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Sprites The Desert's own species of grub



Just trying to add a little biodiversity to the desert. I seem to be drawn to the place, judging by how many suggestions I've made about it, so what's one more gonna hurt?

Antlion Grub (critter)
Spawns from broken boulders and antlion mounds in the Desert
-5 HP
-25% bait power
-Can be caught with a Bug Net and placed in a Terrarium

(thank @heisergroup for the sprite)
Antlion Mound
Can be smashed with any pickaxe
-Always spawns 1-3 Antlion Grubs when broken
-25% chance to spawn an Antlion Swarmer (Expert: 33%)
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Dungeon Spirit
Sounds like a good idea to me. I think the rest of the desert background props should also have a smaller chance of dropping antlion grubs as well, seeing as how many of them are designed to look like a hive.
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