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    The Joostmod is a variety content mod. It adds
    380 new items
    9 new armor sets
    26 new placeable things (excluding banners)
    11 new prefixes
    14 new regular enemies
    9 new minibosses
    4 new bosses
    2 new town npcs

    Here's is a small slice of what's in the mod:
    GrognakHammer.png BoookBulletHell.png GnunderGlove.png StaffofDavid.png LarkusTome.png UncleCariusPole.png Legendary weapons! They get more powerful with every vanilla and Joostmod boss you have killed on that world! The bonuses are as follows:
    • King slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of worlds/Brain of Cthulhu, Queen Bee, Skeletron, and the Alpha Cactus Worm each give a 25% upgrade to the weapons damage.
    • Wall of Flesh gives a 150% increase in damage.
    • The Destroyer, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, Plantera, Golem, Duke Fishron, the Lunatic Cultist, and each of the Lunar Pilars each give a 100% increase in damage.
    • The Moonlord, Jumbo Cactuar, SA-X, and Gilgamesh each give a 1500% increase in damage.
    These all add together for a total of 7500% of the legendary weapon's base damage.
    Credit to @MountainDrew for the code to do this.

    These weapons require the following to craft:
    Shrine of Legends.png Shrine of Legends, found underground beneath spawn.
    Stone of Evil.png Stone of Evil, 1 / 30000 (25000 on expert mode) chance to drop from any enemy not spawned by statues.
    Stone of Death.png Stone of Death, found in the dungeon close to the top
    Stone of Overgrowth.png Stone of Overgrowth, found in the underground jungle above the cavern layer
    Stone of Fire.png Stone of Fire, found in the underworld nearish to the center.
    The Legendaries also need another material depending on the legendary:
    BoookBulletHell.png Boook's Bullet Hell requires [​IMG] Illegal Gun Parts.
    StaffofDavid.png Staff of David requires a [​IMG] Ruby or [​IMG] Diamond Staff.
    GnunderGlove.png Gnunderson's Glove requires 10 [​IMG] Leather.
    GrognakHammer.png Warhammer of Grognak requires a [​IMG] Gold or [​IMG] Platinum Hammer.
    LarkusTome.png Larkus's Tome requires a [​IMG] book.
    UncleCariusPole.png Uncle Carius's Fishing pole is the exception to the legendaries: being crafted from :
    SeaStoneWest.png Stone of the West Sea, fished in the left ocean
    SeaStoneHigh.png Stone of the High Sea, fished in the sky.
    SeaStoneEast.png Stone of the East Sea, fished in the right ocean.
    SeaStoneDeep.png Stone of the Deep Sea, fished in the cavern layer.
    [​IMG] Fiberglass Fishing Pole.
    The stones have a 1 out of (50000 / fishing power, [maxing at a 1% chance at 500 Fishing power]) chance to be fished. They cannot be fished if you already have them or Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole.​
    DirtArmor.png Soil Armor, pre-hardmode armor. Each piece is made from 100 dirt blocks at a demon altar. Set bonus: increases defense by 1 for every 200 blocks of dirt in your inventory.
    TaoArmor.png Tao Armor, hardmode armor. Each piece made from a light shard, a dark shard, 7 souls of light, and 7 souls of night. Set bonus: Life regeneration increased by 5.
    Mask: 10 defense, 8% increased damage and crit chance.
    Breastplate: 15 defense, 4% increased damage and crit chance.
    Leggings: 10 defense, 3% increased damage and crit chance. 15% increased movement speed.​
    Sandstorm Armor.png Sandstorm Armor, hardmode throwing armor. Each piece made from a Desert core and Adamantite/Titanium bars. Set bonus: Throwing weapons wil cause sand to buffet the enemy repeatedly.
    Helmet: 15 defense, 25% increased Throwing damage and Reduces thrown item consumption by 50%.
    Breastplate: 20 defense, 20% increased throwing crit chance.
    Leggings: 10 defense, 20% increased throwing velocity and movement speed, and endless warmth buff.​
    LunarCactusArmor.png Lunar Cactus Armor, endgame throwing-class Armor. Each piece made from 30 Cacti and 10 Luminite bars. Set bonus: Throwing Damage increased by 50% and Inflicts 150% the damage of enemy melee attacks back at the attacker.
    Helmet: 20 defense, Throwing velocity increased by 35%.
    Chest piece: 25 defense, Throwing crit chance increased by 35% and increases life regeneration by 8.
    Leggings: 20 defense, allow you to run super fast.​
    GenjiArmors.png Genji armor, endgame armor. Each piece made from a genji token.

    GenjiLeggings.png They all share the Genji Leggings: 20 defense, allows you to run incredibly fast and greatly increases Life Regeneration.
    Silver Genji Helm: 30 defense, 75% Increased Minion damage and Knockback. Increases your max turrets by 4.
    Silver Genji Armor: 35 defense, Increases your max minions by 8, Max life increased by 200
    Set Bonus: Enkidu will fight for you.
    Azure Genji helm: 35 defense, 65% increased magic damage, 35% reduced mana usage.
    Azure Genji armor: 35 defense, Max Mana increased by 200, max life increased by 350.
    Set Bonus: Press the Armor Ability key to spend a large amount of mana to cast Bitter End. Cannot be used while you have mana sickness or the bitter end spell hasn't ended.
    Crimson Genji Helm: 40 defense, 50% increased range damage, you no longer consume ammo.
    Crimson Genji armor: 40 defense, 35% increased range crit chance, Max life increased by 425.
    Set Bonus, press the Armor ability Key to sacrifice ALL your defense for doubled ranged damage.
    Veridian Genji Helm: 45 Defense, 70% Increased Throwing Velocity and damage, you no longer consume thrown items.
    Veridian Genji Armor: 40 Defense, 40% Increased Throwing Crit Chance, Max life increased by 275.
    Set Bonus: Press the Armor Ability Key to activate Shadow Dodge fro 2 seconds, 20 second cooldown.
    Golden Genji Helm: 50 defense, 50% increased melee damage, 25% increased melee speed and crit chance.
    Golden Genji Armor: 45 defense, Enemies are most likely to target you, Max Life increased by 500.
    Set Bonus: Swing the Masamune when you hit an enemy with a sword.​
    GameRaiders101Mask.png @Gameraiders101 Mask! Made from [​IMG] Sunglasses and 10 [​IMG] Mushrooms.
    SleepyMask.png Sleepy mask, fan request. Made from 10 [​IMG] Leather and a [​IMG] Diamond Gemspark Block.
    CactuarCostume.png Cactuar Costume! Each piece made from 10 [​IMG] Cacti.
    GiantBoot.png Giant Boot, made from 10 [​IMG] Leather.
    WhiteKnightMask.png White knight mask, made from 10 [​IMG] Marble.
    CyclopsMask.png Cyclops mask, made from 10 [​IMG] Dirt and a [​IMG] Lens.
    SnylotlMask.png Snylotl Mask, made from 10 [​IMG] Mud and a [​IMG] Jungle Grass Seed.
    GnomeHat.png Gnome Hat, made from 3 [​IMG] Silk and a [​IMG] Red Dye.
    Cuphead.png Mugman.png Cuphead and Mugman masks! Made with 10 [​IMG] Clay and a [​IMG] Red/[​IMG] Blue Dye.
    CactusWormMask.png Alpha Cactus Worm Mask, dropped from the Alpha Cactus Worm.
    JumboCactuarMask.png Jumbo Cactuar Mask, dropped from Jumbo Cactuar.
    SAXMask.png SA-X Mask, dropped from SA-X.
    GilgameshMask.png Gilgmesh Mask, dropped from Gilgamesh.
    IdleCactusWorm.png The Alpha Cactus Worm: Post-Skeletron Boss. Summoned with a CactusBait.png Succulent Cactus Meal in the underground desert.
    Jumbo Cactuar.png The Jumbo Cactuar: Post-Moon lord Boss. Summoned with a Cactusofdoom.png Mustachioed Cactus in the desert.
    SAX.png The SA-X: Post-Jumbo Cactuar Boss. Summoned with an InfectedArmCannon.png Infected arm Cannon.
    Gilgamesh.png Enkidu.png Gilgamesh and Enkidu: Post-SA-X Boss. Summoned with an Excalipoor.png Excalipoor.

