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tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

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  • More weapons

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  • More bosses

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  • Starfarer Active Abilities

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Skeletron Prime

The Stars Above is a Terraria expansion mod that adds a new important game mechanic:
the Starfarer system.

Choose between either the Umbral or Astral Aspect, and unlock unique equippable abilities
within the Stellar Array, mixing and matching them to perfect your build.

With hundreds of unique dialogue lines for each Starfarer, you will become stronger side-by-side with them,
and arm yourselves for the challenges to come.

The Official Trailer for The Stars Above




The Stars Above's flagship feature: Meet Eridani and Asphodene, masters of Umbral and Astral respectively.
Empowered by their strength and led by their guidance, you will be able to challenge any foe Terraria has to offer.



Master the Stellar Array, a powerful supplement to player growth.
With 18 powerful passive abilities separated into 3 distinct tiers, you can mix and match to become the strongest Terrarian.
It is important to balance strength with cost to create the most efficient setup.

Not all weapons pictured.


Along with the Stellar Array mechanic, there are a myriad of new weapons exclusive to your respective Aspect carefully made with
unique gameplay in mind. This mod embraces quality over quantity; each weapon is tailored to provide a
fresh experience, and you may recognize some of them...

*Certain weapons shown will be added at a later date, not all weapons are pictured



At the end of your journey, The Stars Above has one last challenge for you: The Warrior of Light.
This fight will pit you against the pinnacle of heroes, testing
your strength and willpower. It will push you to your limits- and beyond.

In Expert Mode, prepare for a challenge that will test every limit of your abilities.


For enjoyers of the Calamity Mod:
Several weapons are custom-tailored to suit the post-Moon Lord endgame the Calamity Mod offers,
with more on the way.
These weapons will have alternative crafting recipes and damage scaled to the Calamity Mod if it is installed.


This mod is meant to be utilized in tandem with other mods to enhance the gameplay experience.

Fully compatible with multiplayer, but there may be some desync issues.
Compatible with saves, but highly recommended to start a new playthrough.

There are numerous features currently in development:

> Equippable Active Abilities for your Starfarer to turn the tide of battle
> More weapons
> Dialogue for events and Calamity bosses

v0.5.15 (Latest):
Fixed missing UI with mods such as Levelling and Another RPG Mod.
Updated all UI elements accordingly.
Adjusted several passive ability descriptions in the Stellar Array.
The weapon "Suistrume" now correctly heals player HP and MP to maximum after a perfect "Stellar Performance"
Fixed a bug allowing for Astral and Umbral Blessings to be removed.
Removed "Confusion" from the Warrior of Light's attack "Terror Unleashed"
Attempted to fix multiple problems concerning the Warrior Of Light's "Quintuplecast" attack.
The Stellar Array passive "Inner Alchemy" has been changed: When below 100 Mana, gain HP Regeneration, 15 defense, and knockback resistance.
Fixed the acquisition method of "Essence of Perfection"
Adjusted certain descriptions for Stellar Array passives that reveals the functions used to calculate bonuses.
Drastically buffed the DoT of Starblight (16 -> 110)
Buffed Living Dead; now only requires 100 HP to stay alive after triggering.
The Warrior of Light's Final Phase has changed; meteors will now randomly rain from the sky instead of
Blazing Skies attacks.
The Warrior of Light's attack, "Light Rampant" has been adjusted.
The Warrior of Light's sprite sheet has been adjusted.
Modified the music for The Warrior of Light's Final Phase to loop better.
Provided substantial buffs to "Bury The Light" and its "Judgement Cut" when Calamity is not detected.
Buffed Aquatic Affinity: Now grants 3x extra Regeneration when Wet.
Fixed a bug concerning the Underworld's Essence saving to player files.
You can now re-craft the Spatial Disk for 1 Fallen Star at any anvil.
Nerfed Unbridled Radiance : Now increases stacks based on 100,000 attacks instead of 10,000.
Fixed a bug causing the Stellar Array to spam after defeating a Mechanical Boss.
Fixed a major multiplayer bug where Essences would not drop.
Fixed minor bugs concerning the Stellar Array.
Fixed minor bugs concerning the weapon 'Yunlai Stiletto'

v0.5.3: First public release of The Stars Above.​

Please post on the Forum Page with any more bugs!

