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tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

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The Destroyer


Thank you everyone for 1,000,000+ downloads!
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NOTE: For the latest information on The Stars Above, please defer to the Stars Above Discord Server or the Wiki: The Stars Above
I will most likely be not updating this forum thread as often. Thank you!

The Stars Above is a Terraria expansion mod that adds a new important game mechanic:
the Starfarer system.

Choose between either the Umbral or Astral Aspect, and unlock unique equippable abilities within the Stellar Array, mixing and matching them to perfect your build.

Unlock incredibly powerful Stellar Novas to decide battles, and then modify and upgrade your Stellar Novas with Stellar Prisms. This mod grants nearly limitless player agency; you decide how you want to play.

Exlore pre-instanced dungeons set amongst the stars; the galaxy is your oyster.

Defeat powerful unqiue bosses boasting a custom AI system: Casted Attacks. Adapt and learn to defeat these powerful foes!

With hundreds of unique dialogue lines for each Starfarer, you will become stronger side-by-side with them,
and arm yourselves for the challenges to come.

1.4 Alpha version is available on the Steam Workshop!

The Official Trailer for The Stars Above




The Stars Above's flagship feature: Meet Eridani and Asphodene, masters of Umbral and Astral respectively.
Empowered by their strength and led by their guidance, you will be able to challenge any foe Terraria has to offer.
With over 1000 lines of dialouge, these deuteragonists will aid you throughout your entire journey.



Master the Stellar Array, a powerful supplement to player growth.
With 24 powerful passive abilities separated into 3 distinct tiers, you can mix and match to become the strongest Terrarian.
It is important to balance strength with cost to create the most efficient setup.

Asphodene's variant of Theofania Inanis
Eridani's variant of Ars Laevateinn



With the release of v0.6 Supernova, unlock FIVE incredibly powerful Stellar Novas to turn the tide of battle,
and then modify and upgrade your Stellar Novas with Stellar Prisms. Stellar Novas have unique sub-abilities exclusive to each Starfarer, so find one that works for you! By defeating bosses, Stellar Novas will become stronger!




Along with Stellar Novas are Stellar Prisms; obtained from mobs (1/1000 chance) after the Vagrant of Space and Time is defeated, you can attach these crystals to your Stellar Novas to change their stats! Additionally, some rare Prisms provide powerful, unique passives for even more customization.



There are a myriad of new weapons exclusive to your respective Aspect carefully made with
unique gameplay in mind. This mod embraces quality over quantity; each weapon is tailored to provide a
fresh experience, and you may recognize some of them...

*Certain weapons shown will be added at a later date, not all weapons are pictured




The adventure doesn't stop with your home planet. Journey
to the stars above, exploring ancient ruins, alien relics,
and more. With the addition of Subworld Library, instanced dungeons allow for the magic of exploration to stay present throughout your adventure.


All bosses of The Stars Above boast custom AI: your fate is decided through Casted Attacks, and the ability to analyze these attacks is imperative to your victory!



Once the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, you can challenge this mysterious individual. This fight is unwinnable directly; survive their spatial onslaught, and obtain the ability to cast Stellar Novas as well as unlock Stellar Prisms.



This monarch of a forgotten empire wields the Stellar Nova Ars Laevateinn; defeat him to claim it as your own. He commands incredible magic power and will drain your life away; do you have the strength to defeat him?



This bullet-hell styled boss fight requires you to keep track of your color while dodging a barrage of projectiles. Have you the strength to resist being inked over completely?



This amalgamation of evil swaps between Order and Chaos stances, and has a third phase which combines the two into a barrage of destruction, culminating in a truly challenging encounter.



At the end of your journey, The Stars Above has an ultimate obstacle you must defeat: The Warrior of Light.
This fight will pit you against the pinnacle of heroes, testing every virtue you possess. He will push you to your limits- and beyond.



You must endeavor to progress through the story of The Stars Above to challenge this foe. Prepare yourself, as this fight will be a testament of your will against the ever-shifting cosmos...



For enjoyers of the Calamity Mod:
Several weapons are custom-tailored to suit the post-Moon Lord endgame the Calamity Mod offers,
with more on the way.
These weapons will have alternative crafting recipes and damage scaled to the Calamity Mod if it is installed.

Stellar Novas will scale post Moon Lord, up to Supreme Calamitas.
Additionally, there is unique Starfarer dialogue for Calamity bosses and biomes, and Thorium bosses.

This mod has total compatibility with Boss Checklist.


This mod is meant to be utilized in tandem with other mods to enhance the gameplay experience.

Fully compatible with multiplayer, but there may be some desync issues.
Highly recommended to start a new playthrough. Loading previous saves may result in crashes, but is not impossible.

This mod comprises of lots of large-scale UI elements. For best results, play with 1920x1080 resolution if possible.

v1.0.1.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Explosives can now be thrown in subworlds; all tiles in subworlds can no longer be destroyed by explosives (Hopefully) Fixed a bug where Cosmic Voyages would only send you to one location. You can now only use the Bifrost from the hotbar to prevent issues upon world transfer. Added a tooltip to the Bifrost that additionally explains dangers of mods that enable auto-use on all items (As autouse timers reset upon entering a subworld, you may enter into an infinite loop) Completed another pass on adjustment on Bifrost's teleportation.
v1.0.1.0 (tModLoader 1.3):
Tsukiyomi now has a 4th phase, with varying ambient attacks, but her final rotation does not change. Fixed a bug with Tsukiyomi's boss fight that disabled her defense stat. Attempted to rectify an issue where some bosses' velocity would not reset after their intro animation has ended. COSMIC VOYAGES Added a new Cosmic Voyage mini-dungeon (Jungle Temple). Fixed a bug wherein entering Cosmic Voyages may fail to sync correctly with the server. The Nurse can no longer cleanse 'Cosmic Voyage Cooldown' Explosives and the Rod of Discord have been disabled when in a Cosmic Voyage. Fixed incorrect player placement within a certain subworld. Added a line in the Bifrost tooltip to warn of a bug concerning modded chests. (Adding a mod once the world has been made, and then using chests from said mod, will cause chests from that mod to cease functioning.) Added a warning when the mod 'Player Location Saving' is enabled (entering and exiting subworlds will cause the player to be teleported to a distant location) The weapon 'Caesura of Despair' now no longer allows flight within subworlds.
v1.0.0.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Tsukiyomi has been added to the Boss Checklist. However, her entry will only appear once the Warrior of Light has been defeated. Fixed miscellaneous dialogue issues. Tsukiyomi has recieved more HP in her 3rd phase, and will restore all HP upon transition into the 2nd phase. More adjustments may happen in the future. Fixed a minor bug upon activation of Ultima Thule's 'Cosmic Conception' Pre-emptively addressed issues that may have arisen upon entry of the Observatory Hyperborea. Many minor bugfixes.
v1.0.0.0 (tModLoader 1.3):
COSMIC VOYAGES: Visit Observatory Hyperborea, an offworld structure and the home of the Starfarers. From this place, you can explore ancient structures, magic spaceships, ruined planets, and drifting asteroids within The Sea of Stars. There are currently 6 different accessible regions within The Sea of Stars, as well as one large-scale dungeon. As this is a brand-new feature, locations are few and small. More locations and more varied environments will be added in the near future! During a Cosmic Voyage, you will be inflicted with 'Environmental Turmoil' depending on the type of location. This can range from no effect, to drastically lowered defense, to super-charged Mana Regeneration. You will be given the item needed to initiate Cosmic Voyages, the Bifrost, upon meeting your Starfarer. Otherwise, it is craftable with Mana Crystals and Fallen Stars.