    Latest Version:
    - Added Ascended Bamboo Shoot
    - Fixed Mighty Bamboo Shoot not correctly displaying melee and ranged damage
    - Increased Attack speed of True Pwnhammer, True Night's Wrath, and True Blood Breaker
    - Tweaked knockback of shockwave attacks
    - True Pwnhammer, True Night's Wrath, and True Blood Breaker's shockwaves go further​

    - Added Mighty Bamboo Shoot
    - Added Pet Eyeball
    - Fixed oversight where Sunfish ignored defense
    - Reduced Sunfish tickrate from every 6 frames to every 9
    - Tweaked Jumbo Cactuar, SA-X, and Gilgamesh loot droprates
    - Grand Cactus Worm's Body Segments' Spikes now turn golden when invincible​
    - Added Sunfish, new magic weapon fished in the Lihzahrd Temple after defating Golem
    - Increased distance it takes for hooks to unlatch from enemies of Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole and the fishing shotguns
    - Reduced Duality Staff mana consumption rate
    - Duality Staff now displays lasers rather than particles
    - Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole no longer gains the ability to fish in lava or fish up lunar fragments
    - Vanilla Tweak: Hotline Fishing Hook is craftable with the Mechanic's rod and 25 Fire Essences at the Elemental Forge​
    - Increased damage the Imp Lord takes when hit by a reflected fire blast
    - Reduced damage and length of venom inflicted by the Imp Lord's tail attack
    - Reduced On Fire duration from Imp Lord's fire bolt
    - Tweaked Tomato Head movement, it can no longer be used to fly with slow fall
    - Tweaked Roc Wings gliding
    - Tweaked Hellfire Glove's shuriken sprite
    - Fixed bug where the Shrine of Legends counted as the Stone of the East Sea when in inventory
    - Grabby Swingy Hook now pulls in automatically when at max distance
    - Imp Lord's Fire Blast can now only be reflected with melee weapons
    - Roc wings glide is now activated by holding up rather than by holding jump while out of flight time
    - Tomato Head give immunity frames on a successful hit rather than during an attack​
    - Pure Nail and subsequent nails fire beams when at full health
    - Increased attack speed of dream nail and previous nails
    - Increased damage of Channeled Nail from 20 to 22
    - Increased damage of Coiled Nail from 34 to 44
    - Increased damage of Pure Nail from 40 to 55
    - Increased damage of Dream Nail from 62 to 99
    - Increased damage of Awoken Dream Nail from 99 to 177
    - Increased damage multiplier of nail's great and dash slash from 7x damage to 9x damage
    - Fixed issue where right clicking the legendary stones would not drop the item in multiplayer
    - Reduced Tomato Head damage from 31 to 26
    - Resprited shurikens thrown by the Hellfire Glove​
    - Increased Cactus Worm Hook speed when going through tiles from 1/3 to 1/2
    - Reduced X Shield damage from 500 to 300
    - Resprited Gnunderson's Shurikens (credit to Herpy for help with the giant one)
    - Resprited Lunar Shurikens
    - Fixed Doom Cannon not functioning in multiplayer​
    - Added Drill Bullets
    - Added Molten Drill Bullets
    - Added Hallowed Drill Bullets
    - Added Laser Drill Bullets
    - Increased Mutated Arm Cannons damage from 350 to 450
    - Increased Warhammer of Grognak's base damage from 15 to 18
    - Reduced Doom Cannon Max charge shot range by 25%
    - Reduced Boook's Bullet Hell's base damage from 5 to 4
    - Reduced Boook's Bullet Hell's velocity
    - Reduced Giant Needle's damage from 340 to 280
    - Reduced Ice Beam Damage from 700 to 500
    - Reduced Ice Core X Staff damage from 600 to 450
    - Reduced Jumbow's damage from 400 to 250
    - Reduced Jumbow's Attack Speed
    - Reduced Missiles fired by mutated arm cannon from 6 to 5
    - Reduced Needle Wrath damage from 100 to 60
    - Reduced Super Missile Launcher attack speed
    - Reduced The Mustache's Damge from 400 to 300
    - Reduced Health of all forms of SA-X
    - Reduced Health of Gilgamesh and Enkidu
    - Greatly Reduced Speed of Cactus Worm Hook when passing through tiles
    - Enkidu's sky tornadoes are now more spread out
    - Gilgamesh and Enkidu now drop lots of hearts on defeat
    - Mutated Arm Cannon now functions similarly to the Stone Fist
    - Super Missile Launcher's and Mutated Arm Cannon's explosions only hit each enemy once​
    - Added Grabby Swingy Hook, an alternative to the Enchanted Swingy hook, this hook can grab onto enemies!
    - Fixed bug where Cactus Worm Hook would give you infinite flight​
    - Reduced range of max charge Doom Cannon by 20%
    - Treasure Goblins are now guaranteed to drop something
    - Treasure Goblins have a chance to drop the PDA
    - Treasure Goblins have a greatly increased chance to drop the biome keys
    - Treasure Goblins no longer drop coins in tile form
    - Treasure Goblins phase through tiles to avoid getting stuck​
    - Added Bloody Bucket
    - Added Toxic Bucket
    - Added Super Absorbtion Pump
    - Increased attack speed of Cactus Cannon
    - Reduced Catchrate of Bubble Shield, Grenade Fish, Larpoon, Pufferfish Staff, and Robo Cod.
    - Grenade Fish, Larpoon, Pufferfish Staff, and Robo Cod deal fishing damage when you have Unusacies's Battle Rods Mod
    - Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole and Fishing Shotguns's hooks grab dropped items and latch onto enemies out of water but no longer deal knockback​
    - Fixed bug where Cactus Worm Hook would make you vibrate when grappling a platform
    - Reduced damage of Skeleton Demolitionist
    - Reduced Speed of Cactus Worm Hook
    - Tweaked Swingy Hooks
    - Skeleton Demolitionist used the doom cannon at one-quarter health rather than one-third.
    - Roc now goes through tiles
    - Roc's feathers no longer go through tiles​
    - Azure Genji armor has a new set bonus. Now you press the Armor Ability Hotkey to cast Bitter End for a very large mana cost
    - Ice Beam consumes mana as it charges
    - Fixed reforge values of Impractically Oversized and Decisive being higher than intended​
    Version 0.7.2
    - The Legendaries have been changed. Instead of being dropped directly, they are crafted with the Stones of Death, Evil, Fire, and Overgrowth at the Shrine of Legends; or the Stones of the Seas to make Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole.
    - Added Shrine of Legends: found underground below spawn
    - Added Stone of Death: found in the dungeon
    - Added Stone of Evil: 1/30000 (1/25000 on expert mode) chance to drop from enemies not spawned from statues
    - Added Stone of Fire: found in the Underworld
    - Added Stone of Overgrowth: found in the Underground Jungle above cavern level
    - Added Stone of the East Sea: fished in the right ocean
    - Added Stone of the Deep Dea: fished in caverns
    - Added Stone of the High Sea: fished in the sky
    - Added Stone of the West Sea: fished in the left ocean
    The Stones of the Seas cannot be fished while if you already have them or Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole
    - Tweaked Unicorn lance damage calulation
    - Vanilla Tweak: Leather can be made with Vertebrae
    - Increased bullet consumption of Boook's Bullet Hell
    - Increased contact damage of SA-X, Gilgamesh, and Enkidu
    - Reduced amount of hooks for all fishing shotguns
    - Reduced damage of Enkidu's tornadoes that fall from the sky
    - Reduced health of Gilgamesh and Enkidu
    - Reduced weapon damage of Gilgamesh's Second form
    - Fixed NPCs not shooting projectiles in multiplayer
    - Fixed Gilgamesh's first form falling through the ground and despawning
    - Boook's, David's, Gnundersons's, Grognak's, and Larkus's prefixes increase their respective damage by 6% up from 5%
    - Corrupt/Crimson Pommels require Demonite/Crimtane bars to swap rather than Ebonstone/Crimstone
    - Fire Elementals shoot Burning Spheres
    - ICU aims slightly better on expert mode
    - ICU takes guaranteed crits from melee weapons (not projectiles)
    - Impractically Oversized prefix now increases damage by 15%
    - Impractically Oversized prefix reduces speed by 33% rather than 50%
    - Impractically oversized can no longer roll on tools
    - Miniature prefix can no longer roll on items with 4 or less usetime
    - Miniature prefix increases speed by 50% rather than by 100%
    - Spore mother's spores and Grand Cactus Worm's thorns no longer have 2 health in expert mode
    - Tome of Maniuplation's right click scale's with the npc's max life
    - Veridian Genji Armor set bonus shadow dodge only lasts 2 seconds so you have to time it​
    Version 0.7.1
    - Added New Hunt: The Imp Lord!
    - Added Huntmaster Quest for the Wall of Flesh
    - Added Tail Whip
    - Added Shield of Flesh
    - Added Endless Water Pump
    - Added Sapling - Fishing Rod
    - Changed Mustachioed Cactus recipe to include Succulent and Luscious Cactus and less cactus and luminite bars and it only makes 5 now
    - Changed Infected Arm Cannon and Excalipoor recipes to require more bars and only make 5
    - Fixed bug where Cactus Worm hook didn't reset rocket boots
    - Fixed bug where Cactus worm hook and swingy hooks didnt reset extra jumps
    - Increased chase speed of friendly cactoids
    - Increased cactus boots damage to 18
    - Reduced Refresh rate of bubble shield
    - Reduced Doom Cannon base damage to 60
    - Reduced Needle attack speed
    - Reduced velocity of empowered bones thrown by skeleton minions
