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The Enchanted Hourglass

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We all know about the Enchanted Sundial and its ability to speed up a day to the next dawn (though not everyone may have one, depending on how much they like crate-farming). I propose an expansion on this concept, with a number of time-based items/tools stemming from a basic item: the Enchanted Hourglass.

The Enchanted Hourglass, the main component for these items, can be bought from the Wizard while in Space for 15 gold.

The Hourglass then can be crafted into different items:

  • Enchanted Sundial (Furniture)
    • 1 Hourglass and 1 Sundial (acquired by fishing in the Sky, with a higher chance of appearing than the current Sundial). Crafted at a Mythril Anvil.
    • Performs its current function.
    • Tooltip: "Allows time to fast forward one day once per week, to sunrise"
    • -----
  • Enchanted Moondial (Furniture)
    • 1 Hourglass, 1 Sundial, 10 Souls of Night. Crafted at a Mythril Anvil.
    • Performs a function identical to the Enchanted Sundial, but fast-fowards to sunset instead of sunrise.
    • Tooltip: "Allows time to fast forward one day once per week, to sunset. Owl approved!"
    • -----
  • Dark Hourglass (Tool)
    • 1 Hourglass, 15 Souls of Night (alternatively: 15 Souls of Fright). Crafted at a Crystal Ball.
    • Does 0 damage. Afflicts all enemies on-screen with a slowing debuff equivalent in potency to Oozed, with a 10% chance to freeze them in place completely.
    • Slowing debuff lasts 8 seconds while freezing lasts 5 seconds. The weapon has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Costs 20 Mana.
    • Tooltip: "Slows time down for your foes"
    • -----
  • Light Hourglass (Tool)
    • 1 Hourglass, 15 Souls of Light (alternatively: 15 Souls of Might). Crafted at a Crystal Ball.
    • Does 0 damage. Grants all on-screen allied players a 20% buff to item speed.
    • Buff lasts 20 seconds. The weapon has a 50 second cooldown. If used by another player while the buff is still active, has no effect but still consumes mana.
    • Costs 30 Mana.
    • Tooltip: "Speeds time up for your allies"
    • -----
  • Temporal Sigil (Equipable)
    • 1 Hourglass, 10 Ectoplasm, and a Destroyer Emblem. Crafted at a Mythril Anvil.
    • Grants a 10% increase in weapon and tool speed. Grants immunity to slowing effects like Chilled and Oozed.
    • Appears as a white and blue hourglass hanging from a character's waist.
    • Tooltip: "Increases weapon and tool speed, and grants immunity to slowing. Who needs damage when time is on your side?"
    • -----
  • Flasks of Slow (Consumable)
    • 1 Hourglass, 5 Bottled Water, 5 Vials of Venom. Crafts 5 Flasks at a time. Crafted at the Imbuing Station.
    • Function identically to other flasks, except they only last ten minutes.
    • Inflict the same slowing debuff as the Dark Hourglass, for 8 seconds.
    • Tooltip: "Melee attacks greatly slow enemies. 10 minute duration."
    • -----
  • Flash Potions (Consumable)
    • 1 Hourglass, 5 Deathweed, 30 Pixie Dust, 10 bottled water. Crafts 10 flash potions. Crafted at a placed bottle or Alchemy table. (Depending on balance, the pixie dust may be replacable with other crafting materials, like boss souls, chlorophyte, or ectoplasm.)
    • Grant the "Flash" buff, which gives a 15% movement speed increase and a 15% increase to item speed.
    • Tooltip: "Increases movement and item speed"
    • -----
  • Cosmic Hourglass (Furniture)
    • 1 Hourglass, 10 of each Celestial Fragment, 5 Luminite Bars. Crafted at an Ancient Manipulator.
    • When placed and activated, pauses the time of day for six minutes or until deactivated. During Moon events, or when night-only bosses are summoned, the pause duration is shortened to two minutes.
    • Has a 36-minute cooldown unaffected by the Enchanted Sundial or Moondial. Time remaining is communicated via status message, when tried to activate prematurely.
    • Tooltip: "Freezes the cosmos in place. All your time are belong to us."
    • -----
  • Time Gauntlet (Weapon)
    • 3 Hourglasses, 3 of each Celestial Fragment, and 15 Luminite bars. Crafted at an Ancient Manipulator.
    • Fires a short-range green projectile that deals 30 classless damage and inflicts a debuff called "Duplicated" for two seconds.
    • "Duplicated" causes an enemy's item drop chances to double. Intended for use when farming for rare items (like the Rod of Discord or Coin Gun). Bosses (excluding Frost Moon bosses) and enemies guaranteed to drop an item (like mimics) are immune to Duplicated. Given Duplicated's short duration, careful use of the Time Gauntlet is necessary.
    • Tooltip: "30 damage. Briefly doubles item drop chances. Missing a few parts, some assembly required."

The basic Hourglass can be placed as well, where it will have sand slowly fall into the bottom half before inverting itself. Activating it tells you precisely how long it's been since you last activated it.

The Hourglass and its crafted descendants should all be Skyware-themed in appearance, except for the Cosmic Hourglass (since the unexplained Skyware aesthetic of the Enchanted Sundial was weird to me).

I hope people like this! I personally love time-based effects, and I love Terraria, and there was just so much untapped potential in the Enchanted Sundial that I wanted to explore some of it. The crafting methods are generally re-balance-able without too much difficulty, and I tried to make things useful while not (excessively) overpowered. Please let me know what you think!

Lord Garak


Excellent suggestion, not sure if the combat effects fit thematically but the accessability is much appreciated as the Sundial needs reworks.


I remember reading somewhere that Slow is impossible to implement for enemies in Terraria. Something about it being incompatible with their pathing? Other than that, these all sound like excellent ideas. (Though my heart is mainly in it for the furnitures you've suggested. A time-freezer and a moondial? Yes please!)

Mental Mouse

Don’t see why not, as long as the duplicated debuff lasts longer (10s?)

I suspect OP is thinking of Midas, but... well, doing that for a post-moonlord weapon... with 30 damage and no class bonuses? You might as well rename the item to the Cherry Tap. ;-)

By comparison, I suggested giving the Amber Staff Midas -- that's 20 magic damage pre-Hardmode, but even that's going to be a cherry-tapper, because it's not really available until well after those staves are otherwise obsolete. I only suggested that one to give the Amber Staff something reason for existence in later pre-Hardmode when you can actually make it. (Once you go to Hardmode and get gold dust it joins the other gem staves on the trash heap.)
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