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I updated my tmodloader to 9.2.1 because of a new pc, and when i tried to download this mod, it said it was missing textures. I was wondering if that was a problem with my pc or if the mod is outdated.
Thanks for the reply if you get to this comment
wait wait, where did he say this? he may not be updating it because most of the yoyos in this mod are being added into the spirit mod when it releases.
I've said that multiple times :p Getting the code back has been a hassle, and updating the mod is unfortunately not a priority at the moment. That being said, I will try my best to get the code back and updating it for 0.9.
The mod doesnt work for me it say's its build in an older version of the tmodloader
thats because it is, many of the yoyos featured in this mod will be going into the spirit mod when that releases, so the mod dev (who is also the lead dev on the spirit mod) has discontinued this mod for now.
When are you going to update this mod to 9.1? I'm just wondering because I loved this mod in 8.2.1, and i look forward for more!
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The first items to return!

I'll be respriting all the charms before releasing the mod, I feel that their quality is not up to par :)
Rejoice, for the Mod has returned!

I bring to you all version 0.8 of Yoyo Overload! Finally updated to the latest version of tmodloader, the update is available on the mod browser or with the zip file below. Now, there are some important changes:

- 5 or 6 Yoyos from the mod have been removed. Now, you may be wondering, why?? Well, it's actually because the same yoyos are available in The Spirit Mod, and to avoid conflict, I took them out of this mod, If you want to check those yoyos out, play Spirit shameless plug
- New resprites were added for all the accessories, Vile Spitball, Creeper, Sunleaf, Equinox, and Cog Thrower!
- Special effects and dusts were added to multiple yoyos!

Now, I can't guarantee that I'll be constantly adding new content, but I hope I can pop by and add new things. I can promise that I'll try to keep the mod as up to date as possible (for real this time!), and any new content will be as unique as possible, cause I feel that I've improved coding-wise.

But all in all, I really want to thank you guys for the support and faith (and PATIENCE) that you've had for this mod, even during our long, long hiatus. I hope you enjoy Yoyo Overload, and happy playing :D


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