FINAL BOSS: Defeat Tsukiyomi, the First Starfarer, and put an end to the first story of The Stars Above. In order to challenge her, you must first defeat all bosses of The Stars Above and combine the Mnemonic Traces together, then use the resulting item in the Observatory to be taken to the final boss arena.
NEW ITEMS: A new endgame weapon, 'Ultima Thule' has been added, acquired from Tsukiyomi. A new post-Penthesilea weapon, 'Penthesila's Muse' has been added, obtained from Penthesilea in Expert Mode. With the Calamity Mod enabled, this weapon is craftable much later. Two new pets have been added, craftable with Prismatic Cores.
MAJOR CHANGES: Most weapons have received substantial damage buffs. In the event that one of these weapons has become too powerful, it will be adjusted. Many of the Starfarer's Spatial Disk dialogues have been rewritten to better characterize the twins. More dialogue changes will be done in the future. You can now open the Starfarer Menu at any time. Opening the Starfarer Menu will drain the Stellar Nova Gauge. Updated Asphodene and Eridani's sprites for the following menus: (Selection, Starfarer Menu, Stellar Nova Menu) Prismatic Cores are now obtained from ventures into the Sea of Stars. They will no longer drop from normal monsters. Fully crafted Prisms can still drop rarely after the Vagrant of Space and Time is defeated. You can now sell Prismatic Cores for 1 gold each.
BUGFIXES/MISC: Added 3 new songs for Tsukiyomi's boss fight. In the event that the Stars Above Music Mod is not installed, only one new song will play. The Stellar Array passives that required 'All Bosses from The Stars Above' will now exclude Tsukiyomi. Everlasting Light should now correctly change the time to day. The first hit of Theofania Inanis will now no longer occasionally strike twice on the same target. You can disable Suistrume's audio in Mod Config. Nalhaun, the Burnished King now has less Max HP and Defense when Calamity is active. Astral and Umbral Resonance buffs have been updated. The Stellar Array passive 'Afterburner' has been updated- it can no longer be right-clicked off. Many, many other bug fixes and minor changes.

