Terraria State of the Game - November 2023

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Can't wait to test the new CRT mode on my CRT screen.
There are a ton of things I've noticed:
Stackable weapons, outfits, and accessories
Overhauled Research AI
Host actions and chat toggle
new buff, buff icon looks like a shield
Campfires emit smoke when unlit
New cursor

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EDIT: I just noticed the hat that the person who is fishing is wearing
The sphere in the first image is new, or so I think. The second image pertains to a steampunk lamp atop a platform of flesh (Crimson block).
It's cool! As far as I understood, fishing will change slightly. I believe we'll have three choices when fishing, but you won't be able to choose your catch. :sigh:
fishing stuff looks amazing. also, these jar items look new. is that an ice bomb or something on the right?


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Hi, all these features, and art look great, i was wondering if you could try add T-Modloader to Geforce Now? I would love to play calamity or other mods. but this is only a suggestion.
I'm not sure I like the fishing change. What I love about fishing in terraria is the anticipation while staring at mysterious water which shows nothing at first sight. Personally, I'd like the atmosphere of mystery and surprise boosted, not the other way around. :nymph:
Yesterday I was playing with my friends when I mentioned how I missed this old mod that made fish actually swim around in water... and now it's an official thing?

It looks like they only show up when you start fishing though, I really hope there's some way to make them always just hang out in the water.

That GIF also made me remember another small pet peeve, I hope one of the devs sees this and makes it so beams meet up with platforms at the bottom like ropes do now.
I kinda feel like the fishing change will only apply when a Sonar Potion is active, cause if not it would just make the Sonar Potion almost useless.
The Sonar Potion could still be useful for things like crates, accessories, and other non-fish items you can catch. Those items can’t really swim and they’re the things most players use the sonar potion for.
When I saw myself as a 3rd place winner, I was absolute overjoyed!! I'm so glad you guys loved my costume! That's the day I went Trunk or Treating on Halloween so I got my photo taken of myself in my OC costume to use in the contest. Yet this makes me so happy upon seeing myself in the 3rd place! :dryadhappy:
Also, I love that new fishing feature where we can actually see what's biting the hook!
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