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tModLoader TES Experience System


Actually, i think the jingle is good enough, but i'd like an option to desactivate it in the next update. Maybe also being able to edit our own exp rates in the mod options too ?


Skeletron Prime
still a WiP, but it has over 100 releases now :)
any suggestions welcome :)
A craftable item or a GUI to see which class you currently have unlocked, how much EXP you need to unlock them, how much EXP you need to level up; and, if possible, a little nerf to the Adventurer's class since you're not supposed to go really fast too early in the game.

Yuji Sakai

nerfed adventurer just today (but added events like discovering chests to it)
all accessible classes info is avalible under /tes_stats or /tes_stats_precise
I can't make info for needed experience to next level because my xp to level function is really one way :(
each already unlocked class have a buff icon you can hover with you mouse pointer to get detailed info of most effects

EDIT: all classes get level 1 when you get at least 1000 xp within that class


I think I've discovered a problem with the adventurer class: whenever I hop into a world, I get a massive amount of adventurer EXP (typically around 10,000), and it will often continue giving me more EXP in the thousands as the values start creeping lower until they're back to normal levels, probably giving me somewhere around 25-30k by the time it's done, for doing absolutely nothing.

I'm not sure if it's just been overlooked so far, or if it's just me and somehow one of the mods I have are causing it, but I assume it's not intentional.
Anyway, I just wanted to bring it to your attention, just in case. I'm definitely enjoying this mod!


Hey, due to the discounted items I think it may bug out with stuff like the defender medals as items cost like 45196 medals; also saw this with the Spirit Mod glyphs as it was also overpriced

After I unloaded TES, the prices went back down to normal

Yuji Sakai

okay will fix shop issue.
Adventurer gets XP by exploring. I may rebalance him.

EDIT: shop issue should be fixed. also fixed issue from new feature.

EDIT2: nerfed adventurer a bit
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Maybe add a config to disable the level up sound so it doesnt conflict with the soundtracks on bosses and whatnot


Pretty good mod but the sound kills it for me lmao. I have no idea what made you think having such an obnoxious sound play every level up was a good idea because it stops the music from playing.

Yuji Sakai

I can change the sound to another :|

EDIT: fixed plant bug, which caused superflous plants on player, when picking any
EDIT2: added proper network support for additional tile flags by using newly invented worldtileflags library.

EDIT3: changed the sound :)

EDIT4: derp something doesn't work in multiplaeyer - will fix
EDIT5: fixed mutiplayer for sure. also fixed SP bug which appeared temporary.
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Yuji Sakai

both mage and summon gives mana. but mage gives magic damage, and summon gives max minions increase. You can get pretty an army on high levels, so once I would give him more summon damage he would be too OP.


- Not sure if it´s supposed to be like this, but Bee and Imp Summon are giving "mistery class" EXP, spiders Summon are giving Summon EXP, didn´t test others yet, maybe one of my mods is changing the shoot proprierties of the summons to not be summon damage?
- It seems that dropping an item and getting it will trigger the pickup bonus.
- Does mistery actually do something?
- Fishing will give the EXP just by getting the fish on the hook not by catching it, this also pretty much nullifies the sonar bonus since you can guess what you are catching by looking at the EXP Bonus.

Some feedback:

- The mining bonus is very cool, but the mining speed bonuses is not very useful on pre-hardmode and the "mine whole veins of ore" is just too powerful for hardmode, you kinda go from prehardmode ore to adamantine/titanium in 5 minutes.
- Does adventuring hit some speed and acelleration cap? What about a similar Class for Wings? Maybe Swimming too?
- Gatheting, Crafting and Alchemy get too OP too fast, building probably should level up earlier.
- Does Gathering works on Fish? Is there a way to make fishing faster?
- Melee buff is honestly not that strong for most weapons, maybe "true melee" weapons could get a better buff? Killing some bosses with a level 2 Magic was still a lot faster.
- Summon MP Bonus is only useful if you are playing a Mage Class, however i do agree that increasing damage would be OP, maybe you could increase other things like knockback? or maybe and some bonuses like a debuff on attack (if possible, i have no idea).
- Is Brave Class supposed to get EXP by killing bosses? Does "rescuing" an NPC trigger it? Unless you are grinding bosses, you don´t really get to trigger this often.

I realize this MOD is still unfinished, so it may be dumb from my part to point most of this stuff, also my suggestions may be wrong or biased on my current playstyle and playthrough.

- You should get a Zelda 2 Level Up .wav, it´s the better zelda game anyway.

Yuji Sakai

whole veins of ore didn't nullify the pickaxe power test. may move it to later level.
adventuring gives speed and acceleraion, there is a cap but very high. you get free wings behaviour since level 250
gathering crafting and alchemy may be nerfed I would think about it.
gathering works on tiles which gives edible items, it doesn't work on fish.
fishing may give swimming, and even waterbrreathing on higher levels.
melee is treated like tank (gives defense not only melee fighting)
yes every boss kill gives xp into bravery.

there is great improvement in mining since level 50 (there is increased radius for non-ore mining)
mystery currently gives no bonuses it is feed by killing enemies with weapon of unknown type
I may change fishing XP to work like woodcutter/adventurer (it displays the change every some seconds)
I think the sound of time on ocarina is okay for level up

there is also safety hotkey which temporary disables unsafe buffs (veinminning, areaminning running)
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hi, i stared my gameplay with friend aabout 4 weeks ago and today i updated the TES experience mod and downloaded the 2 required mods.
after that there is desync on block breaking (i break blocks and my friend doesnt see that there is block missing) cant play together anymore :/
everytime he breaks blocks i see that the block is still there and he walks inside blocks on my screen and same goes for him if i break blocks.

Yuji Sakai

umm thanks for report for now try use safety hotkey when breaking blocks in MP.
I will fix it soon if I know how :)

EDIT: Derp. The hotkey was giving issues. will fix soon.

EDIT: as of version hotkey issues are fixed. tell me about any left MP bugs.
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Please... Please! PLEASE!! Remove that levelup sound or at least allow people to toggle it off. It may only last 4-5 seconds but the amount of times you have to listen to it is... Deafening.

"Minion Damage" is too over-powered? So a Wizard that has a flash screen spell and unlimited mana gets stronger even though they can basically wipe everything on screen instantly is alright but a class that has "uncontrollable" minions gains more of them? Per default there is a piercing limit that you reach easy enough rendering +minions quite literally useless. So you gain some mana which in most cases isn't that useful as a summoner. Logical.

What I would aim for? Caps for certain stats. More unconventional stats. Let's say there are no mods out there and we're playing vanilla with this mod. A mere 25% damage to anything is major especially since it does not even take up a accessory slot. A wizard could gain reduction to the delay for mana regeneration to kick in. While not directly +damage since your downtime would be shorter you would still do more damage over time. Make things configurable for the end-user.

These are just some aspects that could improve and I think you're on to something with a bit more polish. Keep it up!
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