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The throwable only playthrough


I'd the Idea to make a ninja-ish like playthrough, and with shurikens and throwing knives, then why not a playthrough with only throwed items?
It sounds pretty interesting.

---Book 1---


A maid with the urge to throw away any weapon she sees. After years with the same problem, She's going to make use of it to study throwing weapons. Now she wants to be the best thrower. by beating all monsters housing in the world of Terraria. and obtaining the ultimate throwing treasure.
When I was little, I lived in a small city.
Already from our 9th age, they were teaching us to fight in combat.
So we could survive against upcoming dangers.


I would like to try it sometime too. But…

I couldn’t keep any weapon for a long period. and I've always the urge to throw it away when holding it for too long.

According to my parents, It’s a handicap that I’ve inherited from my grandma.
They said that my Grandma was a great rogue, known of her great weapon throwing skills.
However, she was perished a few years after my birth because she used her weapons too aggressive.

My dad was terrified that this could happen to me.
So he stated that throwing weapons should be banned.


Instead, they wanted to teach me for only defensive combat.
however, nobody could find a fitting weapon for me, no matter how much they have tried.



2 years later, I walked to my grandma's forbidden room, out of curiousity, and managed to open it.


It was full of throwing gear. And books about how to use them. There were also books about how to use them safely, they looked dusty and unused.

Despite the weapons were forbidden, it seems like I’m associated with them. So I went reading all the books and practiced throwing them at midnight, when everyone else was asleep.
during the day, I’ve was set to only one combat training a week. Those tutors keep trying to let me use other weapons, but that has never worked out for me. they gave up after a year, but I didn't, I keep continuing reading through all the books throughout the years.

In the pastime. I’ve become quite experienced with making clothes, I’ve made my own set from a light, thin and fast fabric. Allowing me to move easily and fast without air resistance.




A few years later, I became 16, the age where we have to join the legion for combat.
I’ve been studying and training throwing weapons a lot and I was excited to use them in combat.


However, I’ve heard the leaders talking to my parents and sensei. He said that I’m not up to join the legion, that I don’t have the combat experience and that it’s too dangerous for me.

I felt a lot of emotions coming, it was my dream to prove that I’m worthy to fight despite the “handicap”.
So…I’ve grabbed my stuff and decided to leave behind my home and region.

I’ve travelled for a long time, I cannot remember anymore where I was. I felt like I was completely alone on the world,
but I didn’t mind too much, after what I’ve seen and heard, I didn’t want to return.
I’ve set up an alias as Nageru Hito, it’s been like that for so long, it have become my new name.

So yeah, you know what has happened after, it’s been a year since I left home now, I do miss it, but I’m too afraid to return and tell the truth.
But, I'm happy with what I've reached, I've shown what thrown weapons can do, I was able to beat two different worlds with two different sets of thrown weapons.
Now all I hope is to return one day and tell my parents what I've become, a rogue, a warrior,
But mostly, a thrower. Rules:
Use only any weapon that you can throw away, which include:
-All consumables (even granades and molotovs).
-All boomerangs.
-Magic Dagger.
-And the ultimate treasure (Vampire Knives / Scourge of the Corruptor)

For those who want to do a playthrough like this (1.3):
- all weapons who counts to the "throwing" category
- all boomerangs
- Flying knife and Shadowflame knife
- Magic dagger and Toxic Flask
- Vampire Knives, Scourge of the corruptor and Daybreak

Nageru counts weapons attached with a chain and Yoyo's not as a throwing weapon!
But, it's up to you if you want to use it for your own playthrough. This class limit is made by my own so you may set your own rules. Nageru will follow the rules said above though.


day 1.PNG
And here She was, In a new world as a new character.
Is that copper shortsword useful?
day 1.2.PNG
The first thing Nageru did is to find some better weapons in chests around. and it was her lucky day, Shurikens, Boomerangs and Climbing Claws (pretty ninja)
There was some inexperience with not throwing away the pickaxe accidentely, but as long as it's only used for mining ore, it seems fine.
Right now Nageru is making a home for the merchant, so she has a way to regain her thowing weapons.
day 1.3.PNG

The Traveling merchant was visiting Nageru, and he had something to sell that attracts her a lot.
day 2.0.PNG

Absolutely worth it, smart merchant.
Anyway, day 2 was mostly exploration of the surface and building some rooms, It seems that the world has corruption. That's sad, because she just discovered that the Scourge isn't actually a Javelin at all.
So Nageru was building her home a bit more. a lot of people are visiting already:
day 2.1.PNG

the normal merchant has arrived too, sadly it only sells throwing knives during blood moons (why???).

day 3.0.PNG

A next day, Nageru is making some more houses to the left, after that it's time to go underground, and see what'll happen then.
Caving was really good, a lot of nice loot was hidden under a living wood tree, mined a lot of Silver and Platinum, and found several accessories, even a Lava Charm, It's still hard to survive with only a wooden boomerang and a few shurikens.
day 3.1.PNG

day 4.0.PNG

It seems that both sides of the world are full with corruption, and it's too dangerous to go there with shurikens and a wooden boomerang, forcing me to go underground again to find better weapons,
I found a Flare Gun, ($$$) and also something else, Time to prepare for Nageru's first test.
day 4.1.PNG
better prepare for the next night though, this one is probably too short

Nageru made some armor to survive longer, a platinum helmet, a silver chestplate and some lead legging (who are quickly replaced by RNG's ancient shadow greaves)
Also, "I must screenshot this"
day 5.0.PNG

Desert + snow = rare.
Desert + snow + a bit green = wat?
Anyway, Despite the danger of the corruption, She goes inside the deep depths to destroy 2 shadow orbs. both Items are unuseable weapons, but still worth to sell. (random arms dealer also appeared, even after I've sold the musket, I don't know how.)
Then, Nighttime, The first test. looks hard for the fifth day, but with a handful of shurikens, and her dodging skills, the boss was wrecked.
day 5.1.PNG

Also, Yay, Throphy obtained.

Nothing much done, Exploring right side of the world.
Found the dungeon...and the meteorite...
day 6.0.PNG

And fought the other Eye of Cthulhu, now Cthulhu is Blind. and I got some plenty of money.
day 6.1.PNG

The Traveling Merchant was visiting our little town today, and he got something to improve the base, That'll be nice.
day 7.0.PNG

Then some preperations for EoW, I've found enough gems for an Amethyst Hook. And I found a Skull, Bless the RNG again.
Dang, life is so much easier when you got hooks, like, REALLY!
the dye trader is arrived too, time to feel a bit more green.
after that, Nageru bought some Grenades and made a small arena in the corruption, the battle was short, but very fun.
day 7.1.PNG

Today was a building day, first task was to replace most wood with dynasty wood:
day 8.0.PNG

(I've no Idea why the NPC's are standing on tables all the time)
Then Nageru Ran out of Dynasty wood, hoping for a change that the Traveling merchant is selling them again, after two times.
day 8.1.PNG

Guess what? IT HAPPENED, Selling Dynasty Wood three times in a row! Nageru, You're so lucky!
So, Time to buy 2 whole stacks, and finishing the whole base:
day 8.2.PNG

Not all walls are replaced, but I like that somehow.

