Hot Topic Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

Cenx's Tiara (Reflective Metal Dye)
Arkhalis' Breastplate/Leggings (Reflective Metal Dye)
Twilight Hair Dye
Jim's Wings (Skiph's Blood)
Suspicious Looking Tentacle (Infernal Wisp Dye)
UFO Mount (Martian Dye)
Celestial Cultist
Ancient Cultist Mask (Void Dye)
Lunar Cultist Robes/Tax Collector Pants(both with Void Dye)
Stardust Wings (Blue and Silver Dye)
Baby Skeletron Head (Reflective Gold Dye)
Cute Fishron & Laser Drill Mounts (Martian Dye)
I mostly just spam ML relics/ lunar weapons, so it makes sense that my character would pretty much just be a buffed-up Lunatic Cultist.
Edit: Silly me, there's no Lunar Cultist leggings. I usually use the Tax Collector Pants, although they don't really show anyway.
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Anyone know what items result in this "cloak"? The user who posted this seems to be inactive now but I really like the look.
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Kratos (God Of War 3):

pale greyish skin
Monk's bushy brow bald cap - no dye
Dryad Coverings - red dye
Dryad loincloth - brown and black dye
Black belt - reflective copper dye
Shackle - reflective copper dye
spectre boots - orange and black dye
I've got this one set I've become pretty attached to, I call it the blizzard wizard.
Blizzard Wizard.png

Wizard Hat - Sky Blue Dye
Diamond Robe - Cyan Dye
Winter Cape - Sky Blue Dye
And a Blizzard in a Bottle (optional but fits really well)
Reaper robe costume and tims hat dyed black for mage

Crown, hallowed chestplate and greaves for melee

Clothiers hat, and gypsie robe dyed orange for summoner

Ninja hood, archeolologists jacket, and ninja pants painted black for ranger
His name is Zer0. Honestly, the shield is a bit much, but whatever.
Martian Dye:
Aaron's Helmet
Aaron's Breastplate
Aaron's Leggings
Spectre Boots
Tartar Sauce
Suspicious Looking Tentacle

Living Rainbow Dye:
Jim's Wings
Angel Halo
Diamond Ring
Worm Scarf
Squire's Shield
Ok so here is my set I call it boss slayer
-Full (your strongest armour looks better with shadow)
-Any boss mask
-Demon Wings
-Winter cape(dyed blue and silver)
Terra blade (console)
Armour:Beetle mask
Beetle shell
Beetle leggings
Hotbar:Keybrand Picksaw Scourge of the Corruptor Megashark Inferno fork Magnet sphere Chlorophyte Shotbow Greater healing potion (30)
Vanity:All hero's clothes with lime black dye
Accesories: Ankh sheild Spooky wings Fire gauntlet Frostspark boots and Sandstrom and horseshoe balloon
In inventory at all times: Chlorophyte war warhammer fairy bell and 100 bombs
Pet: Blue fairy
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