    - Reduced velocity of Shroomite Bullets
    - Reduced damage needed to wake up the Alpha Cactus Worm
    - Tweaked Rogue Tomato behavior so it doesn't get stuck
    - Cactus Boots cacti no longer knock back enemies
    - Forest's Vengeance is immune to knockback on expert mode
    - Forest's Vengeance's leaves slow down as they get further away​
    - Blood breaker and True Blood Breaker now deal more damage but are slower
    - Stone Fist now appears on your offhand while holding it
    - Cactoids gain more stats after moonlord is defeated
    - Cactuars only fire when there is a line of sight to the player
    - Regular Cactoids deal more damage in expertmode hardmode
    - Nerfed Crowd Control Capabilities of Cactoids when using Cactoid Commendation, they can no longer take on a theoretically infinite amount of enemies at once
    - Increased Defense of Crimson Cactuars and Cactoids
    - Increased Damage of Corrupt Cactuars and Cactoids
    - Tweaked Cactuar costume and Lunar Cactus armor sprites
    - Slightly Reduced mana consumption of Staff of David's Laser
    - Fixed issue with the Staff of David and Staff of the Sea mana cost resetting to default despite prefixes
    - Shroomite bullets leave a trail of mushrooms rather than creating mushrooms on impact
    - Shroomite bullet recipe now creates 70 rather than 111 and requires 70 musket balls
    - Added Painting Joostmod's Second Anniversary, 2% chance drop from water, earth, fire, and air elementals
    - Fixed Alpha Cactus Worm issues in multiplayer
    - Reduced Tomato head damage from 35 to 31
    - Reduced damage of Forest's Vengeance leaves from 16(32 on expert) to 14(28 on expert)
    - Nerfed damage or charge speed of most charged nail attacks
    - Fixed Hunts not spawning on multiplayer
    - Fixed Accessory Prefix error on multiplayer
    - Added Succulent Throw: new yoyo sold by the cactus person
    - Corrupt and Crimson Pommels are craftable into eachother with ebonstone/crimstone at a tinkerer's workshop
    - Increased effect of Free Real Estate Banner
    - Fixed bug where Cactoids became invincible when under the effect of the cactoid commendation
    - Cactoid commendation now occasionally summons Cactoids
    - Increased spawnrates of hunts
    - Fixed bug where Rogue Tomato, Forest's Vengeance, Flowering Cactoid, and ICU could potentially spawn underground
    - Non-corrupt Cactites may now spawn in hardmode
    - Weapon sets now have their crit chance increased by equipment and have their base crit chance increased from 4% to 8%
    - Fixed dirt minion buff sprite
    - Fixed x parasite sprite
    - Fixed Jumbow being totally broken
    Version 0.7
    - Added New Town NPC: the Huntmaster! The Huntmaster gives quests to hunt down minibosses and gives unique rewards for them! You find him inside Pinkzor, kill it to free him! Pinkzor is found randomly on the surface or underground.
    - Added New Town NPCL the Cactus Person! He moves into a home in the desert after the Alpha Cactus Worm has been defeated. Sells cactus related items and items that change the weather!
    - Added New Boss: The Alpha Cactus Worm! It's found resting in the underground desert when the Huntmaster quest for it is active or is summoned with a succulent cactus meal
    - Added NPC Pinkzor
    - Added NPC Rogue Tomato
    - Added NPC Forest's Vengeance
    - Added NPC Flowering Cactoid
    - Added NPC Spore Mother
    - Added NPC Roc
    - Added NPC Skeleton Demolitionist
    - Added Accessory Sapling
    - Added Accessory Cactoid Commendation
    - Added Accessory Sporgan
    - Added Accessory Roc Wings
    - Added Accessory Free Real Estate Banner
    - Added Weapon Gooey Glove
    - Added Weapon Tomato Head
    - Added Weapon Fire Flinger
    - Added Weapon Corrupt Pommel
    - Added Weapon Crimson Pommel
    - Added Weapon Eyeball Staff
    - Added Weapon Observant Staff
    - Added Weapon The Hive
    - Added Weapon Bonesaw
    - Added Weapon Doom Cannon
    - Added Weapon Cactus Banner
    - Added Weapon Cactus Cannon
    - Added Weapon Cactus Glove
    - Added Weapon Cactus Spears
    - Added Weapon Vile Cactus Worm
    - Added Weapon Bone Hurting Juice
    - Added Weapon Soil Bow
    - Added Weapon Soil Chakram
    - Added Weapon Soil Staff
    - Added Weapon Soil Sword
    - Added Weapon Soil Wand
    - Added Weapon Twilight Staff
    - Added Armor Set Soil Armor
    - Added Tool Tome of Manipulation
    - Added Accessory Prefix Hearty
    - Added Accessory Prefix Rejuvenating
    - Added Accessory Prefix Grognak's
    - Added Accessory Prefix Gnunderson's
    - Added Accessory Prefix Boook's
    - Added Accessory Prefix David's
    - Added Accessory Prefix Larkus's
    - Added Accessory Prefix Uncle Carius's
    - Added Melee Weapon Prefix Impractically Oversized
    - Added Melee Weapon Prefix Miniature
    - Added Weapon Prefix Decisive
    - Resprited All the Weapon Sets
    - Resprited Chlorophyte Glove
    - Resprited Giant's Knife
    - Resprited Giant Needle
    - Resprited Hallowed Sickle
    - Resprited Hellfire Glove
    - Resprited Mechanical Sphere
    - Resprited Napalm Launcher
    - Resprited Pumpkin glove
    - Resprited Richoshot
    - Resprited Rose Weave
    - Resprited Staff of the Sea
    - Increased Cactus Shield's damage from 10x to 20x
    - Increased Laser Staff's damage from 25 to 32 but piercing is reduced to 6 and it no longer deals knockback
    - Increased Lunar Cactus armor thorns from 150% to 250%
    - Reduced attack speed of Ember, Frost Ember, Pufferfish, and Harpy minions
    - Reduced Bubble Knife lag
    - Reduced Bubble Shield damage from 15 to 10
    - Reduced money dropped from Jumbo Cactuar, SA-X, and Gilgamesh
    - Reduced Shoot speed of Swingy Hooks
    - Reduced Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole's Fish damage from double to 1.5x damage but it has a chance of firing up to 6 fish
    - Reduced Veridian Genji Armor crit chance from 40% to 20%
    - Reduced Veridian Genji Helm damage and velocity from 70% to 60%
    - Removed ICU Banner
    - Tweaked Blood Moon, True Blood Moon, True Blood Breaker, True Night's Fury, and Terra fury sprites
    - Tweaked Cactoids sprites
    - Tweaked Crystal Staff Sprite
    - Tweaked ICU Sprite
    - Tweaked Gnome Hat, Staff, and Minion Sprites
    - Tweaked Needles spells sprites
    - Tweaked Shadowlight bow sprite
    - Tweaked Tornado Rod Sprite
    - Tweaked Uncle Carius's fishing Pole Fish behavior
    - Tweaked Unicorn Lance damage calculation
    - All non-stacked thrown weapons (except Mechanical Sphere) have damage reduced by ~15% and attack speed reduced by ~10% since they can have prefixes now
    - Attacking Cactoids aggros other nearby Cactoids
    - Blood Breaker, Night's wrath, True Blood Breaker, True Night's Wrath, True Pwnhammer, and Terra Firma now hammer much faster
    - Boomerain now drops more rain
    - Boomerang bullets no longer are guaranteed to return when missing
    - Boook's Bullet Hell now fires arrows with right click
    - Bubble knives' bubbles cause less lag
    - Cactuars now fire more needles (even more in expert mode) but have reduced range
    - Cactuars now gain more stats after moon lord is defeated
    - Cactus juice now uses Succulent Cactus rather than regular cactus
    - Crystal Staff deals no immediate knockback, but it goes as far as your mouse is
    - Ember wand, staff, and frost variants no longer deal knockback
    - Enkidu now gets angry if Gilgamesh is defeated first
    - Fishing Shotugns and Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole now deal Fishing Damage if you have Unusacies battle rods enabled
    - Gilgamesh and Enkidu now move much faster if you get try to get away from them.
    - Gilgamesh no longer does that weird corkscrew thing in his first form
    - Glove Weapons now show up on the player when holding them
    - Golden Genji armor's set bonus now activates with other held weapons melee weapons like spears
    - Golden Genji Helm no longer increases melee crit chance
    - Hatchets and chained-chainsaws now require chains
    - Jumbo Cactuar summons less Cactuars over a longer period of time
    - Needles no longer bounce as to reduce lag
    - Old Nail can now be dropped from the sword in skeleton ambient object
    - Pumpkin Glove's pumpkins no longer chase after friendly NPCs
    - Rose Weave now bounces off of enemies
    - Sharpened nail may now be crafted with tungsten bars
    - Staff of the Sea, Napalm Launcher, and Tornado rod now require cobalt/palladium and adamantite/titanium bars to craft
    - Staff of the Sea now shoots less water bolts but they deal more damage and the streams attack faster
    - Statue spawned npcs no longer drop legendary weapons
    - Stone fist no longer glows in the dark
    - Snow flake is affect by gravity and the smaller flakes have lessened velocity
    - Terra Firma and the True Hammers now create shockwaves instead of beams, but the true hammers only create one
    - Treasure Goblin no longer drops platinum coins
    - Uncle Carius's fishing pole no longer gets fished if you've already obtained it
    - Updated Clash on the Big Bridge to use the Zodiac Age version
    - Vanilla Tweak: Spelunker glowsticks are now craftable with a spelunker potion and 50 glowsitcks
    - Warhammer of Grognak's right click now scales with prefixes and no longer makes you completely immune to fall damage
    - Weapon sets can have prefixes and can crit