Nageru found the ingredients to make the powerful Molotovs. If she's unable to make the Flamerang, then there's always an altenate way.
day 9.0.PNG

Nageru Tested her skills to destroy the dungeon keeper Skeletron. and With enough Grenades, It was another Victory for her.
day 9.1.PNG

She tried to enter the dungeon for a cobalt shield, but returns with empty hands.
Also, It was a blood moon during the Skeletron fight, She almost forgot to buy some rare Throwing Knives.

part 10.0.PNG

What day was it again? I forgot already, Doesn't really matter either. now I've also more freedom to no longer look at the time, as long as I keep updating this.
Today was a good day, Nageru went to the Jungle for the first time, the enemies were hard, so dodging with the hook matters a lot.
She went to the corrupted snow biome, looking for an eventual stronger weapon. and she came accross a Ice Chest that contains the Ice Boomerang.
Nageru also found an umbrella in the surface jungle, and with skydiving from a living wood tree she found a waterfall from the sky, which was a floating Island that contains a Red Balloon, so shiny!
Finally, the underworld, Defense was enough, but It's still extremely hard, It seems that they've a big resistance to Ice.
Sadly that the Ice boomerang is too frozen to be upgraded to a flamerang, which means looking more in the caverns.
part 10.1.PNG

part 11.0.PNG

aww yeah! this is going to be great!
The rest of the day spend on searching the Tinkerer itself...

Nageru went to some caverns, hoping for a change to find the Enchanted Boomerang.
It fails, but when going to the Jungle after some time:
part 12.0.PNG

Awesome! Flamarang, Here I come!
Time for mining some Underworld ore, I've tried to make the Lava Waders, sadly, the WWB are unfindable :dryadsad:
The Molten Pickaxe and Flamerang is enough, Molten Armor is not necessary.
Also, On first try Crafting, Legendary. a bit sad that The Flamerang didn't got Godly. Still rare.
Nageru also found the Goblin tinkerer, and It's always worth to spend 15 gold for the stuff.
And also, Infinite supply of spikey ballz.
part 13.0.PNG

part 14.0.PNG

Nageru tried everything to find the final floating island that contains the Lucky Horsehoe, but it seems that there are only two Islands....better be careful untill she obtain some wings.
part 15.1.PNG

And here she stands, at the edge of the bridge, With a Flamerang on her left hand, and 99 Molotovs on her Right hand, Only a single Swiftness potion to assist her to run away, well, and Shadow Armor.
Anyway, It was a battle of Fire VS a beast that lives in Fire, suprisingly, It's very effective too, I should use Molotovs more often.
part 15.2.PNG

And a Warrior emblem, which will be useful for the boomerangs.
Hardmode, watch out, Nageru is in da house!

First thing that has to be done is smashing some altars.
A final look at the pretty big amount of altars:
part 16.PNG

Smashing time!
part 16.1.PNG

MYTHRIL! awesome! because the mythril hat would suit Nageru so much. :D
Then, wraiths, tons of wraiths, shouldn't have smashed them all at once. lewl.

however...a lot of throwable items seems to be useless:
-Shurikens and throwing knives does almost zero damage.
-Grenades are risky.
-Molotovs are not quite easy to get a 999 stack of it, and doesn't do much damage anymore.

So the only weapon she remains is the Flamerang, which is also not easy if you've missed your target.
It's strong enough to hold a few hardmode monsters back, but if Nageru get swarmed, then the change of dying is big.

With other words, she needs to get the magic golden daggers as soon as possible

some time later, Nageru almost got her full mythril set. but what does look better, the kimono with green dye, or the mythril breastplate?
part 17.1.PNG
part 17.2.PNG

yeah, Kimono FTW.

Also, Traveling merchant was visiting again. and GUESS what he'd to sell again:
part 17.0.PNG

Nageru got 3x999 stacks of them, and doesn't plan to expand the base either.
Leopard skin looks pretty cool tho.

Also, still no sign of the Magic Daggers, but She'll not give up!

Nageru went gathering magical equipment so she's prepared to use the magic dagger when obtained.
After a few Queen Bee kills for beenades, and having 200 mana, she went underground in the corruption, looking for a band of starpower.
Nageru had to fight the Eater of Worlds a few times, and then...she found it:

Well, If she may use it or not, She's going for the Scourge anyway, ALLRIGHT!

Today Nageru went to the Jungle, Looking for some Bee Hives. though she had only a flamerang, the battle wasn't harder than with piercing weapons.
also, at one moment, she failed to kill the queen on the surface, because of the nasty corruptors nearby. but suprisingly, Queen Bee wasn't done with her, and flies through the whole world to meet her again at the base.
part 19.0.PNG

That wasn't her best choice, at the base, no other enemies can spawn, and Nageru got enough room to dodge.
(Is this a bug or something? I really thought Queen Bee was despawned, the jungle isn't really that close)
Anyway, Nageru got 42 Beenades after 4 battles, too bad that they don't drop at 100% and that the only way to obtain them is to kill Queen Bee. a bit sad.
After that, She went to the corruption, She's still missing the band of starpower. and after a 'few' orbs, She finally got one.
part 19.1.PNG

Also worth to mention that Nageru completed her whole adamantite suit. but still prefers the mythril hoodie.

After a long few days caving, and drinking hunting potions. She found the mimic holding 'The Weapon':
part 20.PNG

HahahahaHAAAAA! Now things are going to CHANGE!
Nageru Hito.png

well, this is suddenly a big twist, thanks to her preparations, Nageru is completely skilled at throwing the magic dagger as precisely as possible.
Everyone have to fear her deadly skills from the deadly daggers. (funny that it's also its prefix)
Nageru also challenged three wyverns, one by one. and the little pierce of the daggers is incredible. Then she used the butterfly dust (form a moth killed by a Flamerang) to make the beautiful butterfly wings. finally, no more concentration on jumping, and only spamming magic daggers everywhere (I need a new mouse soon)
part 21.PNG

She also took off the hoodie, I'm not sure what suits her better.

Nageru plays a bit around with her Magical daggers in the corruption, and after collection the megaphone and the blindfold, She got the crazy idea to make the whole Ankh Shield.
Because why not? If it doesn't suit her, then she can always gift it to someone. She also tried to get the sorcerer emblem, but voodoo demons don't allow her to give the change.
but a Corrupt slime give her the change to challenge Skeletron Prime, though Nageru lacks some good accessories, She won't give up a try next night.
part 22.PNG

Though the artwork shows actually shading over her eyes, It's not really possible to do that correctly in game, a black blindfold seems to be close enough.

I think this would be one of the most interesting battles, so I decided to record it.

part 23.PNG

Well, this is the first time seeing Nageru fishing, this was because she went throwing away the pole several times. now she things of throwing away the bobber instead. and that works well.
Reason for fishing? Crates, potions are always useful.
She has also a lot of Ankh Shield collections, but not enough for the whole set, not yet.
Also, The same night Nageru feels vibrations from deep below, Nageru went in an epic battle against The Destroyer (and for extra awesomeness, I played Serris' theme from metroid fusion, The whole battle was Epic!)
part 24.PNG

And finally, Thanks to the Daggers' pierce, It was possible. The Destroyer is destroyed.
Time to grab and craft her melee signature weapons:
part 24.1.PNG

She needs to grab some souls of light for the whole set. but that's happened soon.

Another vid because someone said Light Discs and Twins are probably the hardest fight in the game,
Nageru disagrees, the battle with Skeletron Prime was much harder, because you don't need to think about mana and spamming the button.
(could also have recorded Destroyers' fight, that suits so well with Serris).

After a long grind in the Jungle, and after some 50 Tortoises (where one of them drops a banner) Nageru aquired the powerful Turtle Armor.
Then a Blood Moon happens, and right after that also a Solar Eclipse, Nageru tested her skills, and it seems that the magic dagger is still powerful against an eclipse. didn't saw that coming.
She tried for both the Banana's and the Moon Stone, both unsuccesful.
However, Nageru thinks that she's strong enough for the Duke.
part 25.PNG

Nageru tried to Beat Duke Fishron with the current gear (magic dagger, light discs, turtle armor and early hardmode accessories)
No matter how many times she tried, all ended up bad. But she's not giving up.

It may be impossible to do it as a ninja, but Nageru is sure that it IS possible as a thrower. Even without using the corrupted Javelin.
So she decided to make a blueprint of the upcoming gear she needs to collect:


First thing she needs to do is to get the hatchet and the armor, after that, She'll go to the dungeon for a few months.

