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The Balance Mod

What should the mods main focus be in the coming months?

  • Rebuilding Acrion VY66 from the ground up under a new name.

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Latest Version is on the Mod Browser

Trailer is currently a work in progress, any clips you would like to submit can be
direct messaged to me through my Discord, link provided below.

How does the Balance Mod improve the Terraria experience?
- 920+ new items
- 5 bosses
- 40+ new NPC's
- The new ancient biome
- Many new quality of life additions to improve your experience
- Recipes for many vanilla items that were previously non-craftable
- Two new classes, including throwing expansion and the brand new druid
- Adjustments for many vanilla items to improve the flow of progression
-And much, much more!

Please be advised:
- Directly copying code/sprites/music from this mod is strictly prohibited.
Copying content of any degree will lead to strict and immediate repercussions.

Balance Mod Discord Server:
Join the Mod's Server!

Balance Mod Wiki on Gamepedia:
Balance Mod Wiki

Patreon Donation/Support Link:
DrewTubedude is creating The Balance Mod for Terraria | Patreon
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Ah, this mod finally has a forum thread. A long time ago, I played with this mod in a few playthroughs, including one with a friend and another as the Druid class. Since I last played it, the sprites appeared to have been given an overhaul, especially for the heirloom items. Now I have another playthrough or two planned with a lot of other mods using tModLoader 64 bit. There's certainly a lot of content for this mod and it appears mostly unknown by people. I'm not even sure how I found out about it myself, must have gotten lucky with seeing it on the mod browser.

I noticed there's a Scavenger class, so I went to create a new character for it. Then I realized the class is in very early stage. I think four weapons, one armor set, and one accessory. It seems the theme of this class is using whatever scrap you can find and some energy mechanic to enable use of more powerful right click attacks. Is this the third class the poll is talking about?


The current Dev Build has been working nonstop at expanding those teasing tidbits of scavenger you've seen, and Scavenger will be released as a fully completed class within the next update. To be truthful i was too exited to play it in full, so I've already completed roughly 75% of its content. Work after the next update will be focused on what the poll deduces, following forward from there. I'm glad to see you've found the mod, as I've put close to three years of work into it, most of which has been solo development. I hope that the future brings more people to this mod, so they can enjoy it and provide much needed feedback for our small community!

Vlad Terrarian

The Destroyer
This mod seems to me like a big DLC for Terraria. Content fits pretty well. But still I hope you will make some of the content much unique and interesting. :)


I'm glad that's how you see it, as that's sort of the intent for the mod, fill in the progression for the existing classes and some new ones, while introducing some new content to make progression more fun and enjoyable! Of course as updates go on I will be continuing to polish items, bosses, and enemies to look better and be more unique, so stay tuned and enjoy!


Hey in just wanted to let you know whenever i use this mod in my modpack it breaks the music
If you have the time would you be willing to hop onto the mods discord to give me more details? Just to confirm if its this mod causing the issue or if there is a compatibility bug between this mod and another. As of current your comment only tells me so much.
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