tModLoader Time Limit - Apply game-altering effects after a set duration

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    Time Limit

    Note: Requires Mod Helpers

    Time Limit does what it says on the tin. Worlds can now be set with time limits to have configurable events take place. For example, to run a timer for 5 minutes that exits the game on completion, type this into the chat or server console:

    /timer-start 300 exit false
    List of commands:
    • timer-start <seconds> <action> <repeat> - Begins the timer with the given number of seconds before the given action is executed.
    • timer-stop <action> - Stops all timers of a given action.
    • timer-pause <action> - Pauses all timers of a given action.
    • timer-resume <action> - Resumes all paused timers of a given action.
    • timer-stop-all - Aborts all currently running timers.
    • timer-pause-all - Pauses all timers.
    • timer-resume-all - Resumes all paused timers.
    List of actions:
    • none - No action. Timer exists for show only.
    • exit - Exits the server/returns to menu.
    • kill - All players die.
    • hardkill - All players die as if in hardcore mode (i.e. permadeath).
    • afflict - All players receive a permanent affliction as specified in the config file's 'Afflictions' (de)buff list.
    • unafflict - All players recover from permanent afflictions in the 'Afflicitions' list.
    • (custom action name) - Same as none, unless another mod implements the named action via. API.
    See the Mod Helpers Control Panel for configuration options.

    Source code now available. API now available (now featuring Mod.Call() bindings).


    Requires tModLoader (+0.10). Copy the above .tmod file to your 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods' folder to play.


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  3. TheWorfer27

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    Hmm... Distorted debuff playthrough
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  4. トラッシュ

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    It says that "unafflict is not a valid action"... Now I'm kinda stuck with Feral Bite.
  5. hamstar

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    I'll try to fix it.

    Edit: Done.
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    Ah, Thanks!
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  7. NightDragon72

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    I'm not sure if I'm just not doing it right, but the Blackout debuff doesn't seem to apply correctly when using the afflict timer..
    For the Afflictions config option, I have "Slow""Blackout", slow works but Blackout does not.
  8. hamstar

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    "Afflictions": ["Slow","Blackout"]
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    Well, I tried that, and the timer said i had Blackout, but the debuff wasn't applied (again, slow worked fine.)
    EDIT: tried it again, and the debuff was applied..
  10. hamstar

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    Should I look into a way to make this work more consistently?