    Version 0.6.4​
    - Added Old, Sharpened, Channeled, Coiled, Pure, Dream, and Awoken Dream Nails
    - Added Cup Mask
    - Added Mug Mask
    - Removed Ninja, Ammo, and Mana tokens
    - Removed Doubler
    - Removed Enchanted spear
    - Tweaked SA-X freezing
    - Tweaked Jumbo Cactuar behavior
    - Tweaked Cactuar's needles
    - Tweaked Genji Armor sprites
    - Tweaked Golden, Veridian, and Crimson Genji armor set bonuses
    - Reduced piercing of ember wands and staves
    - Reduced attack speed of Terra Spear, True Gungnir, and True Dark Lance
    - Reduced how long wand of the forest's leaves last (and by extension, how many leaves can stack up)
    - Resprited Stone Fist
    - Resprited Cactuar Costume
    - Resprited Lunar Cactus Armor
    - Fixed issue where Cactus Worm banner was unobtainable
    - Changed Boook's Bullet Hell function
    - Changed Stone Fist function
    - Changed Hellfire Glove's Shurikens
    - Shuffled defensive stats on Veridian, Azure, and Crimson Genji Armors: was Crimson>Azure>Veridian is now Veridian>Crimson>Azure
    - Wand of the forest, staff of nature, and pumpkin staff's projectiles can no longer be launched through thick walls
    - Boomerang Bullet now returns to inventory(unless using endless version), but may break on impact
    - Boomerang Bullet damage increased from 6 to 8
    - Boomerang bullet and richoshot recipes now only make 50
    - Warhammer of Grognak's Shockwave moves faster
    - Fire projectiles now go out in water​
    - Fixed issue that screwed with other mods that make the player spin
    - Jumbo Cactuar's defense now increases while charging 10,000 needles
    - Tweaked minion behavior​
    - Tweaked Jumbo Cactuar behavior a bit more
    - Tweaked Death Knight behavior
    - Fixed bug where Uncle Carius's Pole was craftable (oops!)
    - Resprited Water Elemental Banner
    - Pufferfish staff, Bubble Shield, and Larpoon are now caught in ocean
    - Robo cod is now caught in jungle or tundra
    - Chance for catching the above items cap out at 1:10, 1:15, 1:30, and 1:30 respectively
    - Uncle Carius's Pole may now fish in lava while in hardmode​
    - Increased attack speed of Chained Chainsaws and hatchets
    - Increased damage of Hallowed sickle from 35 to 54
    - Increased damage of Chlorophyte glove from 49 to 53
    - Increased droprate of Hand Warmers from Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
    - Nerfed health, money drops, and spawnrates of Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
    - Nerfed health of Jumbo Cactuar
    - Tweaked some projectile hitboxes
    - Tweaked Airplane Mount
    - Changed Jumbo Cactuar Behavior
    - Removed Cactite banner, now just uses Cactoid banner (they're really the same species)
    - Fixed bug where Warhammer of Grognak and Spcae jump didnt reset player rotation (really sorry about that one!)
    - 100 needles and 1000 needles can no longer have their damage reduced to 0
    - Gilgamesh's second form no longers looks like a box when spinning
    - Vanilla tweak: clowns are now guaranteed to drop at least 1 Bananarang​
    Version 0.6.3
    - Added a Legendary Fishing rod: Uncle Carius's Pole! Obtained insanely rarely when fishing
    - Added Desertification Solution
    - Added Winter Solution
    - Added Temperate Solution
    - Added Succulent Cactus
    - Tweaked Treasure Goblin spawning
    - Tweaked Air Elemental Sprite
    - Tweaked Terra Firma sprite
    - Increased Pumpkin Staff attack speed
    - Increased Whirlwind Attack Speed
    - Reduced Pumpkin Staff damage from 54 to 38
    - Reduced Whirlwind damage from 55 to 44
    - Reduced Gnome Staff damage from 34 to 30
    - Reduced sand dropped by Desert Golem from 999 to 100-250
    - Resprited every tornado thing
    - Resprited Plague of Toads, the toads now come in different colors
    - Resprited Water Elemental
    - Resprited Water Essence
    - Changed Water Elemental Behavior
    - Fixed major oversight where damage increasing items were multiplicative rather than additive
    - Made Warhammer of Grognak much cooler
    - Space jump now requires a Bundle of Balloons rather than a Gravity Distortion core
    - Skeleton staff, Rose Weave, Duke Fishrod, Bubble Knife, and Mega Bubble Shield will drop from their respective boss's treasure bags
    - Enemies will no longer spawn during events on the surface, or near town NPCs​
    - Updated to tModloader 0.10.1
    - Robo cod has less of a spread
    - Removed Grenade fish box as grenade fish may now be caught in a stack
    - Tweaked Fishing items so that their chance scales with fishing power; chances are as follows:
    Grenade Fish power : 300, uncommon
    Pufferfish Staff power : 1050, rare
    Bubble Shield power : 1500, rarer
    Larpoon power : 4500, extremely rare
    RoboCod power : 4500, extremely rare​
    - Added Gnome Hat
    - Added Cyclops Mask
    - Added Snylotl Mask
    - Added Shroom Staff
    - Added Staff of Duality
    - Added Boneless Pizza
    - Added White Knight Mask
    - Nerfed ICU Health, damage, and spawnrate (again)
    - Resprited Staff of Nature
    - Resprited Terra Firma
    - Tweaked SA-X's second form behavior
    - Larkus tome now increases max minions
    - Silver genji armor now increases max turrets
    - Minions are now summoned at the mouse's location
    - Ying Yang charm now deals Summon Damage
    - Staff of nature damage increased from 26 to 29 and now requires souls of fright rather than sight
    - Life crystals and life fruit can now be obtained in Wall of flesh and Plantera treasure bags, respectively​
    - Robo cod fires 3 to 6 projectiles, down from 6 to 8
    - Desert Cores can now be used to craft Forbidden Fragments
    - Gray slime no longer will spawn in the underground jungle
    - Warhammer of Grognak's Shockwave now works on platforms and beam no longer goes through walls
    - Cactuar Minion now is a ground-based minion
    - Fixed bug where minions wouldn't prioritize right-click targeting
    - Reduced Refresh rate of Bubble shield and Mega bubble Shield
    - Reduced Gnunderson's Glove attack speed slightly
    - Reduced health of Elementals
    - Increased Damage legendaries gain from Moon lord, Jumbo Cactuar, SA-X, and Gilgamesh
    - Increased Bubble shield damage increased from 10 to 15
    - Increased Mega bubble shield damage from 75 to 90
    - Increased SA-X Weapon set damage from 640 to 720
    - Increased Gilgamesh's Weapon Set damage from 500 to 800
    - Increased Ice Beam damage from 450 to 700
    - Increased Super Missile Launcher damage from 400 to 800
    - Increased Ice X Staff damage from 400 to 600
    - Increased Power bomb damage from 120 to 260
    - Increased Mutated Arm Cannons attack speed
    - Tweaked Mechanical Sphere sprite
    - Tweaked Ice Core-X Staff sprite
    - Tweaked SA-X AI and reduced first form's health
    - Tweaked Pumpkin Staff behavior
    - Tweaked Terra Weapons
    - Resprited Aqua Hammer (Credits to ShockedHorizon5)
    - Resprited Many Flails
    - Added Death Knight
    - Added Deathbringer
    - Added Sigil of Skulls
    - Added Scroll of Death
    - Tweaked Balancerang sprite
    - Hungering arrow and gnome hats no longer chase unkillable enemies or enemies behind tiles
    - Unicorn lance bouncing tweaked, the direction the lance is pointed affects the bounce direction
    - Accessories that create projectiles now deal summon damage
    - Armor/accessory created projectiles now correctly have their damage increased with player damage
    - Larkus's tome Spirit of power chases faster and closer but does less knockback​
    - Added Cactus Worm
    - Added a recipe for the Living Loom
    - Hungering arrow no longer gains damage with additional pierces
    - Hungering arrow damage raised from 6 to 11
    - Nerfed the amount of money the Treasure Goblin drops
    - Reduced Dancing Zombie and ICU spawnrates again
    - Tweaked Airplane sprite​
    - Added Greater Elemental Weapon Set
    - Added Lesser Elemental Weapon Set
    - Added Skeleton Staff
    - Added Harpy Rod
    - Added Wand of the Forest
    - Added Staff of Nature
    - Fixed bug where some minions' projectiles would use the wrong type of damage
    - Resprited Cactus Staff
    - Pumpkin staff damage increased to 54 and costs mana