After the adventure in the temple, It was time to complete the rest of the list on the blueprint.

To summarize everything in 3 images:

Yup, the grind is painful, the fights not though, Her beetle armor and turtle shell is so powerful, and including her dodging, those guys can barely harm her.
It's only hard when they're crowded, but even then, the Magic Dagger is still useful against those.
Paladins are touch, but as long as Nageru keep hurting him, she doesn't have to be afraid.
(the most annoying part is that I get so many rocket launchers, I remember my explosion playthrough where I've been there for hours for one of those)

Nageru have done a lot last period:
Grinded for paladins hammer,
Found an Ice Feather,
Grinded for paladins hammer,
Completed the master ninja gear (hey, she's a ninja after all
Grinded for paladins hammer,
Completed the whole Ankh shield,

...Did i mention that friggin hammer?
Oh yeah:
paladins hammer.PNG

The hammer, It's dropped!
Where Nageru was so mad about, that there existed even a fight of her and Helena.
Thankfully me and Qui Devorat were able to stop the duel before it was going worse.
[You might eventually check this poetry out]

Anyway, It's dropped, the ultimate treasure, The Paladins Hammer, and all other items are obtained.
Nageru also opened the corruption chest with it's Javelin, She tried to use it, but isn't used to work with polearms.

So, this means she has only one thing to do...the Duke...

And finally, Nageru has done it. She killed the Duke on her own.

Well, that was a long lasting adventure for her, and also a long lasting break. Ah well, I'm sure she has enjoyed her break during the meantime.
So, what now? She got the Beetle Armor, the Possessed Hatched, the Paladins Hammer, Even the Scourge of the Corruptor.

Well, I think it's time for her Reward, the item she really wanted but was unable to get:

My ... only ... precious ... Vampire Knives:

I'm pretty sure they'll be much more useful in her hands than in mine, and since the challenge is completed, She's now also finally able to visit my world. and also allowed to pick up items from other worlds, As long as she keeps doing what she is, It's allright.

If she will do the moons, and if there's any change of progress in 1.3. Who knows?
At least Nageru can now have a real break for now, untill 1.3. when that's done, We'll see what happens then.

Nageru wentwondering what she should do with all the Dungeon loot.

She was going to make the Spectre Armor, so the Magic Dagger is also a bit more powerful to use. And because hoodies.

It's not really fitting her as a ninja once again, but hey, Hoodies.

Then, Terra Branford came with this post after Playing Majora's Mask:
"Imagine Fierce Deity Nageru >_>"
Well, A combination of Nageru's spectre armor and Fierce Deity Link? Flipping badass!

Nageru is a little bit in a Midlife crisis, sure, she have a break for now untill 1.3 arrives. but that's getting bored too, so time to do some stuff to entertain herself.
She builded two extra rooms for her NPC's. (it's a coincidence that the mechanic and goblin tinkerer are in the homes though)
part 30.PNG

And she 'Borrows' some guide voodoo dolls in from my main world to farm for the Fire Gauntlet, because:

Nageru is now a flamethrower.

---Book 2---
(Version -

Peace has returned after the defeat of the duke, however, everytime during a full moon, Nageru is getting nightmares about the end of the world, she was thinking if the nightmares has a link with the moon itself, she asked the town NPC about, but they were all just talking about angel statues, that nobody realise she's 500 years old, and that it's too dangerous to go alone outside during the dark..."You don't have to talk me stuff I already know about since the beginning, Brett"

despite that, Nageru went at the next night of a full moon outside, she wants to get a good view of the moon, so she scaled a mountian. along with her thrusted Beetle Armor, Ankh Shield, Magic Dagger and Paladins Hammer.

It was a tough climb with much pressure, though Nageru realised at the top that she had her wings equipped the whole time, things gets forgetten when you rarely use them.
Then, Nageru reached the summit, the moon was much MUCH bigger than she expected, either the mountian was that high, or the moon was coming closer, both seems to be illogical. then suddenly, everything went pitch black. and three massive eyes were staring at her.

Nageru prepared for a fight, but the eyes were too powerful, like it couldn't even be harmed at all. despite her tough effort, she became exhausted. and the middle eye started to lose a destructable laser on her.

after that, it went pitch black. days later, the NPC's were wondering where Nageru is. She havn't returned after the leave during the full moon.

Meanwhile, in an Island much farther away, known for it's bloody crimsoned horror, a man was walking around the beach, and she found a girl at the shore. totally wounded and with burned down clothes. Appearantly, It was Nageru Hito itself.

Nageru: "What happened?"
Zach: "I've found you at the beach, it's not really the right place to stay there with all the sharks around"
N: "...Brett the Guide? is that you?"
Z: "my name is Zach, but I can be your guide to help accross this island"
N: "I know already about how to whack a tree and such stuff, but what and where is this place?"
Z: "this is Crescent Island. a new place once known for many people to watch the moon and ride in minecarts underground. I believe there are still some blue robed people around, talking the whole time about some super moon"

N: "Okay, so this is obviously not my home, but why are those people so obsessed with a moon?"
Z:"according to legends, the moon is home to a massive alien who calls himself the Moon Lord, which becomes immortal as long as people are believing in his existence, He watch over the whole earth, and some believe he's also able to destroy it at will, I want to stop those men, but I can't face then with my bow"
N:"I can help your problem out, but I'll return to my own country after I've helped you out."
Z:"That's allright, but are you healthy enough? It doesn't look like you can really stand up"
N:*stands up* "I'm fine" *falls down* "...almost, maybe I just need to rest and get some life crystals again, where's my equipment?"
Z: "uhm, all I've found is this here..."

Zach shows Nageru the weapons and armor, all broken, burned down, or simply destroyed.

N: "well, this looks like I've to start all stuff over again...-sight-"
Z: "also, be aware that the Moon Lord is watching you, already from the beginning"
N: "So?"
Z: "He'll eventually send you several evil enemies and invasions, and protects them with a hidden force, which protects them from Items you've used".
N: "So that means that I can't fight those enemies with my own weapons? how am I supposed to fight them then? I can't use any other form of weaponry"
Z: "I assume you prefers thrown weapons, then I've good news for you, The Crescent Island is home to quite some new throwing weapons for you"
N: "...In that case, I have actually still a change, the so called 'moon lord' protects the big bosses only with weapons I've used right? so that means the weapons I havn't used earlier are also allowed"
Z: "uhm.....I suppose..."
N: "Well then, let's get started, bring me to your home"
Z: I'm a hobo, the tax is pretty expensive nowadays. Are you sure you can deal with those guys and their bonus protection?
N: "I'm a throwing master, I'll handle this"

As long as the Moon Lord lives, all bosses and invasions are now guarded by an invisible force, which protects them from the weapons used in the previous playthrough.

All throwable weapons are still allowed when nothing is happening, because I don't want to give the playthrough too much limits. but the next items are not allowed during boss fights and invasions:

- Throwing Knife
- Shurikens
- Spikey Balls
- Molotovs
- Grenades
- Magic dagger
- every boomerang
except bananarangs

It's probably a weird choice to put limits inside a limited playthrough, (this limitception tho), but that's why It's better to focus on the new throwing weapons, those I allow:

- Bone Throwing Knife
- Bone Javelin
- Javelins
- ShadowFlame Knife
- Flying Knife
- and the new ultimate weapon, Daybreak

Though Nageru got the Vampire Knives, she havn't used it during her quest to kill the duke, so those are still allowed in this run.

As there's not enough throwing armor in hardmode, I'm not going to limit it with that.

part 1.PNG

And here started Nageru over again...with everything left behind except her blindfold. (for vanity purpose anyway).

