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Golf The Golf Testing Map

Mr. K

note: slightly outdated for now, but still a useful reference I think. i'll try to update later. check my golf tutorial for new discoveries

A very simple map that's not exactly meant to play golf on, but rather test golf-related things on. Though I did try to make it look decent.
You don't really need to make a new character for this, just make sure you've got space for provided golf essentials and be careful with swinging things that aren't golf clubs 'cuz there are a lot of flowers and they're very delicate.

It's kinda hard for me to say this is a WIP, since it'll almost always be in production until Terraria actually stops updating since there can always be new elements to golf, but as far as I'm concerned for now it's the full experience. Let me know if there's stuff I can improve on.

No screenshots (at least not yet, I'll post some if mandatory) since it's really not all that visually impressive, and hopefully it's self-explanatory.

Finally, fair warning, there's a lotta reading.

If you don't wanna have to go through an entire world to learn about all the stuff I've learned about golf, then check out the related post.

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I would definitely reccomend including some screenshots so that people know what they're downloading.
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