    - Pumpkin staff has new function, may right click to send the pumpkins flying outwards
    - Cactus juice now reduces defense by 5, down from 10
    - Cactus juice now increases damage by 25%, up from 15%​
    - Added Boomerain
    - Added Water Balloon
    - Added Earthen Hammer
    - Added Rock
    - Added Fireball
    - Added Infernal Chakram
    - Added Gale Boomerang
    - Added Tornade
    - Added Elemental forge, used to craft all the items that are made with the elemental essences
    - Added Frostfire wand
    - Added Frostfire Staff
    - Added Mega Bubble Shield
    - Reduced water, earth, and fire elemental spawnrates
    - Reduced money dropped by bosses
    - Resprited Jumbo Cactuar Mask
    - Tweaked Spectre Orbs
    - Tweaked Twin Chakram's hitbox
    - Tweaked Gnome Warrior behavior​
    - Tweaked a few hitboxes
    - Fixed whirlwind being completly broken (whoops!)
    - Resprited Bubble Shield​
    - Fixed bug where Spectre would spawn above ground
    - Staff of David consumes more mana with right click
    - Increased health of bosses on normal (expert still the same)
    - Tweaked Gilgamesh and SA-X
    - Tweaked defense of genji armors
    - Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons now have a small chance to drop Hand warmers
    - Reduced Jumbo Cactuar's damage​
    - Added Gnome Staff
    - Fixed bug with Crimtane hatchet disappearing
    - Fixed bug with Fire Elementals being completely broken
    - Fixed bug where Treasure goblin and Boss heads wouldn't appear on map
    - Resprited Air essence, the Tornado minion, and whirlwind
    - Staff of the Sea's right click consumes less mana
    - Hungering arrow no longer chases dummies​
    - Staff of david does less rapid damage
    - Staff of david now fires three magic bolts with right click
    - Tweaked Cactite, Cactoid, Cactuar, and Desert golem spawnrates​
    - Tweaked Staff of David's Laser
    - Fixed bug with the Ember wand's flame's hitbox
    - Legendary droprates are now once for any legendary, instead of a droprate for each legendary individualy​
    - Added Ember wand
    - Added Ember Staff​
    - Updated to tModloader 0.10, AAAAAHHHHHHHH!
    - Recolored tome of Larkus, the spirit of power is now green to match the other legendaries
    - Tweaked bubble shield sprite to be rounder
    - Anti Gravity core renamed to Gravity Distortion Core
    - Gravity Distortion Core now required to craft Space Jump
    - Bubble Knife is no longer crafted as it is dropped by Duke Fishron​
    - Nerfed Legendary droprates, chances now now only 1 out of 30000 (1 out of 25000 on expert)
    - Legendary's item names are now an orange color​
    - Nerfed the damage bonus legendaries get from bosses post plantera
    - Increased cooldown of the giant shuriken from Gnunderson's glove from 2 to 4 seconds
    - Gilgamesh's Ultimate Illusion attack now travels along the ground like other shockwave attacks​
    - Added Larpoon
    - Fixed bug where damage increases have double affect on the legendaries
    - Changed how Hatchets and chained-Chainsaws work, they are now instead crafted with 2 bars and are stackable like light discs
    - Increased how often Lunar rod and Lunar Fishing Shotgun fishes up fragments​
    - Added Jumbo Cactuar Set
    - Added SA-X Set
    - Added Mechanical Set
    - Added The BFE 5000
    - Resprited Earth Elemental
    - Tweaked some of Gilgamesh's Attacks
    - Lunar Rod and Lunar Fishing Shotgun can now fish up Lunar Fragments
    - Changed behavior of the Gilgamesh set's Flail
    - Jumbo cactuar now must be fought in the desert, otherwise it enrages
    - Added Joostmod's Anniversary, a painting to celebrate a whole year of nonsensical content
    - Added Smithas Sigil, a painting in honor of the youtuber Smithas
    - Added Furious Forging, a painting in honor of the youtuber FuryForged
    - Added Duke Fishrod, a fishing rod dropped by Duke Fishron
    - Added Duke Fishgun
    - Added Lunar Rod
    - Added Lunar Fishing Shotgun
    - Added Robo Cod
    - Added Cactus Juice
    - Updated Desert golem banner to match the new sprite
    - Tweaked Joost Juice Sprite
    - Tweaked Gilgamesh on the Boss Checklist mod to be placed earlier
    - Tweaked Books bullet hell to spread less
    - Increased Staff of David's Base damage from 1 to 2​
    - Fixed bug with Gnunderson's Glove firing too fast with right click, it now has a proper cooldown​
    - Reduced Treasure Goblin Spawnrate
    - Treasure goblin has a greatly increased chance to drop the legendary weapons on expert mode
    Credit to @Leafia Barrett for these following changes
    - Custom sound effects for super missiles and power bombs
    - Resprited needles and power bomb explosion
    - Super missile launcher now count as rockets for the sake of shroomite armor and whatnot​
    - Weapon sets now have their damage increased by items
    - Added new super rare weapons inspired by calamity's legendaries, they deal more damage the more bosses you have killed throughout the game.
    They have a 1 out of 10,000 chance of dropping from anything (1 out of 7500 in expert mode)
    Adrift through time they call out to their rightful owners...​
    - The Summon staves can now do the minion targeting with right click
    - The summons buffs now work so they can be canceled (YES!!!)​
    - Custom rarity colors for some items!
    - Tweaked some item values
    - Infected Arm cannon now requires a frost core
    - Boss summons now only craft 10
    - Resprited the jumbo cactuar map icon
    - Tweaked some more hitboxes
    - Tweaked cobalt, mythril, adamantite, palladium, orichalcum, titanium, and hallowed weapon sets to be auto-reuse
    - Reduced lag of needles spells​
    - Added Hover Boots
    - Added Space Jump
    - Fixed issue where the Mustache's projectiles used the old texture
    - Ice beam now has different sounds and can be held down indefinitley when charging
    - Increased Gilgamesh's Damage
    - Tweaked Gilgamesh, Enkidu and SA-X
    - Tweaked Treasure goblin behavior
    - Tweaked various projectile hitboxes
    - Recolored Desert Golem to look like sand instead of dirt​
    - Resprited the Mustache
    - Resprited Mustachioed Cactus
    - Resprited Desert Golem
    - Tweaked Desert Golem's Behavior
    - Added Gore for the enemies
    - Rose weave, Pumpkin Glove, Snow Flake, and Bubble knife are no longer crafted, they are instead
    dropped from Plantera, Pumpking, Ice Queen, and Duke Fishron, respectively.
    - Changed Pumpkin Glove's behavior, now instead fires a pumpkin that explodes into more pumpkins
    - Added Pumpkin Staff that replaces Pumpkin Glove's Old Behavior
    - Terra Fury's Beams pierce less​
    - Added Enchanted Swingy Hook
    - Swingy hook now swings faster​
    - Fixed issue where swingy hook would disappear immediately when jumping.​
    - Added Swingy Hook, a grappling hook that you swing on!
    - Tweaked Gilgamesh's special attacks to be much more dangerous
    - Tweaked Gray Slime's Spawnrate, now found anywhere underground during hardmode
    - Resprited Lunar Shuriken
    - Gray slime banner is now based on how many of the largest gray slime is killed rather than smallest
    - Fixed bug with unicorn lance disappearing and reappearing every 1.5 seconds​
    Version 0.6
    - Added a new boss fight, Gilgamesh! Summoned with the Excalipoor item
    - Added loots from the fight
    - Added Unicorn Lance
    - Added Banners for the enemies
    - Added Cactite
    - Added Cactoid
    - Removed Qactuar
    - Resprited Lunar Shuriken
    - Resprited Lunar Cactus Armor
    - Resprited Air Elemental
    - Reduced spawnrates of ICU
    - Nerfed Dancing Zombie health from 100 to 50
    - Nerfed Twin Chakrams' damage from 53 to 45
    - Buffed Chlorophyte glove's damage from 45 to 49
    - Buffed Ice Core-X's damage from 300 to 400
    - Tweaked Air Elemental's Behavior
    - Tweaked SA-X's second form's behavior
    - Whirlwind now increases defense by 25 when in use
    - Sandstorm armor has a new set bonus: Throwing weapons causes sand to buffet the enemy
    - The Egg Sack now has increased range and moves towards the mouse faster
    - Fixed bug where Treasure Goblin's health wouldn't scale up with expert mode
    - SA-X's first and second forms now count as bosses for the sake of things like the boss healthbar mod​

