Important Dedicated Servers - Rules & Guidelines **PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING **

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Tunnel King

This will be the new location for PC-based Terraria servers (vanilla and modded) that are available on a regular schedule (as opposed to Host and Play quick hookups or short-term server events). Eligible Social Groups from Terraria Clans and Server Groups will be relocated here, one thread per group.

There is no approved method for hosting Console 'servers' except though the PSN/XBox. Please see Console Player Events and Connections for online Console play.

General Rules
  • All posting in this section must follow our forum rules.
  • Re-Logic does not host or own these servers, and we are not responsible for activity on them. Please do not ask us to resolve issues with these servers.
  • Please do not use this forum to resolve conflicts such as
    • Ban appeals
    • Posting ban lists, blacklists, or requests to ban people
    • Reporting people for activities such as cheating, hacking, or griefing
    • Any activity that does not follow our forum rules.

Server Owner Responsibilities
  • Do not simply post a Discord or other link for people to find information about your server. This is not meant to be a bulletin board.
  • Be descriptive about the sort of gameplay occurring on your server, such as PvP, creative/building, use of Tshock/mods, requiring voice chat, etc.
  • Post accurate schedules for accessibility of your server, including timezone information
  • Post information about unscheduled extended downtime, or if you decide to discontinue your server. Please don't leave people hanging.

Server User Responsibilities
  • Do not post reviews of the server, especially overly-negative comments or to steer users to other servers. This is not meant to be used for rating/ranking.
  • Do not complain about the server if it does not fit your expectations. Simply move on to another server.
  • Do not call out other people for their activities on the servers, especially if they are members of this forum.
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