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tModLoader Terraria Mod Collab!!!


The Destroyer
I can submit a sword/knife design in here
Terra Knife.png
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The Destroyer
The hero beam is something for my mod.
What type of weapon do you want exactly?
I'm also pretty trash at code so you should prob


Skeletron Prime
also, can you make a discord server for this? i think it would be alot easier if we use discord. like if you wanna see new submissions you have to scroll down alot


The Destroyer
That is gunna be my first time making a gun so hope it's good.
I can't make pixel art of a minigun :|
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Hi, I'm new to modding but would love to help however I can, if you are still looking for members to help make it. Got decent coding experience but still coming to terms with the tmodloader library, would really love to join the team. :)
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