    - Fishing Shotguns now deal damage
    - Added Super rod
    - Added Super Fishing Shotgun
    - Added Pufferfish staff
    - Added Grenade Fish
    - Added Bubble Shield
    - Added Plague of Toads
    - 100 needles and 1000 needles now spread more and have higher mana cost
    - Treasure goblin now has a limit to how many gold coins it throws while running
    - Hellfire Glove and Chlorophyte Glove no longer appears while throwing
    - Water Elemental is now affected by knockback
    - Fixed bug where True pwnhammer doesnt fire beams
    - Night's fury, Blood moon, Hallowed flail, true variants, and Terra fury all shoot less distance so they can be swung
    - Terra fury now fires projectiles faster​
    - Frozen orb's icicles now deal 50% of the orb's damage, up from 25%
    - Frozen orb's icicles travel less distance
    - Frozen Orb explodes into only 12 icicles instead of 16 on death
    - Whirlwind no longer moves with the mouse direction​
    - Re-added Boss Checklist support
    - Jumbo Cactuar is now more aggressive in chasing the player
    - Jumbo Cactuar now spawns homing Giant Needles in expert mode
    - SA-X's second form now moves faster
    - SA-X's beams now freeze and chill the player in expert mode
    - Further reduced Custom music size and removed the fadeout
    - Power bomb now explodes on enemy contact
    - Added SA-X Mask​
    - Reduced Treasure goblin spawnrate
    - Nerfed Hungering arrow from 70% damage increase with pierce to 15%
    - Regular Cactuars and Qactuars go back to their old behavior of standing still until you get too close.
    Cactuars will still shoot you before that, while Qactuars will wait until you aggress them.​
    - Gray slime is now more common and drops less money
    - TARDIS chest sell value reduced from 10 gold to 54 silver
    - Dryad will sell Jungle Rose
    - ICU now much less effected by knockback
    - Money trough, DPS Meter are now craftable
    - Added Treasure Goblin
    - Added Stone of Jordan
    - Added Frozen Orb
    - Added Twin Chakrams
    - Added Hungering Arrow
    - Added Whirlwind​
    - Custom music has been lowered in volume and takes up less space
    - Joost Juice now requires summoning potion and give summoning buff
    - Shroomite bullets and Richoshot are now smaller like regular bullets
    - ICU now affected by knockback
    - Qactuars no longer spawn in hardmode, only Cactuars
    - Added Fishing Shotgun, Mechanical Fishing Shotgun, and Golden Fishing Shotgun
    - Added new Flails: The Rose, Night's Fury, Blood Moon, Hallowed Flail, True Night's Fury,
    True Blood Moon, True Hallowed Flail, and Terra Fury
    - Added new Spears: True Gungnir, True Dark Lance, and True Terra Spear
    - Added new Hammers: Jungle Hammer, Aqua Hammer, Night's Wrath, Blood Breaker, True Nights Wrath,
    True Blood Breaker, True Pwnhammer, and Terra Firma
    - Added Broken Hero Flail
    - Added Broken Hero Spear
    - Added Broken Hero Hammer
    - Added 1000'C Degrees Knife and -1000'C Degrees Knife
    - Added Havoc Pendant
    - Added Harmony Pendant
    - Added TARDIS Chest
    - Added Airplane Mount
    - Added Kerbal Kannon​
    - Updated to tmodloader for terraria
    - Lunar Fragment grenades no longer require bottles
    - Lunar Fragment grenades retextured
    - Tweaked Lunar Fragment Grenades
    - Lunar shuriken recipe now only makes 333 rather than 999
    - Lower Dancing zombie spawnrate
    - Tweaked Spectre Spawnrate
    - Bubble knife now spawns more bubbles that do 75% damage
    - Crystal staff now shoots farther and pierces
    - Ice Beam now can be charged for extra damage
    - Added The Snow Flake
    - Added Jumbo Cactuar and SA-X Trophies
    - Added music boxes for the boss themes​
    - Added Gray Slime
    - Heavily reduced Spectre Spawnrate
    - Increased Range of 1000 needles
    - Reduced lag of needles spells
    - Chlorophyte glove now has a spread to its spore clouds
    - Thrown needles, giant needle, Rose Weave, and Shadowlight bow's arrow no longer make sounds when they bounce
    - Resprited Water Essence and Water Elemental​
    - Added Sleepy Mask
    - Added Shroomite Bullet
    - Increased Spectre's Health
    - Tweaked Scooter Sprite to be shinier
    - Decreased damage of laser staff from 30 to 25
    - Decreased damage of sparkle staff from 55 to 40
    - Fixed bug with Adamantite set​
    - Added downedJumboCactuar and downedSAX booleans so Joostmod could be compatable with Boss Checklist​
    - Reduced the elementals' health
    - Tweaked Air Elemental Behavior
    - Added endless Napalm, Richoshot and Boomerang bullet pouches
    - You can now change Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Summoner emblems between each other​
    - Laser staff (Adamantite) now fires a green laser and requires an emerald instead of a ruby
    - Made Rod of Discord Craftable, Requires 15 Hallowed bars and 25 Souls of light.
    - Tweaked Napalm and Napalm Launcher
    - Tweaked Shadowlight bow
    - Added Joost Juice
    - Added Scooter
    - Added Giant Boot​
    - Cactuars now have Corruption, Crimson, and Hallowed variants
    - Added The Egg Sack, new yoyo​
    - Reduced spawnrate of Earth Elemental
    - Buffed Crystal Staff
    - Improved a few item sprites
    - Fixed an exploit where repeatedly taking on and off Spectral orbs or XShield would create too many projectiles
    - Fixed bug where the hellstone weapon set required flamelash instead of flamarang
    - Tweaked staff of the sea​
    - Added the Spectre, new rare post-plantera dungeon enemy
    - Added Spectral orbs, new accessory made from 8 spectre bars
    - Reduced the spawn rate of elementals, increased their drop rates of 3-5 essences to 4-10 essences​
    Version 0.5
    - Added Gameraiders101 Mask
    - Added ICU, rare enemy that spawns at night
    - Added Star Staff
    - Added Crystal Staff
    - Added Laser Staff
    - Added Sparkle Staff
    - Added Shadowlight Bow
    - Added Yin Yang Charm
    - Added Richoshot
    - Added Boomerang Bullet
    - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, and Platinum Flails
    - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, Platinum, Demonite, and Crimtane Hatchets
    - Added Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, and Titanium Chained-Chainsaws
    - Added Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, Platinum, Corrupt, Crimson, Stinging, Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium, Hallowed, Tao, and Plantera Weapon Sets
    - Tweaked SA-X's health and fixed a despawning issue with it
    - Fixed bug where Earth elementals only spawn above ground
    - Changed Hellfire glove to be slower, same DPS
    - Sandstorm armor no longer gives a minion boost​