Zach Is meanwhile practising his archery
part 1.1.PNG

And keeps missing, no wonder he needs Nageru's help.
So, time to go left, She take a little break to watch over the small sandpile that the game sees as a desert
part 1.2.PNG

...yeah.....and right after that also the place known for it's nevermelting ice and snow, Nageru realised that she have never used snowballs for unknown reasons. so she decides using those instead. if it will be a boss killer, who knows?

A little bit later, she's heading left, with a stack of 200 snowballs, and she found a massive tree, with below even two shelters with hermes boots and cloud in a bottle.
Nageru was still too tired to build a home, so she made the shelters and the tree liveable
part 1.3.PNG

After that, she went west again, and found a nice dune that warns her for the desert
meanwhile in the desert, she found even more awesomeness:
part 1.5.PNG

A piramid with a sandstorm inside, unbelieveable, such great items all on the first day! :dryadgrin:

Also, I found it worth screenshotting the dune, thanks camera mode :)
Capture 2015-07-06 13_14_42.png

so yeah, it became nighttime, but I'm sure Nageru couldn't wish for a better start:
part 1.6.PNG

(if only the chest had some climbing claws instead of a book that teach you how to whack vines safe, both will actually work to scale mountians, but climbing claws suits much more)

Because of her suddenly great mobility, Nageru went looking around, hoping for some climbing claws, unfortanely, no one had them, okay then, time to use vines instead.
Also, many Life crystals were found in the crimson, even though crimson decided to spawn weird too:
part 2.2.PNG

So, Nageru has also found the old marble biome, despite their annoying medusas, there's also good things to be found, namely. Javelins!
With a few grenades, she's able to defeat the armored hoptiles. and the first two roman skeletons directly dropped like 70 of them, that's really awesome.
part 2.0.PNG

however, Nageru didn't realised she flooded the entire biome itself...
part 2.1.PNG

Yeah....We'll fix that later...at least those Medusas won't spawn anymore.

She also found another Ice boomerang, useful stuff to hold things back, though it's better to get some more javelins.
part 2.3.PNG

Since the ninja suit now actually does something useful, Nageru want's the suit so badly now, It'll be really useful later on. So soon it's king slime time

While farming for a tiny bit of gel for the slime crown, Nageru came accross this:
part 3.0.PNG

RNG please....save it for another summon run or something...

As Nageru don't have any other weapons to penetrate the force, she's only limited to use Javelins against King Slime.
And dang, I can say, farming for Javelins is TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE I TELL YOU!
part 3.1.PNG

I swear, their spawn rate is even bigger than the hoplites, so terrible. ugh...
well, after like 15 deaths in the marble biome, She got 180 Javelins, sounds like a lot, but it's so quickly consumed during a boss fight, and she aint gonna do it with snowballs. She wants to be sure to have enough to beat that gloppy blob, else the whole story can start over again D:<
part 3.2.PNG

Nageru gives up on farming for javelins and decided to make something of her current home now.
The Traveling Marchant was visiting, and suprisingly, it's like it's the same one over again.
part 4.0.PNG

Yup, He's selling Dynasty wood once again, unbelieveable...
Nageru asked if he could also visit her own country to tell the inhabitans that she's fine. He'll eventually do that.
After he left, Nageru starts building in both marble and Dynasty wood
part 4.1.PNG

I really like the marble as building material, I wish it wasn't obtainable in that terrible biome though...

So, after building, Nageru went mad, she bought 2 stacks of 99 grenades and explodes every living thing in the marble biome. It worked well, but Meduse keeps been a Red.
Finally, she Ended with more than 350 Javelins, that must be enough to deal with King Blob.
part 4.2.PNG

After the summon, The big blob appears, however, Nageru underestimated the powers of the slime, His new teleport makes campers cry, and as she still wears in her tattered battle bikini. she realised that a real battle is happening. that ninja inside the slime was probably not tasty enough.
Thankfully, the Javelins hit the slime twice, makes them also twice as powerful. So after an exiting fight, the blob went down.
part 4.3.PNG

Though Nageru tries to wake up the ninja Inside, he appears to be dead already, as the other clothes were completely slimed and unuseful, Nageru just picked up the hood and makes use of it......
part 4.4.PNG
no comment.png

It's been a while Nageru have used a fishing rod, She have heard about the new frost daggerfish found in the ice lakes, so she bought a net from the merchant and went fishing.
part 5.0.PNG

Ahaha, You're a good merchant, I like you XD
However, Nageru was unlucky, and couldn't find any dagger in the lake.

She fought King Slime again, and retrieved the ninja shirt, only the leggings are missing, but Nageru is also missing a lot of Javelins at the moment.

She don't want to go back to the marble biome though, so instead, she's heading to the Ocean, hoping for a Reaver Shark.
part 5.1.PNG

Steef was able to get it on the second day, but I believe Nageru is just unlucky for it.
However, she catched a pufferfish balloon and a quite big amount of wooden crates, she opened a few, to save the other ones for hardmode. By a big suprise she found Climbing Claws inside!
part 5.2.PNG

Awesome! now there's still a change to recover the Master Ninja gear too!

After that, with the new pufferfish, Nageru can reach new heights, so She tried to jump off mountians to find floating islands, and with Results
Capture 2015-07-07 12_13_04.png
That's quite a jump she made, and even found one too, Nice job.

The first island has however a Starfury, so Nageru did another moonjump (lol, moon), trying to find another island
part 5.3.PNG

She almost got another one, but the jump wasn't big enough, at the moment when you thought it's over, you land in a small puddle of water, well, that's lucky enough.
The next island had a Lucky horsehoe, This is also the first time She sees one too, so that's good for her.

However, currently she can only break through the bossess' shield with her few Javelins, she needs to think hard to make good use of it

Zach was talking about that the crimson biome has also a fear inside the deep, a massive brain that can corrupts others mind. He needs to be defeated before it's too late.
Nageru decided to use her Javelins against the brain, hoping that she have enough to defeat it.
Though it can be summoned with destroying hearts, it's better to collect vertabrae instead, because breaking a heart can lead to invasions, and those will be unbeatable without the use of new weapons. So she packed her grenades and destroyed everything she saw
part 6.0.PNG

It was fun doing it, yet also dangerous as the grenades can hurt a lot.
Anyway, she got enough to summon the brain. with the Javelins, Nageru was able to kill all the eyeballs swarming around, but when the brain went mad, She ran out of Javelins.

Nageru doesn't give up easily, and used her snowballs in the fight,
part 6.1.PNG

If this doesn't cause a brain freeze, then nothing can.

Sadly, it was a lost fight, the snowballs were not enough to beat it. Nageru withdraws anyway.
Thankfully, the creepers dropped enough stuff to make a powerful pickaxe of it, so there's still hope.
part 6.2.PNG

Nageru was reading a book in the bookcase of Zach's new home, She found out that in the old times of this land, people used fossils to hunt on their prey, those people could throw so well that they were most of the time able to retrieve the javelin they've thrown afterwards. this can increase Nageru's survive on this island greatly.
So she went back to the desert where she found the Pyramid, took a deeper path below and ended deep in the underground.
part 7.0.PNG

Time to mine some fossils.

So she found a few chunks, and a few more, and more.
part 7.2.PNG

She also became tired of wearing a hood that covers her mouth, so she removed it.
part 7.3.PNG

Still, better watch out around, there are a lot of nasty beasts around, I've never seen the counter this high
part 7.1.PNG

Despite that, She survived the place around, as long as she has grenades, it's safe.
time to extractinate them all!

part 7.4.PNG

part 7.5.PNG

That's quite a lot of money, aww yeah.

So, time to remove that slimy ninja gear and going in a complete fossil fashion:
part 7.6.PNG
Nageru fossil armor.png

Prepare yourself.

Nageru is currently enjoying her new armor a bit, though she dislikes the mask, better hope to kill skeletron soon so she can go helmetless once again.
Also, She meets an old skeleton on a small bit in another marble biome...
part 8.0.PNG

"Uhm....I've totally nothing to do with that >_>...better give me throwables instead, yoyo's are no use for me."

