here is the link.

Future plans

Revising the cost/payment system, and soon the website shop will be available in a monthly subscription-styled service.
Sixteen player slot servers are available using a $5 key obtained from the Gumroad page. The cost is currently approximately $0.30 per player at this time.

Free evaluations can be registered and will last one day.

There is a free offer coming on the first of February to celebrate the US holiday: Presidents' Day.

The process goes something like:
  • Purchase a server key, or simply move on to the next step for the free evaluation.
  • Fill out the form here.
  • Upon completion the process will begin and you will be sent an E-mail with IP, port, and the TShock super admin setup code.
  • (Paid servers last for 30 days.)
  • For the current process -- due to be updated soon -- do not purchase another key at this time when the subscription comes to an end.
  • Map requests are free of charge after the server terminates since the world data will be kept for approximately an extra month.
  • REST API access can be requested, and tserver web has a portal for REST API usage.
For any of the topics listed above, or general service support, support can be reached at: prefect | circleprefect | com (@ and . respectively).
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This web page launched today that is a config.json and sscconfig.json form for your server instance.

All that is required is the server identification: the server name plus the TShock setup code which were both E-mailed to you were you to have finished the server request form.


It can be found here to view: Server Manager.
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100% Off Discount Codes
Until President's Day this February (Monday the 15th), 3 100% off -- a discount of $5 off -- access keys can be obtained following this link: Holiday Offer.

For those who do not like using their credit card on various websites, you are in luck because it does not require that information for this free offer. The only necessary step is to click the "Subscribe" button on the web page. From there, head to the server register form and supply the access code along with your desired settings.

If you receive a confirmation E-mail within 10 minutes then the process succeeded and the server is running. In this case the E-mail will have all the information for connecting and setting up an in-game super admin account.

Further configuration options can be found at the server manager page.​

An Alternative
If this is not your cup of tea, another holiday deal is a free server that does not require going through the reseller's website -- which lasts one week -- and just requires filling out the form and checking the "Free Evaluation" box.

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Currently subscriptions are $5 per month.

Hosting is back online. If there are any bugs, that can be reported to the E-mail address at the bottom of this page: Terraria Hosting - Monthly Reserve. (the main page for the services).

There are free 1-week server plans, but these can only be tried out "once" to get an idea of how you like the service.

Some new things from last time are:
  • A data management page (mainly world uploading/downloading and restarting the server).
  • There is a new TShock management page as well.
  • E-mail responses to the form being filled out (if an E-mail is not received within 10 minutes then the server startup was not successful -- this can be due to high-traffic, not enough server space, or error-input in the form).
  • Ping address to test ping to the server location.
Check out these services at: tserver.host
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