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Meh, art style strikes me as too 'modern' so to speak.... Would much prefer a more simple Terraria-esque art style. It also looks very similar to Starbound.... and I disliked that artstyle.

Also there is no way that this on release will have even 1/4 as much content as Terraria does.

Well I feel apprehensive about this. Of course we got like no information so my only thing is art style and my worry that it most likely wont be as good as Terraria (which is a really amazing game in a genre I do not give a damn about)

Well I'll patiently wait for more information to actually decide weather to buy or not, well I will most likely buy it anyway because I want to give Re-Logic more money for the first Terraria....
as whe can see, or atleast my theory, is after so many time the terrarians have finally decided to take down the corruption finally after watching their home lands getting infected and destroyed.......whe (the terrarians) started a revolution....
anyway good job Re-Logic!!! ;)
As much as I'd like to post another hype train image...
...I'm not very excited for this. At all. It's just artistically another Starbound and mechanically a Terraria clone with some expansion on a gameplay gimmick that didn't need expansion in the first place.
HOLYDOODLEPANTSMAN! From what I can gather, it appears to be a more intense, combat based, lore filled game based around the corruption. It probably has less content based from exploring the world and stuff, but more quests or goals using the purity to prepare for taking the corruption down. Looks great, more info will be nice though.
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