Important Terraria Town Square: Rules & Guidelines

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Each of the platform-specific categories are divided in a similar manner, with sections devoted to discussion and support. Below are the rules and guidelines that govern the PC, Console, and Mobile Device social sections, known as the Town Squares.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of Terraria Community Forums, and any associated entities are not responsible for any issues encountered by members of the Terraria Community outside of the Terraria Community Forums. This includes, but is not limited to: monetary exchanges for paid hosting services, interaction with external fan/clan/server websites, and temporary and dedicated Terraria servers and rooms. The Staff of TCF is unable to pursue action against members of this community for behavior committed outside of the community.

Town Square Summary

The Town Square sections are broken down into several sub-sections, each one devoted to a specific form of discussion.
  • General Talk (PC, Console, Mobile): Talk about any general Terraria related topics in these platform-specific sections!
  • Player Events & Connections (PC, Console, Mobile): The Event and Connections sections contain several sub-sections, all devoted to providing members with an appropriate place for meeting and connecting with other players.
    • Quick Hookup (PC, Console, Mobile): Platform-specific sections dedicated to members wishing to quickly find a Terraria server.
    • Events (PC, Console, Mobile): These sections allow members a place to make server, dedicated room, and lobby announcements.
    • Paid Server Hosting (PC): A section provided for members that wish to announce paid server hosting services for PC players.

Town Square Rules
  • Terrarian Community Rules & Culture apply to all categories, groups, sections, and threads on the forum.
  • The console and mobile ports of Terraria are controlled, managed, and published by 505 Games. The original Terraria Team have no direct influence on the development of the console and mobile ports. In the same vein, 505 Games are not responsible for the core development of Terraria and have no control over its direction or time table. Please make sure this is understood and that all comments and support requests are directed towards the appropriate development team.
  • Topics related to unavailable/unreleased/exclusive in-game items on all platforms are governed by additional policies. The same is true of game and save files on the console and mobile platforms. Please read the the information in the Piracy & Modding area of the main rules thread before taking action related to said topics.
  • Do not post ban lists or IP addresses of forum members or server users. The community staff understand the need for security and have no issue with ban lists and other security measures, as along as they are not directly accessible from the forum.
  • Do not bring outside drama to the community forum. This includes on profile posts and public threads. External issues are not the concern of the developers, community staff, or other community members. If communication must be handled on the forum, then make use of the private messaging system and keep whatever issues to the involved parties.
  • Do not post duplicate threads on the same topic. The forum has a working search feature and the community staff request that it be utilized. It is better to revive an inactive thread with an on topic post than to create a new one. Duplicate threads will be locked or merged.
  • Before creating a thread, please ensure the correct forum section has been chosen. Misplaced threads will be locked or moved.
  • All cooperative, partnering, and temporary/dedicated server and room threads, requests, and announcements belong in the correct sections. Such threads created in the wrong section will be moved or locked.
  • Long running threads, such as dedicated server and room threads, may be bumped by the member or members in charge of the thread under the conditions that a reasonable amount of time has passed and that the bumping post contains content relevant to the thread topic and not simply general conversation.
  • Where possible, use an appropriate title prefix tag when creating a thread. This allows other members to more easily find the thread when using the the forum's search functionality. If a thread is lacking a prefix, then an appropriate one may be added by a member of the staff. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.

Paid PC Server Hosting Rules

This section is designed for the purposes of announcing and obtaining reliable hosting services for PC Terraria servers, as well as a location to review, comment, and help others decide which provider is suitable for their purposes.
  • Hosting providers should be descriptive and honest when creating a thread, listing all relevant information, such as system specifications, costs, features, preferences, etc. Failure to do so is grounds for the locking of the thread.
  • Honest reviews are both welcomed and encouraged. However, comments that are insulting, derogatory, or generally unhelpful to other members seeking reliable hosting services are not.
  • Hosting providers that are found to be illegitimate or dangerous will have their threads removed from the forum. Please do not hesitate to report threads offering bogus services.

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