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PC Terraria Minigames

Nikita Matrosoff


Server Info
Terraria Minigame Server is a growing server with minigames.
We already have a lot of them and keep adding new mechanics and games!

Server IP: terraria.tk:7777
Join our Discord server, all updates and information are there.
Vote for our server on Terraria-Servers: Terraria Minigames

Our server is originally Russian but it also supports English language!
If you enter the server and see that everything is not on English, you can use /eng to switch language.
But still, many players would speak Russian here.
You can use /help to read about important commands.

There are more than 10 games on our server. Some of them:

Hot Potato
Your purpose — pass it to other player as quick as you can, otherwise you will actually die. You can notice the player with vegetable by green steam and hearts.

Hide from seekers as a tile. Most important: don't move or they'll notice you.

Knock out other players from arena using Slap Hand. If you fall - you lose a life, everyone has 3 lives. The last player standing wins.

Death Run
Try to finish a obstacle course while another player will try to kill you or become the killer and kill other players with traps.

Sky Wars
Spawn on a flying island, get items from chests and kill other players to win!

Fizzle Floor

The floor disappears right under your legs - don't fall!

How To Play
Join the server.
Register using /register *password*
Login using /login *password*
You can join a game by either using /j or by pressing on signs near the spawnpoint using RMB.

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