    Version 0.4
    - Added Dancing Zombie
    - Added Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goon
    - Added SA-X, new boss fight! Summoned with the Infected Arm Cannon
    - Added Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Elementals
    - Added Essences that drop from their respective elementals
    - Added Staff of the Sea
    - Added Stone Fist
    - Added Napalm Launcher
    - Added Napalm
    - Added Tornado Rod
    - Added Ice Beam
    - Added Super Missile Launcher
    - Added Mutated Arm Cannons
    - Added Ice Core-X Staff
    - Added Power Bombs
    - Added X Shield
    - Sandstorm armor now gives minion boost
    - Made Desert Golem's animation a bit better
    - Jumbo Cactuar now fires needles in short bursts when not being damaged
    - Jumbo Cactuar now drops Super Healing Potions
    - Jumbo Cactuar now has a new boss theme
    - Cactus of doom recipe now makes 20
    - Increased Cactus shield's thorn effect from triple to ten times
    - Changed Giant Needle and The Mustache to be better suited for single target
    - You now need crafting tiles to make most items​

    - Slowed Balancerang back down DX
    - Added Mechanical Sphere​
    - Added Hellfire Glove
    - Added Pumpkin Glove
    - Rose Weave now splits into 4 Thorn Chakrams upon hitting an enemy
    - Chlorophyte glove now fires multiple spore clouds for more crowd-control
    - Desert golem is now much rarer
    - Giant's Knife now bounces a bit then gets stuck on the ground
    - Tweaked Jumbow so it's Projectiles bounce more
    - Changed 5000 needles to Needle Wrath: shoots faster but less damage and less accurate
    - Balancerang is now thrown faster​
    - 1000 Needles now requires Spectre bars instead of Chlorophyte bars, also now requires 10 Stynger Bolts
    - Reduced range of 1000 Needles​
    Version 0.3.1:
    - Cactus Staff now works as a proper summon item!
    - 100 needles spell's needles no longer bounces.
    - Q/Cactuar Needles bounce less
    - Thrown items no longer appear as a melee item appears
    - Reduced damage of Hallowed Sickle from 42 to 35
    - Lunar Cactus Helmet throwing velocity increased from 25% to 35%
    - Lunar Cactus Chestpiece throwing crit increased from 25% to 35%
    - Added Enchanted Spear, spear version of Enchanted Sword
    - Added Desert Golem, Desert variant of Ice Golem
    - Added Sandstorm Armor
    - Added Anti-Gravity Core
    - Added Giant's Knife
    - Added Rose Weave
    - Added Bubble Knife
    - Added Chlorophyte Glove​
    Version 0.3:
    - Added Jumbow
    - Added Solar, Stardust, Nebula, and Vortex Grenades
    - Added Lunar Shurikens
    - Added Lunar Cactus Armor
    - Added Balancerang
    - Added Hallowed Sickle
    - Added Tao Armor
    - Added Cactuar Shield
    - Added Cactuar Costume
    - Added Jumbo Cactuar Mask
    - Changed Clump of spiky balls functionality, now fires a Spiky ball clump which explodes into 4 spiky balls.
    - Thrown needles are now bouncy and affected by gravity
    - Giant Needle now affected by gravity
    - Jumbo Cactuar's Needles now go through blocks
    - Jumbo Cactuar now despawns when player is dead
    - Jumbo Cactuar now appears on the map
    - Reduced how many needles Q/Cactuars throw​

    - Instead of getting Jumbo Cactuar's loot, you instead get Cactus Tokens! Used to choose which loot you get.
    - 10000 Needles reduced to 5000 Needles
    - Reduced Giant Needle Damage from 1000 to 400
    - Reduced The Mustache Damage from 1000 to 400
    - The Mustache now fires two demon scythe-like projectiles that bounce (sometimes, other times they just go through blocks)
    - New Jumbo Cactuar sprite
    - New Giant Needle Sprite
    - Jumbo Cactuar's needles now move faster​
    - Reduced Jumbo Cactuar's Damage from 150 to 100
    - Reduced lag induced from lag-inducing needles.(If my laptop from 2007 can handle it than you should also be able to)​
    Version 0.2:
    - Added the Jumbo Cactuar! Post-Moon lord Boss
    - Added Loot from it:
    - The Mustache
    - Giant Needle
    - 10000 Needles spell
    - Cactus staff(Still WIP)​
    - Improved Doubler sprite
    - Cactuar and Qactuar now shoot needles at player​

    - Clump of spiky balls damage increased from 15 to 30
    - Ammo and Ninja tokens now require 5 Gold/Platinum Bars​
    Version 0.1: First public release!
    - Needle throwing item
    - 100 Needles spell
    - 1000 Needles spell
    - Clump of spiky balls, throwing item
    - Ammo, Ninja, and Mana Token Accessories
    - Doubler Accessory
    - Cactuar and Qactuar Monsters​

    Download Here!
    Joostmod Banner.png
    Use this code in your signature to show your support!
    Thanks to
    @DivermanSam, @zadum4ivii, @Omnir, and @Scooterboot9697 Their incredible mods inspired me to make my own.
    @bluemagic123, @jopojelly, @Jofairden , and @Chicken Bones for creating tModloader.
    Thanks to @bluemagic123 (again), @jopojelly (again), @mastermokkel, @Zocklukas, @Eldrazi, @Gorateron, and @DivermanSam (again) for helping with coding.
    Thanks to @Gameraiders101 for using the Joostmod in his youtube series!
    Thanks to @Fury for using the Joostmod in his youtube series!
    Thanks again to @Scooterboot9697 for the Metroid sound effects and sprites and also the swingy hooks
    Thanks to @Terra Branford for toning down and reducing the size of the custom music
    Thanks to @Leafia Barrett for various things as listed in the version history
    Thanks to @MountainDrew for the legendary weapons damage increasing throughout the game.
    And of course, big thanks to the Re-logic team for creating Terraria.

