Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Backup/Restore Instructions for Amazon Fire

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The Guide

The Guide

Backup/Restore Instructions for Terraria Mobile 1.3 (Amazon Fire)
The Amazon Fire OS is based on Android and is very similar. This guide will highlight the small differences from this guide for Android.

This guide will use ES File Explorer and Google Drive - there are alternative file management apps that work fine, and alternative cloud storage services that will also work, but they will not be covered within this guide.

Please note: While Amazon does have its own cloud service for photo storage and purchased Amazon content, we do not find it suitable for backing up Terraria world and player files.

ReLogic, 505 Games and DR Studios do not have any involvement with any of these platforms, and as such will not be able to assist in retrieving any files that are lost or deleted while attempting to backup or restore. Please be careful when moving your game files around!

Getting Set Up

You will need an account on a cloud service before proceeding with this setup. The setup only needs to be done once.

1. Install the app "ES File Explorer File Manager" from the Amazon AppStore. This app is free, and seems to be the best method for doing this. Fire OS does not seem to provide a native file manager function.

store page.png

2. Once installed, open the app. To set up a connection to your cloud storage, click on 'Cloud Drive'.

main page.png

3. Click on the large '+' sign to add a cloud service. The supported services are shown. Choose one for which you already have an account on; most will offer a small amount of cloud storage (2-10GB) at no cost.

setup cloud.png

4. Select the service you wish to use and follow the prompts to provide your login credentials. As can be seen in the image above, one has already been set up for Google Drive, and that will be used for the remainder of this guide.


Backing Up Files

1. Open up the app and from the panel on the left, select "Internal Storage".

local data location.png

2. Navigate to "Android" > "data" > "com.amz.games505.Terraria" (click on the folder icons to navigate). You may have to scroll down a bit in the last folder to find "com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid" depending on what other apps you have installed. This is where your Terraria game data is stored.

local data folder.png
3. Within this folder, you will find both the "Players" and "Worlds" folders. These contain your Terraria save data. For the rest of the guide, we will be using a world as an example, but backing up players follow exactly the same process, just with the "Player.plr" file instead of "World.wld".
For a full explanation of what all of these files are and whether you should back them up, please see Mobile - Terraria Mobile 1.3 Local File Structure, Explained

backup selected.png
5. Open the Worlds folder. Press and hold on the file you want to backup, until you see the green check mark. (You can then tap multiple files if you want to backup more than one at once). Now press the Copy button in the bottom bar.

backup target.png

6. Go back to the Home screen and navigate to the Cloud drive link created in the Setup steps. For this example, I'm going to use the 'My Google Drive' that I had set up. In my Google Drive, I had already set up a 'Terraria Amazon Backup' folder. and with in that I had created 'Players' and 'Worlds' folders. Since this example is backing up a world, we will navigate to 'My Google Drive' > 'Terraria Amazon Backup' >'Worlds' folder. In the bottom bar, press the Paste button to start the transfer.

backup complete.png

7. A window will appear giving details of the transfer. When that window closes, the data transfer is complete and your files are backed up to your cloud destination.


Restoring Files

Restoring a file is the reverse process of backing up a file.
1. Open ES File Explorer and navigate to the location you uploaded your files. If you followed the first half of this guide, you will find them at 'Cloud Drive' > 'My Google Drive' > 'Terraria Amazon Backup' > 'Worlds' / 'Players'. This guide will follow restoring a world, but restoring a player follows exactly the same process.

restore selected.png
2. Press and hold the icon for the file you wish to restore, until the green check mark appears. (You can then tap multiple files if you want to restore more than one at once). Now press the 'Copy' button in the bottom bar.

restore target.png
3. Return to the Home screen of ES File Explorer. Navigate back to 'Internal Memory' then 'Android' > 'data' > 'com.amz.games505.Terraria'. You may have to scroll down a bit in the last folder to find 'com.amz.games505.Terraria' depending on what other apps you have installed.

restore complete.png
4. Navigate into the 'Worlds' directory (or 'Players' if you're restoring a player file), and press the Paste button in the bottom bar. Your save has been restored!



  1. This process was tested and found to work properly with ES File Explorer on 2 Amazon devices: Fire HDX (2013/3rd Gen) and Fire HD 10 (2017/7th Gen).
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