Old Patch Notes (Eclipse)
v0.9.9 (tModLoader 1.3):
Major change: The Stars Above has split into 2 mods: The Stars Above, and The Stars Above Music. Please download The Stars Above Music on the Mod Browser to continue to listen to music within The Stars Above. Please note that the Warrior of Light's boss themes as well as Everlasting Light will stay a part of The Stars Above for now. Additionally, crafting music boxes without The Stars Above Music will create useless items! The Stellar Nova Gauge location is now set in the Mod Settings like the Starfarer Prompt menu. The Y axis scaling is still a work in progress, so be cautious. Added a new weapon: Hullwrought MK. II. Hullwrought MK. II is a Post Moon Lord weapon, but if the Calamity Mod is Installed, it is acquired after Providence, the Profaned Goddess. It does not require a Essence to craft. The Wiki will be updated shortly. Fixed grammatical errors. Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
v0.9.8.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Garden of Avalon has been reworked, and no longer affects allies or stacks. The buff now lasts for 8 seconds, scales with Stellar Nova Damage, and pulses healing instead of healing constantly. Additionally, the cast of Garden of Avalon can now become a 'critical cast' which heals health based on the Stellar Nova's critical damage modifier and grants a new buff, 'Solemn Aegis.' This buff negates the next instance of damage, and lasts 15 seconds. Sprites for Garden of Avalon buffs have been updated. Changes will be reflected on the Wiki shortly. Further elaborated on how Penthesilea's 'Magnum Opus' attack is unsurvivable during gameplay. Fixed a bug wherein Eridani's dialogue was unable to be dragged at any time. The weapon 'Misery's Company' no longer has recoil movement in Shotgun Mode. Arbitration's defense has been increased drastically.
v0.9.8 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added 3 new Patreon pets, craftable with Prismatic Cores. Temporarily patched a bug concerning Penthesilea's AI. More work will be done in the future. Preloaded assets to be used in a future patch. Minor bugfixes. Fixed grammatical errors.
v0.9.7.5 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed specific textures causing memory issues. Fixed damage calculation for certain charge weapons. The weapon Der Freischutz's stacks now increase critical rate and damage further, and recoil damage is reduced. Update the sprite of Suistrume's Performance Gauge to match the new weapon sprite. Minor bugfixes. Fixed grammatical errors.
v0.9.7.4 (tModLoader 1.3):
Several changes have been made to the Stellar Nova system. The base charge for the Stellar Novas 'Garden of Avalon' and 'Edin Genesis Quasar' have been reduced. Out of combat, the Stellar Nova Gauge now depletes much slower. Hovering over the Stellar Nova Gauge will display the current energy and the maximum needed to cast. The default location of the Stellar Nova Gauge has moved. Stellar Nova scaling post Providence with the Calamity Mod enabled has been drastically buffed. Additionally, defeating the Warrior of Light increases Stellar Nova damage more than before. The weapons 'Memento Muse' and 'Veneration of Butterflies' have had their recipes changed when the Calamity Mod is enabled due to the restricted access to Hallowed Bars. These changes will be reflected in the Wiki shortly. Fixed grammatical errors.
v0.9.7.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed bugs with the weapons 'Caesura of Despair' and 'Claimh Solais' under certain conditions. A new server-side configuration option is now available: Combat Timer. You can now adjust the time combat is active, from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. This affects Stellar Nova Gauge drain and the ability to access the Starfarer Menu. The weapons 'Bury the Light' and 'Ignition Astra' now require only the Cosmic Anvil to craft when the Calamity Mod is enabled. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
v0.9.7.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Several changes have been made to 'Everlasting Light' -All non-boss enemies during Everlasting Light have a very small chance to occasionally heal 10% of their HP. -Additionally, they will spew flames when this occurs. -Eligible foes will glow yellow -Specters of Light will spawn on the surface frequently. The Warrior of Light now shares the same updated cast bar sprite with charged weapons. Cooldown buffs for certain weapons and Stellar Array abilities now persist after death. Adjusted buff descriptions.
v0.9.7.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added server-side configuration options. As of now, only one option is available: disable the 10% penalty on all damage when a Aspected Damage Type is chosen. More may be added at a later date. Fixed grammatical mistakes. Lowered the damage on Claimh Solais' Radiant Soul attack.
v0.9.7 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added 3 new weapons: Claimh Solais, Stygian Nymph, and Caesura of Despair. Stygian Nymph and Caesura of Despair are acquired from the Ice Queen. Claimh Solais is obtainable after Arbitration. The weapons have already been added to the Archive. All bosses have had their HP adjusted. With the Calamity Mod enabled, max HP of certain bosses have been increased by colossal portions to better conform to progression. Fixed Arbitration's placing in the Boss Checklist. Adjusted Stellar Nova hit registration slightly. Adjusted descriptions of certain weapons. The Charge Gauge shared between certain weapons has had its sprite updated. Some dropped consumables like Starlight are no longer affected by lighting. A new pet is available from Prismatic Cores. Added a new buff when fighting the Warrior of Light during Everlasting Light, "Shadowbringer." This buff doubles outgoing damage and grants 50 defense. Subsequent fights will not have this buff. This buff is weakened in Expert Mode. If the Calamity mod's Revengance Mode is active, the buff is further weakened. If either Death or Malice and Revengance are activated in tandem, the buff is further weakened.
v0.9.6.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Dying during Nalhaun's boss fight now restores Lifeforce to maximum when you respawn. The shotgun mode of 'Misery's Company' now fires additional bullets and has a shorter cooldown. Additonally, fixed a bug where the shotgun mode's damage type could not be modified. Removed the Starfarer Prompt on witnessing Yharon leave. Fixed grammatical mistakes. Fixed multiple bugs with the Starfarer Menu under certain conditions.
v0.9.6 (tModLoader 1.3):
Changing the damage type of Aspected Weapons is now both reversible and applicable only to your held weapon. Projectiles in transit or minions will still inherit changed damage type. This, in turn, fixes the bug where weapons would disappear upon sorting. Changed or polished all audio files for Voiced Stellar Novas. Replaced many of Eridani's Stellar Nova voice lines. This leads to: Voiced Stellar Novas are no longer a opt-in feature. Instead, it is enabled by default, and can be disabled in the Mod Settings. Randomized the interval for Starfarer Prompts to appear- instead of a flat 2 minute timer, it can now range between 2 and 6 minutes between Starfarer Prompts. This does not apply to event-based prompts, like entering a new biome or witnessing a boss. Attempted to remedy certain errors when fighting The Vagrant of Space and Time.
v0.9.5.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Upgraded the visual effects when casting Stellar Novas. Added a in-game warning if the mod 'Ancients Awakened' is loaded; the mod is incompatible, and is no longer being updated. Fixed minor issues with the weapon Hollowheart Albion. The base damage of Hollowheart Albion has been increased. Adjusted the stab animation of 'Apalistik' Fixed grammatical mistakes. The 'Soul Unbound' buff from Unforgotten can no longer be removed by the player. Minor bugfixes.
v0.9.5.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
With the Calamity Mod enabled, added Starfarer Prompts for Draedon and his boss fight. (4 new prompts in total) Drastically lowered base damage of Ignition Astra and Bury the Light, as well as drastically lowering the damage potential of Bury the Light's Judgement Cut to adhere to new Calamity balancing. More balancing will be done as the 'dust settles' so to speak. Changed the default position of Starfarer Prompts to occupy the center of the screen. Temporarily disabled dialogue for Thorium biomes; will be re-implemented eventually. Temporarily reverted changes for minion/projectile damage with the Starfarer Menu active.
v0.9.5 (tModLoader 1.3):
The critical damage of Stellar Novas is now a percentage of base Stellar Nova Damage instead of a flat damage addition. Different Stellar Novas have different critical hit modifiers: Theofania Inanis has a 45% damage increase upon crit. Ars Laevateinn has a 80% damage increase upon crit. Kiwami Ryuken has a 100% damage increase upon crit. Edin Genesis Quasar has a 30% damage increase upon crit. These changes do not apply to Garden of Avalon. Updated effects for landing Kiwami Ryuken's counter. The Vagrant of Space and Time leaves much faster once all players have fallen. If the Starfarer Menu or any components of the Starfarer Menu (Array, Nova, Archive) are active, all projectiles and minions will deal 0 damage and you will not enter combat. Getting hit or using a melee attack will enter combat as usual. Fixed errors with certain Starfarer Prompts. Fixed archive names.
v0.9.4 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added 5 Starfarer Prompts for each Starfarer when a boss appears that the mod does not recognize. Because of how worm-type bosses are coded, there might arise minor issues with them. Keep in mind that with this update, bosses that you have defeated previously with custom dialogue will display the 'generic boss' dialogue. This should not occur for new characters. The following weapons have had their sprites updated: Suistrume, Bury the Light, Crimson Outbreak, Death in Four Acts, Key of the King's Law, Every Moment Matters, Hawkmoon, Karlan Truesilver, Ride the Bull, Light Unrelenting, Izanagi's Edge. Fixed grammatical errors. Changed how The Warrior of Light's 3rd and 4th phases are triggered, which may alleviate problems arising during phase change.
v0.9.3.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
'Drachenlance' has been reworked. 'Life of the Dragon' no longer heals 50 HP on contact; instead, you gain 1 second of Invincibility per attack. There is no longer a defense buff under 'Life of the Dragon.' Jump stacks will be reset if the weapon is swapped off of. Base damage has been lowered, but under 'Life of the Dragon' critical chance is raised to 60% from 30%. The sprite has been updated, and the base range has been doubled as a result. Der Freischutz's base damage has been increased. Ride The Bull's base damage has been lowered. You are no longer able to equip the Stellar Array passive 'Living Dead' if you have less than 200 Max HP. Fixed a problem with Starfarer Prompts for some Thorium bosses.
v0.9.3.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Starfarer Prompts for all Thorium Bosses. This includes: The Grand Thunder Bird, The Queen Jellyfish, Viscount, Granite Energy Storm, The Buried Champion, The Star Scouter, Borean Strider, Coznix the Fallen Beholder, The Lich, Abyssion the Forgotten One, and The Primordials. Increased immunity frames when unleashing Bury the Light's Judgement Cut. Increased the base damage of 'Liberation Blazing.' Fixed grammatical errors. Fixed minor dialogue display errors.
v0.9.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added two new weapons: Luminary Wand (Summon) and Xenoblade (Melee), obtained after the Wall of Flesh and any Mechanical Boss respectively. Removed the crafting recipie for the Ancient Shard as it is now obtained through different methods. The boss spawn items no longer drop from bosses. Correctly performing Splattered Sundering now no longer deals 1 damage. Changed Boss Checklist descriptions to account for 0.9 changes.
v0.9.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Starfarer Prompts for the following Calamity bosses: Profaned Guardians, Dragonfolly, Providence, Storm Weaver, Ceaseless Void, Signus, Polterghast, The Old Duke, Devourer of Gods, Yharon, and Supreme Calamitas. Full dialogue conversations will be added eventually. Added an additional Starfarer Prompt when Yharon leaves after fighting him for the first time. The weapons 'Hullwrought' and 'Unforgotten' have updated visual effects when charging charge attacks. Fixed bugs with hotswapping between the Stellar Nova and the Stellar Array.
v0.9.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Stellar Array passive 'Key of Chronology' has been changed. Now has a 2 minute cooldown, but grants 5 seconds of Invincibility upon activation, instead of 2. The Stellar Array passive 'Living Dead' has been changed. The threshold to survive after activating Living Dead has been increased to 150 HP. Fixed bugs with unplanned activation methods for the Starfarer Menu. The option to disable dragging dialogue now works properly with both Starfarers, and no longer requires a mod reload. Added a failsafe to prevent a crash when dialogue attempts to play in a world that has not defeated the Vagrant of Space and Time. Fixed Arbitration's dialogue being cut off. Rewrote several lines to conform to updated story.
v0.9.0 (tModLoader 1.3):
STARFARER SYSTEM: Added a central menu for Starfarer actions. You can access the Stellar Array, Stellar Nova Menu, and old dialogues with the menu. It is accessed by using Right Click while holding the Spatial Disk. The mod is now compatible with all screen resolutions as all UI elements should automatically center themselves. As a result, it is no longer possible to drag the Stellar Array and Stellar Nova menu. Keep in mind very (VERY) small screen resolutions will have problems, but it should not affect players normally. The dialogue window has been overhauled. All UI elements (weapon gauges, Stellar Array, etc) have been updated. Asphodene and Eridani's dialogue sprites have been redrawn. Many dialogues for both Starfarers have been rewritten. Adjusted Eridani's Stellar Nova Menu sprite to add parity to dialogue sprites. Added new settings for text speed, text sound effects, and an option to revert to instant text. BOSSES: Nalhaun's rotation has been adjusted. The Vagrant of Space and Time now attacks faster and the fight is much shorter. Boss spawn items (except the Shattered Disk) are now obtained through the Spatial Disk after certain thresholds are met. They can be reobtained through the Idle Dialogue section of the Archive. This also means dialogue pertaining to the bosses of The Stars Above have been adjusted to both fit the new procurement system and further reveal the story behind the Rogue Starbearer. If you do not want to start a new playthrough to read the new lore, you can use the Starfarer Menu's Archive feature instead. Keep in mind that you will be given the Boss Spawn items again as a result of the new update. MISC: Fixed major bugs with the drop rate of Prismatic Cores. 'Everlasting Light' particles will now only appear when you are near the surface. 'Bury The Light' normal attacks should now no longer have a chance to disappear on slopes. Updated certain item sprites.​
