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Things that we want but don't need


1. official mod support
2. edible bugs
3 better corruption( maybe not because it’s easier )
4. yellow crimson water(because blood moon is red)
5. those cool green non snow covered snow trees
6. Ability to play older versions
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King Slime
1. Fine by me.
2. So more items like Grub Soup?
3. Sounds very broad, can you specify?
4. I'm not sure wether blood or ichor represents the crimson theme better.
5. I've no idea what you mean by this.


Brain of Cthulhu
1 y not
2 eeh maybe
3 the corruption is ment to be easier it is a little under powered but it's fine how it is
4 I would say red represents it better cos it's basically the colour scheme it goes for
5 ye they need more of those you mean the leafless trees right


1. official mod support
2. edible bugs
3 better corruption
4. yellow crimson water
5. those cool green non snow covered snow trees
1. The devs have stated that any official mod support would actually be less advanced than what we currently have, so we really don’t need it.
2. Grub soup exists.
3. More detail?
4. I actually LOVE that idea, but desert water is already yellow. Maybe it could be a more neon yellow color? (also it’s not like we don’t have two red water colors anyway)
5. I assume you mean conifers? It would be cool to find those naturally.

Sir Luigi

Hey guys, about question 4 and 5:

there's an interesting suggestion (implemented for test in a mod) that introduced the ideia to make lava different colored in biomes, so it could be considered other liquids.
In this bundle of ideas (courtesy of our fellow @Snickerbobble), lava in corruption would be lime green as acid, and in Crimson would be gold yellow as ichor.

The modder (our partner @jordan) that tested the original idea even proved that the lava could behave differently over different biomes (like water do in tundra), with many different status ailments and debuffs. I find this pretty more interesting, designwise, than recoloring water, for many purposes.

Anyways, about trees in Tundra, maybe you don't know, but the game chooses randomly between four types of winter trees to every world. The first is the standard Terraria tree, covered in snow. The second is a leafless tree, with its spiky twigs. The third is a pine tree, without any snow (like you suggested). And the fourth is the pine tree, covered with snow.

So, if i have understood your 5th idea correctly, the game already has it implemented.

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i agree with you in every way except, the desert water,
Ichor is a bit more yellow than deserts brown, and i think there changing it to blueish for the oasis mini biome.
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