Get the mod on the tModLoader browser or on Github: ThePaperLuigi/TheStarsAbove


Thank you to everyone on the tModLoader discord, and anyone who makes their mods open-source! I would have never done it without you!

Hello everyone! This has been a 6 month passion project coded, drawn, animated, and tested by one person: me! Please, if you have any spare change (or got rich off of $GME / DOGE) consider buying me a coffee?

Donate here!

If donation goals are met, I'll get to work right away!

Thank you for all your donations, everyone! If you'd like a shout-out, please tell me. I'll do my best on upcoming content! Please look forward to it!

Help spread the word by using a signature!

Asphodene: [url=https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-stars-above-conquer-the-worlds-evils-starfarers-at-your-side.105442/][img]https://i.imgur.com/CbHQQKY.png[/img][/url]
Eridani: [url=https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-stars-above-conquer-the-worlds-evils-starfarers-at-your-side.105442/][img]https://i.imgur.com/lm1HF4I.png[/img][/url]


Coming soon...

The Stars Above's first major content patch: Supernova (v0.6)! Obliterate foes with customizable Stellar Novas, acquire new and unique weapons, and defeat a new powerful foe..
Release date: Summer 2021, all information subject to change!

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This mod seems to have a bug with Leveled Mod, every time i activate both of them i can't summon the starfarers and even the stellar array. Deactivating Leveled Mod every thing back to normal.


Skeletron Prime
Sorry about that. After some testing, it looks like the Leveled Mod is overwriting all GUI from my mod. For now, just know it's incompatible.
[EDIT] For anyone coming in the future, as of v0.5.15, this is fixed!
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So far, this mod has been a fantastic experince so far, with no collisions with any major mods like Calamity!

I really like the passive ability systems and artstyle the most. (though passive abilities could use some balances.)

I am definitely looking foward to the updates.

Although I have a question, am I allowed to share some pictures of this mod on my SNS account?

(I.E: profile pictures, and a few screenshots)

I'll make sure they know of where I've taken them.
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Loving the mod so far! One issue though. It seems that none of the essences drop properly in multiplayer, forcing me to go into the item browser to grab the essence. I'm gonna try and check if its any other mod interfering, will keep you posted!


Where the essences are supposed to drop? I already killed Skeletron and dindn't see any essence till now. Maybe a bug?


This mod looks really good honestly and I really like how there is references to other game as the weapons like the Whisper of the worm and the Outbreak Perfected from destiny and the Aegis from Xenoblade.


I found yet another bug! The stellar array keeps reacting every time I go to the underworld, giving me an "Underworld Essence" every time I go down.


I found a glitch. Me and my friend defeated "the destroyer" and now we are getting spammed with messages that say "spatial disk begins to resonate" we tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod but it wont stop. It's just spams the message.


At the moment the mod looks good, that of defeating certain bosses that let you choose some buff and be able to make other weapons.
I also got the bug in the Destroyer, I defeated it and I got the message "The Spatial disk begins to resonate", it wouldn't be much of a problem, except for the chat sound.


I got a bug, the stellar array doesn't open when I right click, both right click and left click interacts with the star farer. Currently, playing with split mod.


Skeletron Prime
Sorry, I couldn't replicate the bug on my end with the mod installed. If it does happen again, would you mind checking what items or accessories you think would interfere with right clicking items?


Heyo, i absolutely love your mod, but i can't find the warrior of light's theme anywhere! What is the name of it, or could you even send me the mp3 file of it? I love the song and just want it for idle listening. Made an account just to ask this!
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