Old Patch Notes (Refulgence)
v0.8.6.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
The weapon 'Hollowheart Albion' now correctly works in Multiplayer. Fixed bugs with the Warrior of Light's Final Phase. Added indicators when weapons lose functionality as a result of Weapon Attunement. Added a option in the Mod Settings to prevent dragging Starfarer Dialogue. The Stellar Nova Cut-In has been adjusted to move further inwards.
v0.8.6 (tModLoader 1.3):
The drop rate of Tier 1 Stellar Prisms has been decreased drastically. Prismatic Cores can now drop from any enemy at the same rate that Stellar Prisms used to drop. You can now turn 7 Prismatic Cores into any Tier 1 Stellar Prism (the exchange rate backwards is the same.) This should help alleviate inventory issues with Stellar Prisms. As a result of the aforementioned change, Tier 2 Stellar Prisms can no longer be turned into Prismatic Cores. The Vagrant of Space and Time will now periodically cleave a vertical column on the targeted player, and more varying projectiles will appear between casts. These attacks will raise the difficulty level of the Vagrant of Space and Time hopefully to the extent that it serves as a challenge as the first Hardmode Boss. The Warrior of Light's attack 'Absolute Linear Mystics' centers on the player and splits into slower projectiles. Additionally, projectiles spawned from this attack do less damage in Normal Mode (damage is the same in Expert Mode) The Warrior of Light's attack 'Radiant Braver' has been completely changed to instead cleave a huge vertical area centered on the targeted player. Additionally, the Warrior of Light's attack rotation has been adjusted to make the fight overall more fair while still retaining difficulty. The Warrior of Light syncs his death flag twice to avoid errors. Modified certain dialogue to better introduce mod mechanics. Modified the Mod Description. Fixed bugs with certain Starfarer Prompts. Tartaglia's Riptide Bolts now correctly go through walls. Fixed many boss projectiles failing to spawn with objects in the way. Ignition Astra now requires Cosmilite Bars instead of Auric Tesla Bars, making it available much earlier. Added a new weapon, 'Apalistik.' This weapon is obtained after obtaining your first Essence and visiting the Beach biome, and can be obtained with both Umbral and Astral aspect. It can be upgraded into the 'Seaborn Apalistik' with Hallowed Bars, Coral, and Shark Fins.
v0.8.5.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed dialogue mismatches with Calamity bosses. Fixed damage values of some Stellar Novas when certain prisms are equipped. Fixed lack of mana preventing some weapons from using extra abilities. The Stellar Array passive 'Butcher's Dozen' has been changed. Attack buff has been decreased to 5%. Swing speed has been decreased to 30%. You no longer lose 12 defense once Butcher's Dozen is active.
v0.8.5.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Aspected weapons that have had their damage type modified with the Attunement System should now correctly have the right damage type applied to projectiles (for example, when calculating crit). Fixed several bugs with weapons after having their damage type modified with the Attunement System. Fixed Spatial weapons not accumulating the correct crit rate in certain situations. Fixed Stellar Novas disappearing after the first hit. Added a 'Lock' function to the Weapon Attunement System. Click the lock to preserve your chosen Weapon Attunement even after logging out. In order to revert Weapon Attunement, you must first unlock your Attunement and then rejoin the world. Added the first set of Vanity armor to the mod: The Stargazing Hero set. You can craft this armor set at an Anvil with Prismatic Cores and Enigmatic Dust.
v0.8.5.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added the Weapon Attunement System. After obtaining an Aspected Weapon, you can change the damage type of all Aspected Weapons in your inventory to Melee, Magic, Ranged, or Summon, however all damage is reduced by 10% (not just Aspected Weapons). Weapon Attunement can only be reset upon re-entering the world. Spatial damage is unaffected. Fixed grammatical errors.
v0.8.5 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added three new weapons: Misery's Company (Obtained after Skeletron is defeated), Hullwrought (Obtained after all Mechanical Bosses are defeated) and Shadowless Cerulean (Obtained after the Moon Lord is defeated.) These weapons will be added to the Wiki soon. The Stellar Novas 'Theofania Inanis' 'Ars Laevateinn' and 'Kiwami Ryuken' now ignore enemy invulnerability. The recipe for Bury the Light with the Calamity Mod enabled now requires 4 Auric Tesla Bars instead of a Brimstone Jewel, which makes the weapon obtainable earlier. May require a nerf, but has not been nerfed yet. The Stellar Array passive 'Evasion Mastery' has been changed. Now grants a 3% chance to dodge an attack, down from 10%. Can now stack with other evasion passives, and movement speed is unchanged. The Stellar Array passive 'Inner Alchemy' has been changed. Now applies effects below 50 mana, no longer grants Stellar Nova Energy Regeneration, and now requires 150 Max Mana at minimum to apply effects. The Stellar Array passive 'Astral Mantle' has been changed. Now grants Stellar Nova Energy Regeneration above 200 Mana. The Stellar Array passive 'Infernal End' has been changed. Now allows for melee and ranged projectiles to inflict burn on hit at any time. The Stellar Array passive 'Cyclic Hunter' has been changed. Added a 2 second internal cooldown to the Mana restoration effect. Removed the 'ending' sound effect for Ignition Astra's Umbral form. Correctly assigned monetary values to Unforgotten. Added 1 new voiced line for both Asphodene and Eridani's Stellar Novas. Fixed Vision Of Euthymia's passive charge not incrementing correctly. Fixed kill dialouge appearing when hostile projectiles kill NPCs. Added new sound effects for Arbitration's phase change and Titanomachy cast. Fixed Stellar Nova UI dialogue mismatch. Fixed grammatical errors.
v0.8.4.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed bugs concerning the acquisition of Stellar Prisms. Vision of Euthymia's Eternity Gauge now naturally fills to 50%. The rest of the gauge is obtained through expending Mana. This was semi-implemented in the last update, but finished now. Prepared dialogue code for post Calamity dialogue (not yet implemented!) Slightly lowered the chance of Starlight to drop from defeated foes. Attempted to fix an issue with choosing a Starfarer after using the Debug Disk.
v0.8.4.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Ignition Astra now drains more mana the longer you stay in Umbral Aspect. To compensate, the base damage of Ignition Astra has increased. Increased the radius of Phantom In The Mirror's Bloodstained Crescent and added a visual indicator. Also increased throw range. Hollowheart Albion now deals extra damage if you fulfill crit conditions. The Duck Hunt Dog and Bird pets have been consolidated. Fixed a minor bug with the Stellar Array Passive 'Cyclic Hunter.' Additionally, it restores 8 MP instead of 5.
v0.8.4.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
5 Patreon pet items have been added! They will be obtainable from crafting through Prismatic Cores, like other pets. Please note that from now on Patreons will only recieve (1) pet entity, even though there may be multiple pets per item in this update. Weapons will be worked on next. The Stellar Nova special effects will vary slightly depending on which Starfarer is using the attack. Attempted to fix a bug where the in-game chat would fill up with upgrade prompts when a player joined a multiplayer session. 'Voice of the Fallen' no longer resets player velocity upon firing bullets. Unique death text quotes have been added for dying to The Stars Above bosses (These also appear on gravestones.) Additionally, text with Boss Checklist enabled has been changed as well. Fixed Arbitration's cast bar persisting after your death. Izanagi's Edge now grants 100 Mana if the Honed Edge bolt hits a foe and triggers the enhanced critical damage. The buff 'Invincibility' now grants true invincibility, which means that mods that re-adjust or remove invulnerability frames should no longer bypass Invincibility.
v0.8.4 (tModLoader 1.3):
Stellar Novas have been upgraded with new visual effects and the sprite of the Starfarers during Stellar Novas has been adjusted. Added the weapons 'Liberation Blazing' and 'Unforgotten.' The Essences are obtained after defeating Arbitration, and are crafted using Prismatic Cores. Ignition Astra's damage when the Calamity Mod is enabled has been increased. Fixed minor issues with the Warrior of Light's fight. Added a failsafe that should prevent crashes from mismatched dialogue portraits. The Starfarer Prompt for Anahita should now save correctly upon leaving the world. The Starfarer Prompt for ??? (Anahita) now changes depending on if Leviathan has been defeated, and will be available again after re-entering a world.
v0.8.3.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Dialouge and Starfarer Prompts for all of Calamity's Hardmode bosses (Not Post-Moon Lord bosses) This includes: Cryogen, Aquatic Scourge, Brimstone Elemental, Calamitas, Leviathan, Astrum Aureus, Plaguebringer Goliath, Ravager, and Astrum Deus. Dialogue for the Aquatic Scourge varies slightly depending on if the Desert Scourge has been seen prior. Keep in mind that to preserve lore-friendly dialogue, the mod assumes that the bosses are fought relatively in order. Added 2 extra Starfarer Prompts upon encountering ??? and then Anahita for the first time. The Debug Disk has been upgraded with the ability to reset all Calamity dialogue (including biome specific dialogue) Plenilune Gaze's Frostflake arrows will now split into arrows that deal 200% of the original projectile's damage. The Ice Lotus damage is unaffected. Tartaglia's Riptide Bolts now have unlimited piercing and base damage has been increased. The Melee stance has been given a tangible Movement Speed increase while active, and striking foes inflicted with Riptide will deal much more damage. Kiwami Ryuken's Astral variant has been changed: The counterattack will always deal critical damage below half health. No longer lasts for 3 seconds. Additonally, the distance Kiwami Ryuken knocks you back has been reduced. Garden of Avalon's Umbral variant has been changed: Dreamlike Charisma increases damage by 16%, doubled above 100 Mana. Edin Genesis Quasar's Umbral Variant has been changed: Consuming a Cosmic Charge grants 1 second of Invincibility. Execution no longer grants Cosmic Charges.
v0.8.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Starfarer Prompts and Spatial Disk dialogue have been added for pre-Hardmode Calamity foes. More Starfarer Prompts and dialogue for the rest of Calamity Mod's bosses will be added incrementally. Currently, the following bosses have unique dialouge and Prompts: Desert Scourge, Crabulon, The Hive Mind, The Perforators, The Slime God Fixed several minor dialogue grammar mistakes. Fixed a bug with certain glowing textures causing projectiles to disappear. Slightly updated Starfarer sprites.
v0.8.2.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Several boss attacks and player projectiles have been enhanced with glowing textures. This includes: 'Vision of Euthymia' 'Aegis Driver' 'Bury The Light' 'Memento Muse' among others. Additionally, this has been extended to certain Stellar Novas and the Starfarer sprites. The Warrior of Light's 2nd phase theme now loops better. Many fixes have been applied to the Warrior of Light's attacks. Additionally, some attacks, like 'Absolute Linear Mystics' have been buffed, and others, like 'Radiant Meteor' have been nerfed.
v0.8.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Warrior of Light has been overhauled to better represent this mod as a 'final boss.' Most attacks have been modified, and many more attacks have been added. Some attacks will scale to the amount of players present during the fight. Additionally, you are constrained to an arena akin to the Vagrant of Space and Time, but you will not be able to teleport by interacting with the sides of the arena- instead, you will be knocked back. Mystic Forging now contributes to the Eternity Gauge. Added tooltips for configuration options. Fixed issues with Nalhaun, the Burnished King's boss fight. Fixed small issues with Stellar Prisms.
v0.8.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Testing voiced Stellar Nova lines for Asphodene and Eridani using 15.ai's audio synthesis. It can be enabled in Mod Settings. There are currently 4 normal voice lines, and 5 extra lines based on which Stellar Nova you have equipped. If the Calamity Mod is enabled, certain boss HP, defense, and phase transition thresholds will increase. This includes Nalhaun, the Burnished King, and Arbitration. Some of Arbitration's projectiles no longer take into account player Y position. Major changes to boss rotations and their attacks will come eventually. Thank you for your patience. After defeating the Destroyer of Gods in the Calamity Mod, the Stellar Array will automatically gain one extra charge, overcharging the Stellar Array and raising the cap to 6. Fixed the inability to turn Tier 2 Stellar Prisms into Prismatic Cores. Fixed some item descriptions. Fixed some minor bugs.
v0.8.0.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Tier 2 Stellar Prisms can now be converted into Prismatic Cores. Fixed minor bugs with the Stellar Array. Added disambiguation to debug items. The Stellar Array ability 'Aprismatism' now deals double damage of the base projectile instead of 1/2. Gave certain projectiles net update priority. Raised the damage limit on Bury the Light's Calamity variant's Judgement Cut. (250,000 >> 1,000,000)
v0.8.0 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added a new boss: Penthesilea, the Witch of Ink. This bullet-hell styled boss fight requires you to keep track of your color while dodging a barrage of projectiles. Additionally, failing to defeat the boss in time will trigger an unavoidable enrage.
You can obtain the item to summon this boss, the ‘Unsullied Canvas’ after defeating Golem.
The Stellar Nova 'Garden of Avalon' and weapons 'Kroniic Principality' and 'Vision of Euthymia' are now acquired after defeating this foe.

