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Official Terraria: Otherworld

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I would be interested to see how this plays out. It looks on the trailer that you're running from something, but...



I had thought that that teaser had something to do with Terraria. Now I can tell everyone who said I was wrong that THEY were wrong. :)


Not sure what to think of this...all i can ask is, what is "different" about it? Does this mean questing and a main story? Will it have all the features of Terraria and be the "definitive" version of Terraria, or is this like a spinoff? Of course these are all rhetorical questions, since no one can spoil anything yet.

But i gotta say, LOVING the new art style and new animations!

From the site itself= "and come see us at GDC Booth #2230 in San Francisco!"

Looks like we'll be getting new information faster than i thought!
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The community is going to explode.
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