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  1. Terkaza

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    Hey ! So the map is "in-progress", but basically I finished it, just before post it I need someone to test it because I can't know where will be the problems. The map is technically completed but I will certainly add more as you wish if you find the map is too fast or too easy.
    There is just one bug, the "invisibles blocks", apparently non-lighted blocks above surface are invisibles (told it to TEdit) but there is not so much things affected and it won't be a problem.
    Got the preview screenshots and the download links, I hope the map isn't that bad...
    of course I didn't spoiled the map in the screenshots, there is only the surface
    20160618151414_1.jpg 20160618151429_1.jpg 20160618151502_1.jpg 20160618151547_1.jpg 20160618151644_1.jpg 20160618151722_1.jpg

    I would like to thanks a lot Baih for her map "Micro Terraria World" which has inspired me a lot, and I added 1.3 new biomes to the "concept".
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    Had an explore, didn't quite get to hardmode, but it's pretty fun and does give me a similar feeling to playing Micro Terraria World. With it being a bit bigger it does feel a little empty and maybe you packed too much stuff into chests, it might be better with more details and having items spread out a bit more. I enjoyed playing, it was a fun, casual map, the good thing about maps where you can build like these there aren't too many bugs or issues to worry about.

    As for the invisible blocks, it's due to the fact surface levels have changed, I don't think it's quite possible to lower the surface enough so you can have a tiny world while making sure the tiles aren't invisible, I think you are stuck with this problem unfortunately.
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  3. Terkaza

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    Thanks for your comment it helps me a lot, just you didn't get to the hardmode so I can't know if there will be issues with mobs in cavern (for souls), but you liked the general map so I'm happy !
    Chests are intentionally full of a bunch of things because I really wanted to melees, ranged, magics and summoners to get all they need.
    Of course the map needs more "secret places" but I can't know if, in this bigger "Micro Terraria World", you can find them "easily".
    Add a chest in the spider nest
    V 2 (1 normal, 1 hardmode protected with the palladium vein)
    Add some "parkour" to get new chests that will contain a part of the old chests or secret caves V
    Add some corals to the oceans V
    Add post-plantera chests in the biomes V
    Add some traps V
    Add Underground Corruption and Crimson to get to the Underworld and to get loot V
    Enlarge oceans to spawn sharks (Ocean -> At least 1,000 block spaces of water) V
    That's it I think, it will greatly add content and loot to Hardmode and some difficulty with traps and more chests. I'm going to do this Today !

    Edit : New feature added ! Secret place for Hallowed and biome chests (Forgot it couldnt spawn in this type of world) ! Underground Corruption and Crimson have permitted the better ore repartition into these biomes !
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    You can jump over the barriers on the crimson and dungeon sides using a cloud in a bottle and a shiny red balloon.
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    Great map!
    the chest in the spider cave with the poision staff in it needs a thicker layer of pallidium, as you can open it without breaking the ore
    also, i recomend you make the barriers harder to pass (i.e. make them lizhard brick)

    EDIT: got close to hardmode in one day, very fast progession!
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