Added a new boss: Arbitration. This amalgamation of evil swaps between Order and Chaos stances, and has a third phase which combines the two into a barrage of destruction, culminating in a truly challenging encounter.
You can obtain the item to summon this boss, the ‘Beating Crux’ after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.
The Stellar Nova 'Kiwami Ryuken' is now acquired after defeating this foe.

* In response to previous feedback, I've 'cranked up' the difficulty on these new bosses, but if the community feels that they're too overbearing to fight, I am definitely open to nerfing them.

The Stellar Array has been expanded with 6 new Abilities!
The new Stellar Array abilities are as follows: ‘Butcher’s Dozen’ ‘Flash Freeze’ ‘Mystic Forging’ ‘Spatial Stratagem’ ‘Aprismatism’ and ‘Between the Boundary.’
Many Stellar Array passives have had their icons updated.
The Stellar Array passive ‘Aquatic Affinity’ has been completely changed to ‘Cyclic Hunter.’

Drastically buffed the scaling damage of Stellar Novas.
Tier 1 Stellar Prisms’ Damage and Crit Damage modifiers are now percentage based.
5 new Tier 2 Prisms are now available! These can be slotted into any slot of the Stellar Nova and provide one unique ability based on their boss, but do not provide stat increases. Balance between adding additional abilities and stats to strengthen your Stellar Nova!
The previous Tier 2 Prisms, 'Prism of the Cosmic Phoenix' and 'Prism of the Ruined King' have been upgraded to Tier 3 Stellar Prisms. They will only work in the first slot like before, and are now obtained by combining Tier 2 Prisms with Prismatic Cores + Empowered Totems of Light.
Each Tier 2 Prism corresponds to a boss of The Stars Above, and is a 50% drop from their respective boss.