    Capture 2016-04-22 15_53_34.png Ya know, 'cause why not?
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    Joostmod features in videos!

    Its outdated, but still, thanks to @Gameraiders101 for being the first to show off the JoostMod!

    Here's a more up to date review by him.

    Gameraider's friend, Smithas!

    @Fury also makes videos with JoostMod!

    @ChippyGaming also did a video!

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    Unicorn666 Skeletron Prime

    Fix your mod.
    The boss isn't hard becouse he's hard, no. He's hard becouse he causes monstrous lag. And no, it's not just my PC, my PC can run Dark Souls III with 60FPS very well.
    Since I couldn't defeat the boss becouse oft he massive lag it causes, I had to cheat the items to check them out. And they're way too OP. Fix that, as well. Take Thorium, for example. The RagnarOK is hard becouse it's HARD, and it's definitely fair. You get rewarded with good stuff after you defeat the boss. The weapons are good, and only the ocean flail is OP, but then, it's not the best weapon around either. These weapons? The magical weapons cause monstrous lag. The item textures are blatantly all "copy-paste"d. Literally. You put items ontop of coins? That's not how you make good textures. The mod isn't worth it.
    Therefore, A for effort, F for execution.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
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  6. beauty1337

    beauty1337 Official Terrarian

    It's whatever, i'll give it a 5/10..I personally don't like the sprites.But I admire your work.
  7. The reason the weapons are op is because they are supposed to be post moonlord. and also this is like his first mod.
  8. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    Thanks for the criticism, this is still a WIP. Things are constantly bound to change. I'll try to un-lag the items and boss and re-balance the loot. Also, I can't sprite well for the life of me, so you're going to have to deal with that for now.
  9. Unicorn666

    Unicorn666 Skeletron Prime

    Aight. Sorry if I seem to be too harsh. It's just, the amount of not worthwhile mods is very high these days, and I can't be bothered to even accept them.
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  10. wyldesnelsson

    wyldesnelsson Terrarian

    i'd say create new types of needles projectiles to reduce the lag, making harder enemies use ones that deal more damage, also you could make the spikes not glow it may cause lag and it makes no sense for spikes to generate light
  11. Unicorn666

    Unicorn666 Skeletron Prime

    Alright, here goes.
    First of all, the boss does not fit in the Terraria style with his texure in no shape, way, or form. Fix it.
    Second of all, the weapons he drops are way too OP, and the other items which are much cooler than the Moustache have a lower drop chance.
    Third of all, give the boss knockback ressistance. I was able to just stunlock him in air with my Angry Fangs and I killed him within a minute after he spawned.
    Fourth of all, the boss isn't hard in the slightest. I used the Star Wrath on my fifth time, and I just runned back and his shots were shot backwards, so he couldn't even hit me once. And yes, I killed him. What is my max speed with all of my accessories? 102 MPH.
    Fifth of all, I love how the boss spins around when you hit him and send him in the air. It makes the boss not really a boss, but I like it. It's hilarious IMO.
    Sixth of all, the boss should be able to be seen on the map. Thorium and Tremor bosses are able to be seen on the map (i belive so atleast), but the.. Cactus Boss whatever his name is isn't.
    And well, that's it.
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  12. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    I'll work on getting it a more pixely sprite, just be patient with that. Last I checked, all of the loot have equal drop chances, I'll work on balancing, I'm just not sure exactly how powerful the weapons should be. The boss is immune to knockback, the AI I used for him (the tortoise AI) is weird and causes him to go in whatever direction the damage came from, causing the spinning.(Also, what are Angry Fangs?) I still need to work on it's behavior (like, I want it to teleport if you get to far away), but I'm not sure exactly how. I have no idea how to make it show up on the map.
  13. Electroman054

    Electroman054 Steampunker

    The needles are still quite laggy. Can you make the enemies shoot like in a 3 round burst every 2 seconds? Or something much slower? I want to include your mod in my mod pack, but it is just so damn laggy. Also I hope to see more work on this. I have some suggestions.

    Change the Mustache to a Bow... It looks like a bow. ;)
    Nerf some of the items. Too Op against Moonlord and any boss. I would recommend making them of similar strength to the Lunar Event weapons. Ideas for nerfs and new weapons:

    Giant Needle should have higher damage than its Solar Companion. Now the Daybreak does 800 damage on average per second. You require 8 spears to be stuck to do that damage. Now here is the stats.

    Giant Needle
    300 Thrown Damage
    12 Knockback (Insane)
    8% Crit Chance
    Use Time 30
    Velocity 15 (Faster than Daybreak)
    Slightly More Arc Than Daybreak
    Special Ability: Has a 25% Chance to Throw 4 Small Needles At the Enemy With the Giant One.

    The Mustache should be changed to a Bow. It fits more. Now the Phantasm is hard to beat... There is only one way you can do better than the Phantasm. No ammo needed, more velocity, more damage, and a unique effect.

    The Mustache
    120 Ranged Damage
    2 Knockback (Very Weak)
    6% Crit Chance
    Use Time 20
    Velocity 30
    Special Ability: Does not need ammo, shoots needles that will penetrate your target. For every target you hit, it will deal 20 more damage to the next.

    5000 Needles should be a competitor to the Nebula Arcaniums AoE. This weapon will have to do something different to be of any use. So I thought we could use a fast, low mana, low damage AoE. The idea is to make a Blizzard Staff, but better. This slowly fires a needle everytime you use mana, to reduce lag.

    5000 Needles
    25 Magic Damage
    Mana 10
    4 Knockback (Average)
    4% Crit Chace
    Use Time 20
    Velocity 20
    Special Ability: Rains Down One Needle Per 10 Mana Used. This Needle will explode into 5 smaller needles upon hitting the ground doing AoE.

    I want you to make a melee weapon. A flail that looks like a cactus. I will just give you something to add in the name (The word "Thorn") and you make the stats based on the ones above.

    Change the creepy AI of the Cactus Guys... They will sit there... I turn around... Suddenly LAGGGGG!

    Hope you work on these. Either way love the mod! :D
  14. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    I fixed the lag issue awhile ago, my 2007 laptop seems to handle it fine, I'll look into it though. I like how I have the mustache currently, I was planning on adding a bow called the Jumbow, it shoots a giant cactus arrow that explodes into shrapnel!(I just need to figure out how to do that.) I JUST nerfed the weapons, remember that these are supposed to be AFTER the Moon lord. 5000 needles is designed to be a single-target spell, with Last Prism being the magic AoE of choice. Also, the Cactuar/Qactuar AI's are staying the same, I like how the creepily stare at you!
  15. Electroman054

    Electroman054 Steampunker

    Last time I was here, it said Pre-Moonlord... NVM. Just makw them ever so slighty stronger than what I said. This will balance it.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 6, 2016, Original Post Date: May 6, 2016 ---
    Well Last Prism needs a nerf. Also 5000 Needles, still lags me to hell and back.
  16. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    It never said Pre-moonlord :/ Anyways, I'll try to reduce lag on the needles, again.
  17. Echoherb

    Echoherb Terrarian

    I kind of like the really OP items, feels like a really fun reward for beating the boss and being at the end of the game. I guess I'm in the minority though.
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  18. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    Update 0.3!
    - Added Jumbow
    - Added Solar, Stardust, Nebula, and Vortex Grenades
    - Added Lunar Shurikens
    - Added Lunar Cactus Armor
    - Added Balancerang
    - Added Hallowed Sickle
    - Added Tao Armor
    - Added Cactuar Shield
    - Added Cactuar Costume
    - Added Jumbo Cactuar Mask
    - Changed Clump of spiky balls functionality, now fires a Spiky ball clump which explodes into 4 spiky balls.
    - Thrown needles are now bouncy and affected by gravity
    - Giant Needle now affected by gravity
    - Jumbo Cactuar's Needles now go through blocks
    - Jumbo Cactuar now despawns when player is dead
    - Jumbo Cactuar now appears on the map
    - Reduced how many needles Q/Cactuars throw

    Added thanks to the page.
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  19. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    The Joost Mod, also known as the Cactus Mod!
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  20. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    Yeah, I'm going to be working on non-cactus content soon.