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This is not valid housing


Hi, sorry for the new thread but i didin t find one to reply...
I've started a new world and getting the npc, but i'm having problem with this "housing". I've used the same shape for all, but this one does not seems to "work", where is the problem?
I've tryed to add mor light, to make it bigger, but nothing changed... Someone can help?
this is not a valid housing.jpg

Tunnel King

Moved to In-Game Support (Guides is for posting threads describing how to do something).

My advice would be to add at least one solid block to the floor of that room. NPCs generally want to stand on a solid block at night/during rain/during an event.

See how the rooms for the Painter and the Demolitionist to the right have the NPC flags right above the solid block in the floor? That's what I mean. I think if you add a solid block anywhere in that floor at least 2 blocks away from either door, it should work for you.


Brain of Cthulhu
Check if there's a gap in the backwalls. The easiest way is to turn on Smart Cursor while holding the wood wall and see if it highlights anything. If it does, that means there is a gap. You can also walk back and forth with Smart Cursor while laying walls and it'll fill in anything.

If there are no gaps, try replacing each of the doors, chair and table, one at a time. One or more of the furniture items might be bugged. (It's unlikely - I'm sure someone would have noticed by now - but it is possible. Many people (including myself) do themed or basic housing.)


Official Terrarian
Something like what Tunnel King said is probably the problem; the only solid blocks in the room in question are ones the door blocks when opened, so you may need to put a solid block near the middle of the room, like you've conveniently had in the other rooms around it.
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