Asphodene and Eridani’s Sprites have been updated. These new sprites are visible in the Starfarer Selection menu and the Stellar Nova menu.
Asphodene and Eridani will blink in the dialouge menu and in the Stellar Nova menu.
Added new dialogue and Starfarer Prompts for the new bosses.

The smaller changes are as follows:

Updated the Mod Icon.
Made several adjustments to prior dialogue.
The Stellar Nova 'Garden of Avalon' now scales less with overall damage. When the Warrior of Light is defeated, overall scaling should be the same value as before.
Any entity with 5 Max HP or lower no longer enters the player 'In Combat' when slain.
Added a fail-safe that prevents the Vagrant of Space and Time's dialogue if criteria has not been met.
Adjusted the hitbox of Theofania Inanis (Boss variant)
Fixed Key of the King's Law doubling damage in error.
Additionally, damage has been scaled down to its Umbral equivalent.
Skofnung's damage on the third strike has been drastically increased.
Sped up death animations on Nalhaun, the Burnished King.
Kiwami Ryuken's base Energy cost has been increased to 50.
Ars Laevateinn's base Energy cost has been decreased to 110.
Garden of Avalon's base Energy cost has been decreased to 190.
Particles have been added during the preparation and execution of Edin Genesis Quasar.
The potency of 'Void Atrophy' has been drastically increased.
Several bosses have new visual effects upon casting specific effects.
Unused weapons have been removed until they can be properly implemented at a later date.
Added the new bosses to the Boss Checklist if it is installed.​
Old Patch Notes (Apotheosis)
v0.7.10.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added music boxes for both of Nalhaun's phases. These are craftable with Stellar Prisms, even if the boss has not been defeated yet. Attempted to remedy an issue when Everlasting Light is triggered upon defeat of the Moon Lord. Fixed several minor weapon bugs.
v0.7.10 (tModLoader 1.3):
Stellar Novas will now scale past Moon Lord to Calamity's postgame if the Calamity Mod is installed. These are tentative numbers, and are subject to change in the future. Upgrade thresholds are: Providence, the Profaned Goddess, All Sentinels of the Devourer, The Devourer of Gods, Jungle Dragon Yharon, and Supreme Calamitas. Due to this change, the 'Calamitous Prism' is now defunct and serves no purpose. It will not be removed from the mod (to prevent bugs) but it should be unequipped as soon as possible. Reworked the tooltip for 'Everlasting Light' Lowered the Mana cost of Izanagi's Edge to 25. Fixed the 'Sulphuric Sea' dialouge with the Calamity Mod if you haven't visited the normal Beach yet. The 'Astral' damage class has been renamed to 'Spatial' to avoid confusion. Weapon effects are unaffected. Hawkmoon's base damage has been increased. Increased damage due to triggering 'Paracausal Anomaly' is unaffected.
v0.7.9.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Bury The Light's Calamity variant now deals 10% of the foe's Max HP as extra damage (Cap of 250,000) when unleashing Judgement Cut on a foe with all 3 debuffs. The Vanilla variant is unaffected. Tartaglia's melee stance now does double damage. Key of the King's Law now grants a random combat-oriented buff when using the weapon from a pool of 15 buffs. These buffs last for 2 seconds. The Eye of Euthymia now lasts for 40 seconds, and will prompt you when there is 10 seconds left on the buff. Minor bugfixes.
v0.7.9 (tModLoader 1.3):
Updated The Vagrant of Space and Time. You are now constrained to a small arena; touching the walls will teleport you to the opposite side. The boss will no longer move. Attacks have been slightly adjusted to accommodate this change. Loot is unaffected. Attempted to repair a issue that may arise upon desync of 'boss completion' and dialouge with the Vagrant of Space and Time. Halved the cooldown of Kroniic Principality's 'Timeframe' and added a new effect when the Timeframe is prepared. Pets will now correctly emit light. Preloaded several (unimplemented) assets in preparation for the next boss. Other bugfixes.
v0.7.8 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Prismatic Cores: At an anvil, you can convert Stellar Prisms into Prismatic Cores. These can then be crafted to craft pets and miscellaneous items. Added 5 pets: Futuristic Spectre, Suspicious Looking Bunny-Girl, Discount Warrior of Light, Princess of Kur, and Puppy of Shimano. These pets are purely visual and have no impact on gameplay- but some of them do play a sound effect when you die! Added the 5 summoning items required to spawn the pets. These are all crafted with Prismatic Cores, but some require additional ingredients. Added the weapons 'Vision of Euthymia' and 'Kroniic Principality.' These weapons are obtained Post-Golem, but they will be moved at a later date to instead originate from a new boss. Updated the SFX of 'Karlan Truesilver' as well as drastically increasing damage.
v0.7.7 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Starfarer Prompts upon entering the following biomes with Thorium Mod installed: Granite, Marble, Aquatic Depths. Added Starfarer Prompts that trigger upon killing a Critter. Essence of the Phantom and Essence of the Hollowheart have been added to the Enigmatic Memory pool. You can now adjust the amount of time certain Starfarer Prompts are present on the screen for. Certain prompts, like upon entering a biome or witnessing a boss, are unable to be changed. Slightly buffed Spectres of Light present during The Warrior of Light's 3rd and 4th phases. Increased the knockback of Crimson Sakura Alpha. Amplifed the visual effects of swinging Bury The Light. The Vagrant of Space and Time now drops 5 Enigmatic Dust upon defeat but less gold. Added a new indicator when attempting to open the Stellar Nova Menu when Stellar Novas are not yet unlocked.
v0.7.6 (tModLoader 1.3):
There are new Starfarer Prompts upon entering Calamity Biomes. This includes: Brimstone Crag, Astral Infection, Sunken Sea, Sulphur Sea, and The Abyss. Skofnung's damage has been buffed. Increased the fire rate for Ride The Bull. Hollowheart Albion's damage has been nerfed. Death In Four Acts's damage been buffed. Kazimierz Seraphim's stacks of Radiance now cap at 5. Damage scaling stays the same. Fixed minor issues with the Stellar Prompt system. The Stellar Nova Gauge will now save its position when dragged even after relogging.
v0.7.5 (tModLoader 1.3):
Drastically increased the defenses of The Warrior of Light and Nalhaun, the Burnished King. The Warrior of Light is no longer immune to Burning. All weapons now have a base value of 1 Gold. Moderately increased the time threshold to which random Starfarer Prompts can trigger. (2 minutes.) The weapon 'Aegis Driver' no longer checks melee line of sight. The weapons 'Phantom In The Mirror' and 'Hollowheart Albion' are now available after defeating Nalhaun, the Burnished King. Like with other Essences, you should be notified by your Starfarer after time has passed. Defeating the boss again should not be necessary. There are now two more config options: Disable Starfarer commentary on buffs/debuffs and Disable Starfarer commentary for combat events.
v0.7.4 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed several Starfarer Prompt bugs. The Vagrant of Space and Time's loot table has been adjusted. Certain weapons have had monetary values adjusted. The Stellar Array passive 'Aquatic Affinity' has been changed: Near water, gain powerful Health and Mana regeneration. You are able to swim underwater.
v0.2.1 (tModLoader 1.4) and v0.7.3.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed several Starfarer Prompt bugs in both tModLoader 1.3 and tModLoader 1.4.
v0.7.3.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed Starfarer Prompt bug concerning The Brain Of Cthulhu; nerfed Memento Muse slightly; prepared assets for utilization in Nalhaun's weapons.
v0.7.3.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Nalhaun's attacks Ars Laevateinn and The Sword of Flames are fixed.. hopefully. Re-adjusted other instances of that specific projectile code so that this problem doesn't happen again.
v0.7.3 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Debug Disk will now wipe all modded progress from all active players when used. Spawn the item in if you've accidentally joined a world with further progress than you want. Cleared up the unlock conditions of certain Stellar Array passives.
v0.7.2.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Re-adjusted Starfarer Prompt timers. Modifed the mod description with the link to the Discord Server.
mpt timers. Modifed the mod description with the link to the Discord Server.
v0.7.2 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added a Starfarer Prompt for the following events: When the Stellar Nova Gauge reaches maximum. Added over 50 extra lines in categories such as: taking heavy damage, dealing a critical hit, and killing foes. Changed certain dialouge. Changed the random values so that Starfarer Prompts don't repeat often, and also changed the timer for a Starfarer Prompt to be available again. Prompts for entering Biomes and witnessing Bosses for the first time are unaffected.
v0.7.1.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Starfarer Prompt 'on Enemy kill while Low' has been properly changed to trigger from below 100 HP to trigger when HP is at 1/5th of maximum. Minor dialouge adjustments.
v0.2.0 (tModLoader 1.4) and v0.7.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Ported the Starfarer Prompt system to tModLoader 1.4, re-enabled music, and fixed game-breaking crashes. For 1.3, added over 30 new lines of Starfarer Prompts, including new lines for killing an enemy while in danger and when certain Stellar Array abilities activate. Fixed Nalhaun's attacks: Ars Laevateinn and The Sword of Flames.
v0.7.0 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added Nalhaun, the Burnished King. This boss revolves around both sustaining Stolen Lifeforce and keeping track of Ars Laevateinn's powerful strikes. It is meant to be fought near the same time you attempt to defeat Duke Fishron, but can be fought as early as Hallowed Bars are obtainable. (The summoning item is acquired through crafting with Hallowed Bars.)