Somewhere deeper in the caverns she found a cabin, where the gold chest of the cabin has fallen in the water...
part 8.1.PNG

Inside the gold chest, there were Shoe Spikes, so that's one step closer to the master ninja gear.
She has doubts about dealing with the goblins, as it's a terrible moment to run out of ammo. so she's collecting more fossils to make sure she won't run out that easily.

The Traveling Merchant was visiting again, sadly no kimono, but something else which is Interesting.
part 8.2.PNG

well, it's martial arts equipment, so Nageru didn't bother wearing it for now.
...This looks ugly however, a Dinosaur head with a Gi....better kill Skeletron right away for the clothier.

so the next night, It became skeletron time, both the bone daggers and javelins worked, it was a pretty funny sight:
part 8.3.PNG

Skeletron didn't last long, and was downed pretty fast too. (You can't expect me saying that in expert mode though >_>)

The dungeon is open now, but Nageru has no bussiness there though, She can farm the bones and use those to throw, but she's fine with the bone knives at the moment.

While waiting for the NPC's to spawn, Nageru went through all Sky Islands, found a balloon, and made them all liveable so more NPC's can live in.

And to kill more time, She has killed the Evil Brain. Bone Knifes are really powerful in such situations.
part 8.5.PNG

At least the terrible doom of the brain has been banished, but that's still just a start....if she only knew what power defeated her to reach this island...
part 8.6.PNG

After Nageru got a room for the clothier, she bought her hair......yeah....logic.
The traveling merchant arrived on the same day too, Nageru asked for a Kimono, but she got another Gi instead, Guess it's time to walk around with that for now on.
Nageru keeps wondering why the magic mirror she found earlier actually didn't work to teleport her back at her homebase, The merchant said that she needs to upgrade it to a Mobile Phone.
With that, It's power might be strong enough to travel beyond this island. the mechant will look up for items to create the cellphone while Nageru take care of the other ones, She has already a few, including the Radar.
While heading to the dungeon to find the mechanic, she saw the Dryad inspecting the crimson:
part 9.0.PNG

Or at least, that's what it looks like.

In the dungeon, she found the mechanic at least, and after grenading the dungeon for a while, she found the tally counter too. another one of the many.

Nageru's next destination was the deep underground fiery fire vulcano like biome, thing.
She thought a Light source could be handy...I've heard the crimson biome has a light source pet too....but I didn't expect a bouncy heart bleeding everywhere...gross.
....better get a nicer pet next time.
Anyway, Nageru was digging through a pretty deep underground lake, so lots of water keeps falling and falling and falling:
part 10.0.PNG

Well, Now Nageru can mine hellstone and obsidian at once.
She only needed two items from Hellstone, The Molten Pickaxe and the Flamerang, though it can't break the bossess shield, it'll still be an useable weapon for the other enemies in hardmode. Molten Armor also seems unneeded, as she's still digging the Fossil armor a lot. This requires a lot of dodging though. As the fossils are pretty fragile.

After Nageru has succesfully defeated the goblin army (bone knives are powerful man), She found the goblin tinkerer.
part 11.0.PNG

dat dart trap tho...it's really like he was in a nasty situation...
well, she could finally tinker everything into the spectre boots, yellow horsehoe balloon and Tiger climbing gear.
I also noticed you can farm everything with fishing up crates, if you've bad luck with chests (or playing multiplayer with many people) you can always fish up crates for a change, that's awesome.

anyway, Nageru needed a bigger house for more people, she decided to make the marble house bigger.
Actually, she couldn't wait to destroy the marble biome she used to grind the javelins :p
part 11.1.PNG

It feeled great, really great XP

After some constructing, (and making all marble blocks smooth, that also takes time %:sigh:) Nageru has build a bigger home, and room for the dryad:
part 11.2.PNG

Also a few other houses that are offscreen, someone forgot camera mode was a thing...and is too lazy to make another picture.

Now, she's ready for hardmode....right?.....She's supposed to ...kill Zach...right?

Nageru went to Zach, and tells him what she has to do in order to progress.
part 12.0.PNG

Nageru expected that Zach would be schocked, but instead, he nod his head and says that he saw this moment coming.
He gave the voodoo doll back to Nageru, "I find it more important that you have to become strong enough to protect the entire island, let's hope that my sarcifice would bring peace everywhere"
And with that said, He remains at his room, waiting for the moment. While Nageru sheds a tear and goes to the underworld.
part 12.1.PNG

There has a lot of water fallen, pretty much over the entire underworld, well, this saves a lot of time building bridges.

And then, the moment has arrived.
part 12.3.PNG


The Wall of Flesh has awoken, Nageru had to be careful, as the fossil armor is really fragile, but she had prepared ironskin potions for that.
The fight went well, using the bone knifes at the hungry and throwing the javelins at all three body parts makes its debuff really powerful.

After quite an epic fight, the wall went down
part 12.2.PNG

And directly after that, a new person named Steve visited the islands, Nageru was directly reminded of someone back home. and is going to protect Steve at all costs, as well as all other NPC's
part 12.4.PNG

Warrior emblem, awesome, the only Item she really need! this was really worth the sacrifice!

And now, hardmode, new enemies are waiting, and new techniques needs to be used to defeat those too.

Nageru is doing angler quests to get the ingredients for the fish finder. and she finished the fifth quest.
part 13.0.PNG

well, this could be an useful mount...but she threw the carrot away, and a big bunny ate it and goes away....I guess nageru is going mountless.

More quests done, the dye trader gave her some special ones, Nageru don't find them fitting at the moment, but she keeps it anyway for later use.
part 13.1.PNG

And thus, it was time to open all her crates she saved.
part 13.2.PNG

And I forgot to save all the loot she got...doh...
Ah well, what I can remember, she got some ores and bars, but not enough to make a new set, another radar, and this:
part 13.4.PNG
lucky girl

Nageru was also spying some goblin scouts, they were talking about invading her town with their new leader, a master of shadowflames.
She want to challenge that master, and is going to kill the scouts and collect some of their cloths.
part 13.3.PNG

also a pirate map, but it will be smart to only use it when prepared.

When Nageru activated the battle standard. the goblin invasion came, and directly after they've arrived. their new leader appeared.

however. Nageru has underestimated the powers of the Goblin summoner. and she got swarmed by their summons.
(now that i think about it...if it's a summoner, why does it drops weapons of every main class except summoners? weird)

Nageru had to dodge a lot, but it was too much, it was like she was stuck in a never ending nightmare.
lots of bone knifes and javelins were used too. but they're simply not effective.

With much effort, she defeated the nightmare haunting goblin. dropped totally nothing at all....all grinding and effort for nothing.
and during the fight with the summoner, the entire goblin army has been defeated too. Nageru don't want to try the invasion again unless the become more powerful.
Supringly, no NPC had died during the invasion, they said that Steve taught them new techniques to survive longer. that's good news.

After all goblin heads and limbs were removed, Nageru went reading a book again.
This story was about the legendary trinity knifes. A cursed knife of shadows, A holy knife of winds and the golden daggers of balance. Nageru realised that those golden daggers appears to be her own magic dagger all the time. which she lost during the impact. it could be destroyed, but if it isn't, then it might even be on this island, hiding by someone, or something. according to the book, is that the daggers of balance are needed to obtain at least one of the other knifes. and that the special knife needs to be used to obtain their counterpart. since the magic daggers can't work against invasions. Nageru has no choice to use the daggers to obtain the flying knife.

A hard choice, but once all three are obtained, She becomes powerful enough.

