Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

Would people be able to use both the Soul Heart and the Demon Heart or would they just be able to use one or the other?
I have no words.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the Other Plumber's Hat:
Was that intentional? I feel like it was, but the fact that the other-other one's hat appears in the normal underworld also suggests this may just be a coincidence.
This suggestion is so well made, it needs to be implemented to the game. For such an impressive work for a suggestion, it have to be in the game as a reward.
Wait...guppy the catfish...Is that a Binding of Isaac reference? Every last one of these alternates are excellent; I can't wait to see what comes next. Good job!
@Izzabelle - Why are these not mods? Im surprised Thorium/Calamity/Spirit aren't in this thread beating the door down to have you make stuff. Imagine each of these biomes youve created to spawn in a world, it would be a very diverse world indeed!
[doublepost=1509137450,1509137195][/doublepost]Scratch that, why the heck is @Redigit & @Cenx not picking you up for the team to make a massive update to the way Terraria worlds work!? Should be some petition imo.
The whole mod thing has come up a lot, on most of Izzabelle's threads. There's a section at the top of each alt that states that while one day we may get these in mod form, Izzabelle doesn't want them going out into mods just yet.

As for relogic's not going for these, Cenx at least knows they exist, since she commented on, I think, the Whimsy.
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