Reworked The Vagrant of Space and Time completely. This is a fight that you can not win; instead, you must survive the onslaught until the boss cedes to your strength. Both of these bosses utilize the same custom AI as the Warrior of Light.
Added Starfarer Prompts; this is a system that allows for your Starfarers to comment on what's happening. This includes: entering a biome for the first time, getting inflicted with certain debuffs, dealing critical damage, defeating a foe, witnessing rain, blizzards, or sandstorms, or when a boss appears. Your Starfarers will attempt to give helpful information concerning the boss you're facing. These prompts differ based on your choice of Starfarer. More Starfarer Prompts will be added incrementally.
Starfarer Prompts can be disabled in Mod Settings.
Increased the Warrior of Light's attack speed, and further increased it in Expert Mode.
Modified lifesteal; both Bury the Light and Umbral Entropy heal much less HP through their effects.
Buffed certain mod weapons to better match equivalent counterparts.
Fixed LOTS of bugs (Hopefully!)
Ars Laevateinn is no longer obtained from any Mechanical Boss; instead, it will be obtained from Nalhaun, the Burnished King.
Updated myriad dialouge to reflect new changes.
Added dialouge concerning Nalhaun, the Burnished King.
Modifed Asphodene's Nova sprite; this is reflected in the Stellar Nova UI, and the Stellar Nova Cut-In.
Modifed how Starlight looks on the ground.
Modified some of Eridani's expressions.
Added Music Boxes for the following tracks: 'Unmatching Pieces' (Everlasting Light) 'To The Edge' (Warrior of Light Phase 2) 'Two Dragons' (Warrior of Light phase 3) and 'Cosmic Will' (Vagrant of Space and Time.) These music boxes are acquired through crafting with their bosses' respective crafting material. (Totems of Light, Enigmatic Dust)
Updated the mod icon.​
Old Patch Notes (Supernova)
v0.6.19 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added in-game animated sprites for Asphodene and Eridani! These sprites will appear when you either activate a Stellar Nova (accounting for Kiwami Ryuken's counter-attack and Edin Genesis Quasar's prep time) or when you trigger certain Stellar Array passive abilities (Living Dead, Key of Chronology, and Afterburner.) Increased the attack speed of Crimson Sakura Alpha.
v0.6.18.1 (tModLoader 1.3):
Crimson Sakura Alpha now correctly drops Skill Orbs in Multiplayer. Laid framework for more 'item drop on hit' weapons. Minor bugfixes. Added Crimson Sakura Alpha and Key of the Sinner to the Enigmatic Memory pool.
v0.6.17 (tModLoader 1.3):
Fixed bugs concerning the new weapon, Crimson Sakura Alpha. Fixed grammatical errors. Unlocking the Stellar Array Passive 'Astral Mantle' no longer requires the dialouge to be read.
v0.6.16 (tModLoader 1.3):
Added two new weapons: Crimson Sakura Alpha (Melee, Umbral) and Key of the Sinner (Summon, Astral). These weapons will be acquired from Essences gained after defeating Duke Fishron. Fixed the critical strike chance of Voice of the Fallen.
v0.1.5 (tModLoader 1.4)
Fixed world saving upon killing the Vagrant and the Warrior of Light. Modified the Garden of Avalon to mimic 1.3 changes. Bugfixes.
v0.1.3 (tModLoader 1.4) and v0.6.15 (tModLoader 1.3):
For tModloader 1.3, several changes have been made. The Stellar Array passive 'Weakness Exploit' now displays damage numbers according to the amount of True Damage dealt. Attempted to fix a crash concerning the Stellar Array slots in multiplayer. Attempted to fix the Garden of Avalon failing to spread buffs to alllied players. These will be reflected in 1.4 at a later date. For tModLoader 1.4, fixed multiple bugs concerning the Warrior of Light.
v0.6.14 (tModLoader 1.3):
The Stellar Nova Gauge is now draggable. Fixed damage calculations on Dreamlike Charisma. Minor bugfixes. These changes will be reflected in the tModLoader 1.4 version shortly.
v0.1.2 (tModLoader 1.4):
Modified several Stellar Array passives to account for the shift to 1.4. Attempted to rectify damage buffs through DamageClass.Generic, but I'm not familiar enough to know if the fixes worked or not. Several other bugfixes.
v0.1.1 (tModLoader 1.4) and v0.6.13 (tModLoader 1.3):
Modfied several dialouges to reflect recent changes. In 1.4, fixed several issues with the Bestiary. Small bugfixes. These changes are reflected in the 1.3 version as well.
v0.1 (tModLoader 1.4):
Released for tModLoader 1.4. Many bugs are present, and will be fixed in the future.
Added Enigmatic Memories; crafted from Enigmatic Dust, these items can be used to acquire lost Essences. Added Umbral and Astral affiliation to Izanagi's Edge and both of Hawkmoon's forms.
Modified several values concerning Stellar Nova Energy generation in an attempt to balance the Stellar Novas. Please respond with any concerns you have about unbalanced Stellar Novas. Modified certain Stellar Array abilities regarding Max HP to instead use a concrete amount of HP. Again, if anything seems too strong or weak, please respond. Bug fixes.
Added Starlight; like Hearts and Mana Stars, these have a small chance to drop from defeated monsters. Collecting them grants 5 Stellar Nova Energy in combat. Removed the ability to acquire WIP items. Bugfixes.
Added dialogue to explain the need of Stellar Nova Energy to cast Stellar Novas (Was accidentally deleted in the past.) Attempted to scale position of the Stellar Nova Energy gauge to game resolution.
Re-adjusted text that appears when you pick up Stellar Prisms. Bug fixes.
Fixed Stellar Prisms spamming the user even if their inventory was full. Prepared assets to be utilized in a future patch.
Added total support for Boss Checklist. Fixed the Apocryphic Prism's description. Slightly adjusted the Mod icon. Even more bugfixes.
Added two Tier 2 Stellar Prisms: Prism of the Ruined King and Prism of the Cosmic Phoenix. They are 1/4 chance drops from the Warrior of Light. Tier 2 prisms provide drastic changes to the Stellar Nova when equipped. Fixed misattributed damage values to more weapons. Nerfed Starblight and Void Atrophy. Bugfixes.
Modified the damage type of certain projectiles. Stellar Novas now do 100 damage at minimum, even if you join a world before the Vagrant of Time and Space has been defeated. Bugfixes.
Fixed a major bug when swapping Stellar Prisms in Multiplayer mode. Fixed bugs concerning the acquision of the third Stellar Nova. Fixed minor Stellar Nova bugs. Thanks for bearing with me!
Added an indicator when trying to open the Stellar Nova UI in combat. Added hints on where to obtain other Stellar Novas. Fixed bugs concerning the Stellar Nova UI. Please post in the Forum thread if you continue to have problems accessing Stellar Novas.
Modified certain dialouge. Adjusted values for certain Stellar Novas. Added hover-text to the Calamitous Prism when slotted. Bug fixes.
Big changes:
Added Stellar Novas: incredibly powerful ultimate abilities that can be used with the Stellar Nova Gauge.
The damage of Stellar Novas are unaffected by any buffs, and scale through boss progression.
Added a new early hardmode boss, the Vagrant of Space and Time. Defeat them to unlock Stellar Novas, and also pull back
the curtain on the mystery of the Starfarers...
The Vagrant of Space and Time has an original boss theme!
Added 10 Stellar Prisms: Affix to Stellar Novas to adjust stats and effects.
Stellar Prisms are acquired as random drops after the Vagrant is defeated.
Added new weapons Hawkmoon and Izanagi's Edge.
Everlasting Light is now a real weather condition; music will play, and particles will fall from the sky.
Added a config file with 2 options: disable Stellar Nova cut-ins or to enable shared Suistrume Audio.
Smaller changes:
The Warrior of Light becomes invincible during 3rd phase change; regenerates more HP in Expert Mode.
This mod now has compatibility with "Boss Checklist." (Full compatibility will come soon.)
If Calamity is installed, an extra Prism will be available to craft, scaling Stellar Novas to Calamity postgame.
Modified several Stellar Array passives to accomodate for Stellar Novas. This includes Inner Alchemy, Avatar of Light, and Unbridled Radiance. Additonally, reworked the ability Key of Chronology.
Added sprite animation for the Stellar Disk.
Lots and lots and lots of bugfixes.
Added new dialouge. This also includes a hint to rid the world of Everlasting Light (just in case)
Adjusted several passive ability descriptions in the Stellar Array.
The weapon "Suistrume" now correctly heals player HP and MP to maximum after a perfect "Stellar Performance"
Fixed a bug allowing for Astral and Umbral Blessings to be removed.
Removed "Confusion" from the Warrior of Light's attack "Terror Unleashed"
Attempted to fix multiple problems concerning the Warrior Of Light's "Quintuplecast" attack.
The Stellar Array passive "Inner Alchemy" has been changed: When below 100 Mana, gain HP Regeneration, 15 defense, and knockback resistance.
Fixed the acquisition method of "Essence of Perfection"
Adjusted certain descriptions for Stellar Array passives that reveals the functions used to calculate bonuses.
Drastically buffed the DoT of Starblight (16 -> 110)
Buffed Living Dead; now only requires 100 HP to stay alive after triggering.
The Warrior of Light's Final Phase has changed; meteors will now randomly rain from the sky instead of
Blazing Skies attacks.
The Warrior of Light's attack, "Light Rampant" has been adjusted.
The Warrior of Light's sprite sheet has been adjusted.
Modified the music for The Warrior of Light's Final Phase to loop better.
Provided substantial buffs to "Bury The Light" and its "Judgement Cut" when Calamity is not detected.
Buffed Aquatic Affinity: Now grants 3x extra Regeneration when Wet.
Fixed a bug concerning the Underworld's Essence saving to player files.
You can now re-craft the Spatial Disk for 1 Fallen Star at any anvil.
Nerfed Unbridled Radiance : Now increases stacks based on 100,000 attacks instead of 10,000.
Fixed a bug causing the Stellar Array to spam after defeating a Mechanical Boss.
Fixed a major multiplayer bug where Essences would not drop.
Fixed minor bugs concerning the Stellar Array.
Fixed minor bugs concerning the weapon 'Yunlai Stiletto'