Nageru got a present from the Traveling Merchant, he said that a good friend has given it to him, to send it to hers. It was the legendary Scowl of the mighty Yoraiz0r.
Nageru gladly accepted the present and drops the long lasting black blindfold, for good this time. (Once again, Thank you DG-VR)

part 14.0.png
nageru's scowl.png

After that, it was time to throw her pwnhammer at some altars, (absolutely no better way to break them :dryadtongue:)
part 14.2.PNG

hm, no mythril this time, meaning no hood...ah well, that means she can enjoy the Scowl longer.

So, While mining for palladium, she found more marble biomes, She killed some Medusa before she killed her. and then.
part 14.1.PNG

"Yes! I've you flipping stinky annoying bone-breaking ugly :Red:head!" //had to say it, they bring back memories.

Gotta Like the Paladium set, now it's suddenly a twist from fragile bones to armor that makes you want to love fights :p
So yeah, the throwing class ended almost here, but not the playthrough. there's still boomerangs and new throwing knifes that deals 'melee' damage (why couldn't it be throwing though >_>)

She also went doing fishing quests again...this time she found even an awesome weapon that I don't even own yet...dang..
part 14.3.PNG
A flipping Bladetongue

She almost forgot that, despite the rest of the playthrough is melee based, she still needs to be a mage to use the golden daggers in order to get the melee weapons. So she finally freed the wizard, after like 2 hours or ignoring him.
part 14.5.PNG

Nageru was looking what more she can make with the palladium set.
part 15.0.PNG

She sighed, as one of the things she really hoped for was hardmode throwables, like a palladium Javelin.

But the moment of rest soon ended with a blood moon, despite been more dangerous, it's also a small change for the Bananarangs to drop, as she never have never seen them before, let alone using them.
Clowns appears to be pretty rare during a blood moon however, but instead, a whole ICE GOLEM invaded the home.
part 15.1.PNG

However....he was stuck...=w= so it was even easier to defeat than on the plain snow fields.
She got a money through from the blood moon however, not really needed, as her pockets aren't always filled, but still useful sometimes.

The next morning, the Traveling merchant went visiting her town again, this time, as promised, he got the needed materials to make the Cellphone, both of them, nice!

Nageru has also found some mimics in the crimson farmplace, but sadly, those are frozen and thus they doesn't contain the loot she need.
part 15.4.PNG

she was able to kill them with flamerangs and Javelins, which dropped the star cloak.

Current setup, including the items she got already to make the cellphone.
part 15.6.PNG

Nageru went to the Jungle to find the Magic Dagger, since the stronger biome chests seems to be replacing the original one (to me), and since the jungle has a larger spawnrate anyway.
after a few mimics, she got her mighty dagger back.
part 16.1.PNG
(fitting hearts :p)
The knife was however broken, but after two fix, it's returned to an even better weapon than it formely was...After he broke it again...
part 16.2.PNG

Well then, with the magic Dagger in hands, it's time to collect some souls of light, to summon an own hallowed chest, seems to be much safer as you can show it anywhere you want.
Then....this happens....
part 16.3.PNG
Palladium doesn't generate enough hearts to show her love to it. now she can really use smoke bombs to hide away :dryadtongue:

Ah well, after she collected the souls, the fight with the hallowed mimic started....and suprisingly, the very first one dropped the weapon she need. (Now compare that with the ~2 hours I've spend in expert mode to get the stormbow >.> )
part 16.4.PNG

However, the good luck didn't lasted forever, she wants to get her ankh shield back too, and grinding to the items is a real pain now.
Cursed skulls rarely spawns, Goblin scouts seems to be deserted.

And the worst, two blood moons, great arena, AND NO BLINDFOLD!:
part 16.7.PNG
Nageru regrets dropping her black one.....

Anyway, A little good news, She got the fin wings as reward, which means no need to farm souls for now, despite been the weakest wings though, but they still help a lot.
part 16.6.PNG

Time to show her current setup...Ah...great....another blood moon >_> She's still not aiming for bananarangs though, and rather want to get the ankh shield pieces.
part 16.8.PNG

Last Blood moon didn't brought her anything useful. The dark mummy counter stands now on 500, and still no Blindfold dropped.

The last days were really boring days, During the day, looking for Goblin Scouts and fishing quests, during the night, farming dark mummies, Cursed skulls and cave bats for their rare items.
And when she finally got enough to summon an invasion, she got nothing else but Shadowflame bows. back to de scout grind again....ugh...


After another long day of grinding, Nageru gives up looking for goblin scouts, and went back to the caves to mine Titanium. Then suddenly, the next morning.
part 17.1.PNG

Well...I guess the Goblins gives her one free chance. let's hope it happens this time.

Nageru and the rest of the town fights back to the goblins once again. While the Summoner keeps resurrecting herself too.
And then, finally:
part 17.2.PNG

and a great prefix too, Aww yeah! time for things to change once again, but now with the full Trinity knives.
Nageru Hito trinity knives.png

Yeah, I know it's not in her gi, but I like this outfit more

Well, After a long time, and a lot of dark mummies, there was one dark mummy that dropped this:
part 18.1.PNG

The Blindfold AND the Key to the ultimate treasure, Awesome! the long wait is finally rewarding :dryadpassionate:
Time to sell all those dark shards, worth some money too.
part 18.2.PNG

Well, after some time hanging out in the jungle for a depth meter, (Jungle bats appears to spawn a lot in granite biomes) She came accross another key.
part 18.3.PNG

Too bad that it doesn't have any use for Nageru, but it was worth screenshotting two keys so close after each other.

And finally, another piece for the cellphone to home.
part 18.4.PNG

She Also got a Fishermans guide and sextant, which I forgot to screen it earlier, So She needs only the metal detector and the weather radio for the phone. Almost there.

Also, since she got full titanium armor already, and with her new ninja dodging technique, I guess it's also time for a mech soon...
part 18.5.PNG

After recieving her Fire Gauntlets once more, It was time to hunt for more Cell Phone and Ankh Charm pieces.
After been deep underground for a while, She found...her:
part 20.1.PNG

Nageru didn't wait a moment and killed her right away. though...this made her think for a bit...what if it was an actual girl that was playing around with her metal detector and got lost? would she do the same thing?....

Anyway, She was sure this one was a nymph, since it appears another rare undead spawned to attack Nageru, probably in anger.
part 20.3.PNG

She got the metal detector nonetheless, so it was worth it.

After that, it was time to find the fast clock...where the best chance is in the hallowed desert....yeah...She havn't seen enough sand already.
part 20.5.PNG
Anyways, She got the Fast Clock (that lucky tho). and that ghoul somehow appeared on the surface too...
part 20.4.PNG

-"Ey Merchant, guess what? >w>"
-"Aw C'mon, not again >.>"
part 20.6.PNG

Nageru decided to make a magical bell with all fairy dust collected...appears that it's now also a lot cheaper too....hue...
Anyways, after using the bell, a special fairy came out:
part 21.1.PNG
Nageru leaf.png

L-"Hi there! I see you've used the fairy bell, My name's Leaf, and I'll be your light partner for now <3"
N-"Uhm...thanks, but I've already my weapons and fire gauntlet to light my way"
L-"Oh, but I also got a few useful tips to help you out"
N-"Such as?"
L-"Use left-click to open a door and chop a tree from the bottom"
L-"And I know a new kind of weapon that's even stronger than any of yours"
N-"...Okay, you may stay for now, as long as you only filter it by useful messages"
L-"......The Dryad shows how much crimson is around the whole island, isn't that amazing?"
N-"Yeah yeah, allright, move on"

After the conversation, Nageru went reforging her Shadowflame Knife to it's best prefix, and then she noticed this:
part 21.2.PNG
part 21.3.PNG

The hallowed and the shadow knives....reversed?
Ah wel, She noticed there are only 3 items away to recover her Ankh Shield again, two of them are easier to get in the hardmode dungeon (armor plating and bandage)
She only needs the Vitamins though, so she went to the crimson once again, spend her time for around an hour. and got bored:
part 21.5.PNG

Nageru: "Leaf, any ideas how to kill more of those.....floaty grossy things?"
Leaf: "......no"
Nageru: "...Well, time to face the monster in the underground Jungle that cursed the Key"

Before Nageru went to the Jungle, She killed A few Wyverns so she can retrieve her frozen wings again. the Wyvern was total no match against the Flying Knive.
Leaf: "Frozen Wings! that reminds me of..."
Nageru: "DON'T...don't sing that.....please...."

