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Terraria State of the Game - April 2019

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Oh man, that is a lot of Discord musings.

New final sword?
Explosive bunnies that walk around?
Echo Blocks? (Whatever those are)

I'll have to be sure to keep my eyes peeled on the discord for info like this in the future.


Duke Fishron
Amazing news, but there are a few things I'd like to point out, though:
  1. Since the ruler wont be an accessory, what if it turns into a weapon, then? Let's play as an evil teacher.
  2. The fact that the Dresser allows you to change eye color and skin color is really unfitting, If the game had dressers with mirror, the mirror could be used to change the eye color and skin color, instead. Unless you add a plastic surgeon npc in the game. Or the nurse learns something new with all those years of service.
  3. Good riddance to the thrown set, but would be a pitty to let the old thrown weapons and equipments go, even more since the fossil set is quite cool looking.
  4. Raccoon pet includded?
  5. Since the Nurse is planned to "change" during the Moon Lord fight, maybe the boss could offer a way of acquiring hearts during the fight?

Peach Head

Official Terrarian
i appreciate the fact that you people at relogic are deciding to polish the game and that new content isn't always the answer


So, very happy on the Switch progress, still very afraid that June/July will be the release date for it, which means I got to make choices, because there are more games that I really want on those months. Ow Pipeworks, what are you doing to me D:
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