The game won't start.

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I haven't had this issue before 1.4, but I have had an issue where I can't even open Terraria at all. Steam says it's running for a good 10 seconds or so, and then it acts as if I click Stop Running. I'm certain it's a crash, but it doesn't give me a crash report. I deleted my files on Terraria and reinstalled it 5x and it would not work at all.

And BTW, the bottom image is right after the top one.
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We have received several reports of this and are looking into it on our end.

However, please make sure you are running Terraria as an administrator, and that your anti-virus protection is set to allow Terraria. :)
I had this issue as well, but not at this scale. I run Terraria on a laptop, and one day it randomly did not work. I looked further into this and my Antivirus said that Terraria was considered a virus. Check your antivirus and if it says that Terraria is malware, make sure that Terraria has the required properties to run (right-click Terraria.exe and press "Properties"). If that doesn't work, then you may have to change your antivirus. When this happened to me, Terraria's icon was the standard executable file icon, and not the classic tree icon, is Terraria displayed as a generic .exe file?
If you go to your antivirus and press whatever button displays the detected "threats" (I don't know what your antivirus is, but I assume it has a feature where you can see the "threats" that it detected), it would view Terraria as some sort of dangerous file to your computer. If this still doesn't work, then I do not know how to help you, as I only had this error once, and I permanently resolved it. It does seem that you are running Terraria as an administrator however, so I don't know why it wouldn't allow you to run the application.

If what you said is actually still true (two files being deleted and are required to run) then that is most likely the reason why it can't open. They could be corrupted for whatever reason, and the game will discard them as "they are not necessary files".

I had a problem where my game crashed, and it automatically recycled the .bak file of the character that I was using, and when I recovered it, it was corrupted and would be automatically deleted.
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