And thus, it was time to go to the Jungle, looking for Plantera:
Leaf: "Ah, the underground jungle, my favorite place, I can tell"
Nageru: "Oh really? I wouln't have guessed that"
Leaf:"So...You're looking for that monster, while also mining Chlorophyte, to become stronger?"
Nageru: "Not really to become stronger, I'm already strong enough for her."
Leaf: "...ah....sure?"
Nageru: "C'mon, can you please be silent for a time?"
Leaf: "Okay..."


Leaf: "It's pretty funny that I'm a green fairy teaming up with a lady in green clothes in a green jungle looking for green ore."
Nageru: "I'll press the 'hide' button"
Leaf: "...Okay I remain Silent..."

After quite some Chlorophyte grind, Nageru and Leaf found the Plantera bulb, Though it might be a risky choice, Nageru is going to fight Plantera right away:

Leaf:"Hey! Look! It's the Pygmy staff".
Nageru:"Hm, and what should I do with it?"
Leaf:"With this, you can summon a minion that will fight for you, and this one throws with weapons"
Nageru:"it does? hm"
Leaf:"please use it, use it, do et!"

...*Nageru threw the staff in a deep pit of the jungle*

Leaf:"...not sure if upset or not..."
Nageru:"I know it sounds weird, but unless it's someone I trust, I'll rather work alone"
Leaf:"oh...I see..So you trust me? :3"
Nageru::"We'll talk about that later, what was that strong weapon you spoke off?"
Leaf:"Oh yeah, right, Uhm, I got smoke flasks and bananas".
Nageru:"Bananas? you expect me to fight with Bananas?"
Leaf:"Don't estimate the power of fruit, ever"
Nageru:"...Okay, time to work on my list of lost stuff I have to collect"

Nageru's next goal is to retrieve her mighty Beetle armor again. though she lacks 2 turtle shells, She'll fight the animated solar structure again with her current weapons and titanium armor.

Once the Solar Guardian has been destroyed 5 times. Nageru has enough Beetle husk to retrieve her armored form once again. All what she needs is some turtle shells.
Meanwhile, she's still busy getting the final data item, the Weather Radio, too. And got in the meantime already the Golden Rod:
part 22.1.PNG

After a little grind of 55 Tortoises, Nageru got the 3 shells. and thanks to her early chlorophyte mining, She got the Beetle Armor right away:
The beetles are swarming around her for once again, ready to sarcrifice themselves in order to save her.
part 22.3.PNG

It's also pretty fun to see your previous worn armors on the mannequins, I should do that in future playthroughs.
Nageru decided to make a special chest too, for all the Items she have found, but can't throw it or throw away, because it's too valueable.
part 22.4.PNG

After that was done, It's time to head to the Dungeon for her new ultimate treasure, Better hope steef wouldn't mind that she lost his one....
part 22.5.PNG

part 22.6.png

It has taken a long, very long time. but finally. She got the ultimate treasure:
part 23.2.PNG

Since the Vampire knives weren't used during the first playthrough, She's allowed to use them now against bosses, and sure those will come in handy.
After She have reforged them, it was time for her second visit, this time to farm all the stuff she needs in the Dungeon. which are the Armor Polish and Adhesive Bandage for the Ankh Shield. The Black Belt and Tabi for the Ninja Gear. And, eventually, even Paladins Hammer, Though she's not really aiming for that anymore, but since her previous one was gone, it'll still be a worthy catch when she get it back:

The Dungeon has good news and bad news for her. The good news is that there's a big room, really useful for farming, maybe even more useful than my own farm.
Capture 2015-08-31 21_07_08.png

The bad news is however, there are no rusty banners spotted anywhere...meaning that they can only rarely spawn. That takes too much effort to get the bandage.

So, time to grind for the rare items...


part 23.4.PNG

And she remembered how annoying it was as usual.

The Traveling Merchant was on visit again, and finally, He sold the Kimono!
part 24.1.PNG

Actually, pretty much all items where Nageru has interests in.
Nageru couldn't wait to put them on...but then realised that it's not the same kimono she used to:
part 24.2.PNG

Nageru: "I look like I'm wearing a dress...what happened to the combat kimono?"
Leaf: "I guess combat kimono's with shorts are now male equipment now...so yeah..."
Nageru: "How's that supposed to make sense?"
Leaf: "I don't know, the merchant dissappeared already, so you can't ask it him. but it appears he's more known of the fashion around the world"
Nageru: "..."

Shortly after, she got the Black Belt, so it was time to make her nimble ninja gear:
part 24.3.PNG

Nageru also gathered enough Ectoplasm to create her Spectre armor again.
However, this one looks really different than the previous one. Leaf suggested to use some dye on it, Nageru tried various ones, but didn't really worked out, then she used the Hades dye, and after wearing that, he feels a lot of might streaming through her body. This feels better than ever before:
spirit armor (2).gif
nager spirit armor.png

Spirit Armor!

Nageru spend her time again to grind for the Ankh Shield materials. The Vitamins are next:
Capture 2015-09-12 16_06_32.png

Not really the best Arena for farming, but with help of the Rod of Discord, it wasn't that hard as expected.
(sometimes i want the banners also increase spawn rate >_>, I'll need that more than beating them faster)
after 100+ floaty gross. She got the vitamins.
part 25.1.PNG

And...shortly after even another one....
part 25.1.2.PNG

well, sometimes you get nothing for some time, and sometimes you get 2 at once...
And before Nageru could even think what she's going to do:
part 25.2.PNG

Well, it's time for a chance of a smoke bomb like weapon.

Nageru was a beast during the whole eclipse, using both Shadowflame and Vampire Knives to fight through the eclipse, killing as many mutated flies as possible:
part 25.3.PNG
part 25.4.PNG

Also, despite been pretty close to home, she doesn't have to fear for her residents:
classy cane 2.gif
When the night appeared again, Nageru looked at the counter...
part 25.5.PNG

Too bad no toxic flask...She might summon the Eclipse on her own if she really want it, but she wonders if it's needed.

After a few times trying to get the Armor Polish in the dungeon, Nageru found another lost weapon....unbelievable:
part 26.1.PNG

It came even with it's best prefix too.
Too bad Nageru may not use it for the final battle, but she don't care, it was a very nice reunion:
Godly paladins hammer.png

Nageru easily cleaned out the entire dungeon with her mighty hammer, and thus shortly after that, the Armor Polish was earned.

Now, for the last Ankh Shield Item, the adhesive bandage, Nageru waited for the full moon...and became bored quickly, so she made a big underground swim paradise:
part 26.2.PNG

enough room for a lot of angler fish to appear, and she was right, lots of them appeared.
They were no big deal to her anymore, so after some time, but not longer than the dungeon, Nageru found her last item:
part 26.4.PNG

Time to make her Legendary Shield again:
part 26.5.PNG

And from that moment, Nageru is once again as powerful as she was before arrived at the island.
Though, despite that, She don't want to lose again from moon lord, so a big preparation will be much better for her.
She'll still continue to get all types of potions available, including the throwable toxic flask.
And, not to forget, the Weather Radio which allows her to return to home.

But the biggest part of looking for items is already done. only a few potions and a single radio left.

A full moon happened, Despite Nageru already had the adhesive bandage, she still wants another rare piece:
part 27.1.PNG

Gotcha! along with the loot Nageru had collected during the Golem fights (solar fragments, Sun Stone and Possessed hatchet), She was ready to summon another eclipse:

The second Solar Eclipse was another intense day, though despite her efforts,
part 27.2.PNG

the Toxic flask won't drop...

