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four plus four
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  • Every single time I come onto this site and look at my pfp, I just think "yeah that's my mood right now". My banner also sorta does that, now that I look at it.
    Listless 'anime' girls are like, my perpetual "aesthetic mood", I suppose.
    balloon girl is not from an anime therefore is not actually an anime girl, even though she can only really be quantified as such. dichotomies, what'd'y'do
    I really wish that the official subs for One Piece weren't released days after the unofficial subs, so I wouldn't have to be recommended videos or what have you on youtube in relation to chapters I haven't read.
    Alternatively, the unofficial subs could just be good again! That'd be nice.
    I've been playing Gungeon again recently, which has been... mostly ehh. I remember most of the ai, and the controls I've got mostly down again, both real quick and easy, which is not great.
    I find Gungeon really easy, the sort of game that I could(and would, if I didn't keep exiting out mid-run) beat basically every time, and for a roguelike that's not particularly my speed.
    Pearlwood armor should have been somewhat similar to pumpkin armor - having a damage set bonus for an early, practically free to get set of armor. If it did and the number was decent, like say, at least 20-25%, so if nothing else it would have niche use, despite its low defense for when you can get it.
    Sorta like how obsidian armor isn't useless late, although it shouldn't be nearly as overwhelming as that.
    So like, the terrarian could totally kill a billion lions, right? Even in hardcore non journey master mode for the worthy without the zenith, life draining weapons, potions, no nurse, and not even having liquid to drown or burn the lions, the terrarian wins right? Lions wouldn't stand a chance?
    that pokemon lion debate thing is goofy and dumb but like, i dont find it fun so therefore bad
    I really want to watch anime, but right now my internets too bad to use any of my normal sites at good quality, and torrenting takes too long. My manga site is also annoying and slow, but works if I want it to.
    So instead, most of my time has been taken up by youtube(shoutouts to simpleflips with friends and among us), slay the spire, town of salem, and touhou 6(first time playing a touhou).
    Peanut sus
    Peanut sus
    Do what I do and watch it on netflix.
    four plus four
    four plus four
    I doubt that would help at all, with how annoying and slow it'd probably still be to watch in good quality, AND most of the anime I want to watch right now probably aren't even on netflix, since they're either seasonals airing right now or fairy tail episode high.
    Unrelated, I forgot that I've also been listening to a lot of japanese music videos, rather most of it is repeat watching Zutomayo.
    im upset, i accidentally turned off my computer during town of salem, now i'll never know if the man named mafioso was exe like they said they was
    i 100% guarantee in my mind that they weren't
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