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This annoys me far more than it should


In a world I had been playing on with some friends, as the world entered hardmode the little pond area I had made into a house for my Angler became crimsoned
Capture 2015-08-02 17_43_07.png
and seeing as I had only just reached hardmode and didn't have a clentaminator I just went to the dryad and bought a :red: load of purification power.

Capture 2015-08-02 17_46_09.png
but the back wall has stayed as crimson :dryadmad:

It really irritates me that using purification powder you cant turn crimson back walls back to purity, the same happens for stone ones.


Just wait until you get the Clentaminator, you can easily purify back walls again.

Pro tip: just quarantine your house and surroundings using Hallow. You will need a healthy balance of Hallow and Corruption/Crimson. Try getting lots of hallowed seeds and planting a few here and there (also underground). This should be your first course of action in hardmode.

Unit One

Staff member
Yeah, that would be a nuisance if you went through all that trouble and the back wall stayed the same.

If you decide that you want to fix the back wall, you can remove it with a hammer. And then if it looks funny without a back wall, just replace it with player-placed dirt wall to emulate how it originally was.


Official Terrarian
I suggest making the house hallow by placing hallow seeds and throwing holy water.
Hallow and Crimson/Corruption cancel each other out.


Clentaminator OP
When I get the clentaminator when I beat a mechanical boss but its a multiplayer world im playing through with a couple friends and I'm not gonna beat a mechanical boss without them.

just quarantine your house and surroundings using Hallow
I suggest making the house hallow
I can see why people do this, but personally throughout my 800 hours of terraria I just like to keep the house area purity. The teal grass and colourful trees along with constant rainbows and unicorns gets a bit irritating after a while.
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