But she didn't mind that much, since the other items needed for a powerful accessoire has been collected:
part 27.3.PNG
part 27.4.PNG


Nageru dislikes the transformations however, so those stay turned off. (and that also saves me drawing new forms >_>)

To spend the night to wait for another Solar Eclipse, Nageru went to her old semi-destroyed marble biome again:
part 27.5.PNG

part 27.6.PNG

And that made her very happy :dryadgrin:

Nageru was fighting a few Eclipses again, and won't stop untill the Smoke bomb flask has dropped.
Also, fighting with only the powerful weapons is quite boring, isn't it?
part 27.9.PNG

The Javelins are still effective against the spheres to be honest.

And then, a new set of wings has been dropped.
part 27.10.PNG

you lucky, lucky girl....how many items have you already collected that I don't have?

Ah well, after like 3 eclipses, It's finally dropped:
part 27.11.PNG

Now even grouped enemies have to fear her now:
part 27.12.PNG

Aw man, the Toxic Flask is a really good weapon, and Nageru have defeated the rest of the eclipse with it, it's awesome.
now, time for a reforge:
part 28.1.PNG
...and it only took around 30 times before Mythical rised again, argh!

Well, now the potion weapon is fallen, Nageru only needs the right buff potions and the radio, this means a lot of fishing:
part 28.2.PNG

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to actually fish up arapaima's, there seems to be a lot of them here.

And a few quests later:
part 28.3.PNG


Still no Radio yet...aww..
She'll still continue fishing before killing the cultists, her final mission.

The hunt for the Radio still continiues, while Nageru is waiting for the day is passed, she'll look for the jungle again to find some Life Fruit. that little help might be needed.

While looking for the tasty fruit, Nageru's life detector was beeping, A Dr. Bones was nearby:
part 29.2.PNG

Despite he's protected with lots of moss hornets and tortoises, they're no match for Nageru's Toxic Smoke bombs:
part 29.3.PNG

Whew....finally, the first dr. bones since 1.3 >.> I swear that's the hardest banner to get....

Before Nageru left the room where he was housing, she noticed the detector havn't stopped beeping.
part 29.4.PNG

"yeah, I think he's broken, let Yoraiz0r look at it again, there's no way there can be..."
part 29.5.PNG

"....what...I guess that's his Twin brother......"

...yeah, so sometimes you never find him, and sometimes you find two in a minute:
part 29.6.PNG

Too bad not two at the same time, but this one was really rare...a Twin doctor..

Ah well, life's maximum now, time to go back fishing:
part 29.7.PNG

While Nageru was still in the jungle, she decided to make salads by killing Plantera around 3-4 times.
Then, this dropped:
part 30.1.PNG

Leaf: "Yeeeeeey, a leaf fellow! can we keep it?"
Nageru made no fuss about it since she didn't got a pet anyway, for two playthroughs...

After returning to the surface she realised something...She's fully prepared, and all she really needs before making an end about it is the Weather Radio, knowing that it's quite a low chance to get, it can takes weeks, maybe even months before she finally got one...this will take for...
part 30.2.PNG

......or you just get one at the next catch, that's possible too...That's a real coincidence since I just thought about it. Thank goodness that's finally over.

and now once again to realise it for sure: Thank GOODNESS that's over!

part 30.3.PNG
Ninja's are now going Smarthphone teleport

And thus, a final glance at her main base, before killing the Cultists.
part 30.4.png

Those Cultists, Zach wanted to stop those people who were trying to keep the Moon Alien invincible.
Despite he passed away, Nageru can still remember him saying to bring peace everywhere. It's now her last task to complete that wish.

Nageru havn't slept well last night, another nightmare happened, She's still without a clue why those are happening. but she keep her eyes open for the rest of the night.

The morning happens, the day of leaving:
After saying Goodbye to her base, Nageru went to the dungeon, She saw the cultists standing there. "just a few rapid streaks and we're done".
At least, that was what she thought:

A fifth cultist appeared, Incredible shocked.
C: "Unfortunate, what have you done!"
N: "I stopped the people who tried to keep that so called 'Moon Lord' invincible"

The cultist didn't hestitate and holds his hands against the emblem:

C: "Do you even realise what you've done?"
N: "no."
C: "That Emblem is the Seal where we imprison the Moon Lord's Soul!
and we are here to keep him prisoned in the seal in order to prevent the doom of the crescent island!"
"Without anyone protecting it, the Moon Lord will be able to escape the Seal during the day of a full moon"
N: "But...I don't get it...did Zach lied to us? have he sacrificed his own life to destroy this island?"

Before the cultist could answer that question, spirits were released from the emblem, possessing the cultist:

The Seal broke, it was too late...
Nageru now have to defeat the Cultist while under possession of the Moon Lord

The fight itself was quite intense, the cultist was even able to summon a dragon and a wyvern at once, twice!
wyvern dragon.PNG

Nageru tried her best to keep her weapons at only Shadowflame knives and the Toxic flask. but the fight started to become bad.
She had no choice to use the vampire knives to survive the fight, after starting to use those, it went well.
The battle took long, but at the end, it was the cultist who gave up...

He fell on the ground, dying.
Nageru runs towards him, he seem to have control over himself again, so she listened:
C: "You....you shouldn't have defeated me"
N: "one of us had to do die, I had no choice..."
C: "You seem to be powerful enough to be trusted with, take this"

N: "What's that?"
C: "It's an ancient manipulator, with this, you'll be able to create your ultimate weapon against...him..."
N: "Are you sure that's possible? killing him?"
C: "long ago, in ancient times, I was one of the heroes able to defeat the moon lord too, we destroyed his entire legs and sealed his soul, his body is now mindless floating around the moon. with this item, you'll be able to create one of our weapons used during that ancient time".
"Hurry up, there's not much time left, when I take my final breath, his soul will be released, and the island will be doomed, you....are....our...on..ly....hope..."

With his last words said, the Moon Lord escaped his body, looking for his own one at the moon.
Nageru looked up in the sky, and she also noticed four pillars floating down to the island.

Leaf: "Well, I guess I've to stay here a bit longer then...C'mon, we can do this!"

The Crescent Island is about to be destructed, four pillars have dropped down from the sky, send by the Moon Lord to give him time. and aliens are appearing all over the place.
If Nageru want to keep some memories of the islands, she have to fight for it.
According to the Cultist, he said a legendary throwing weapon can be crafted, so Nageru is heading to the solar pillar first:
part 31.1.PNG
....tonight, she don't want to hurt more innocent people. (darn floating islands)
part 31.2.PNG

The battle was fierce, enemies infused with solar might everywhere, even while she's using vampire knives the whole time, it's hard to survive.
Then Nageru saw the Crawltipede, and catches his attention.
After a quick dodge and throws the knives at it's tail. and her health restored greatly because of it's weak spot, she could fight again.
Finally, the first shield broke, and shortly after the whole pillar too
part 31.3.PNG

Nageru got a painful headache after beating the first pillar. Leaf asked if she's allright, Nageru didn't feeled well, but had to continue anyways.
She made a room for the manipulator, and used the fragments to create her ultimate weapon:

Yoake, the Solar Spear.
With this beauty, it went much easier to take out two more pillars. though her headache became more painful and weird voices have heard too.

Nageru was about to go to the final Vortex Pillar, but then realised it went even worse, There's even a Moon Eclipse.

It needs to end, we need to end this terrible night, We're ready for this!
part 32.1.PNG

During a heavy blood moon, Nageru was about to take the Vortex Pillar down,
a second after the pillar's destruction, dark shockwaves happened all around the whole island.

"...it's time":

The End.
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I don't think I'll even can explain it in words how grateful I am with every piece of fanart recieved.
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