Pixel Art This is my first ever pixel art. I'm opened to criticism and tips to be better in future.

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  1. RoMaRo

    RoMaRo Terrarian

    Well, as I said, this is my first ever pixel art. It's a sprite for a boss for a rpg/sandbox game that I'm working on. I'll take any criticism, suggestions and tips to become better Sin of Sloth.png
  2. RoMaRo

    RoMaRo Terrarian

    Idk where to post this, so I'm posting it here. It's not Terraria related, but still.
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  3. Super Shides

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    This Is Non-Terraria Creations, Art And Literature, So, Yea, It Goes Here.
  4. Purple Cat King

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    This... is... AWSOME. You made this and its your first pixel art ever?
    This is perfect to me. You deserve a like. Oh and that shading is amazing
  5. Quixel

    Quixel Eye of Cthulhu

    Some criticism:
    Very noisy
    No shading on the rest of the snail
    There is no hue shifting