v0.5.3: First public release of The Stars Above.

!! Please upload the *entire* crash log when reporting a bug, this helps a lot!


Get the mod on the tModLoader browser or on Github: ThePaperLuigi/TheStarsAbove


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Asphodene: [url=https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-stars-above-conquer-the-worlds-evils-starfarers-at-your-side.105442/][img]https://i.imgur.com/CbHQQKY.png[/img][/url]
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Thank you to everyone on the tModLoader discord, and anyone who makes their mods open-source! I would have never done it without you!

This has been a 8+ month passion project coded, drawn, animated, and tested by one person: me! Thank you for all your support!

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This mod seems to have a bug with Leveled Mod, every time i activate both of them i can't summon the starfarers and even the stellar array. Deactivating Leveled Mod every thing back to normal.


The Destroyer
Sorry about that. After some testing, it looks like the Leveled Mod is overwriting all GUI from my mod. For now, just know it's incompatible.
[EDIT] For anyone coming in the future, as of v0.5.15, this is fixed!
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So far, this mod has been a fantastic experince so far, with no collisions with any major mods like Calamity!

I really like the passive ability systems and artstyle the most. (though passive abilities could use some balances.)

I am definitely looking foward to the updates.

Although I have a question, am I allowed to share some pictures of this mod on my SNS account?

(I.E: profile pictures, and a few screenshots)

I'll make sure they know of where I've taken them.
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Loving the mod so far! One issue though. It seems that none of the essences drop properly in multiplayer, forcing me to go into the item browser to grab the essence. I'm gonna try and check if its any other mod interfering, will keep you posted!


Where the essences are supposed to drop? I already killed Skeletron and dindn't see any essence till now. Maybe a bug?


This mod looks really good honestly and I really like how there is references to other game as the weapons like the Whisper of the worm and the Outbreak Perfected from destiny and the Aegis from Xenoblade.


I found yet another bug! The stellar array keeps reacting every time I go to the underworld, giving me an "Underworld Essence" every time I go down.


I found a glitch. Me and my friend defeated "the destroyer" and now we are getting spammed with messages that say "spatial disk begins to resonate" we tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod but it wont stop. It's just spams the message.


At the moment the mod looks good, that of defeating certain bosses that let you choose some buff and be able to make other weapons.
I also got the bug in the Destroyer, I defeated it and I got the message "The Spatial disk begins to resonate", it wouldn't be much of a problem, except for the chat sound.


I got a bug, the stellar array doesn't open when I right click, both right click and left click interacts with the star farer. Currently, playing with split mod.


The Destroyer
Sorry, I couldn't replicate the bug on my end with the mod installed. If it does happen again, would you mind checking what items or accessories you think would interfere with right clicking items?


Heyo, i absolutely love your mod, but i can't find the warrior of light's theme anywhere! What is the name of it, or could you even send me the mp3 file of it? I love the song and just want it for idle listening. Made an account just to ask this!
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