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Survival Tiny Terraria World


Hi Terrarians !
You love to play Terraria but a entire world is too long and repetitive and you would like to play a smaller Terraria ?
This map is for you !
Tiny Terraria World is a survival map smaller than the "Small" but bigger than the "Micro", the map contains a lot of chests, biomes, secret caves... you can play like in a normal world but faster. I tried to make the world playable until Golem, I don't know if the Lunar event works correctly.
This map is inspired of Micro Terraria World from Baih

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/avhsvxi1q7qi2ip/Tiny_Terraria_World.wld

And for those who need to be conviced, there is some preview screenshots (just the TEdit bug with some invisibles blocks at surface but it's not a big problem) :

You shall remember I will update the map as much as I can when you ask me something. (it's my first map so I'm very focused on it !)

1.0 Changelog :
  • - Added traps (not everywhere, but deadly )
  • - Added biomes chests
  • - Improved chests and ore repartition
  • - Improved Oceans
  • - Added Underground Corruption and Crimson, and Hallowed "secret place"
  • - Improved the lizhard blocks (the limits of the map) to remove the Jungle music near walls

1.1 Changelog :
  • - Changed the !spoiler! pyramid entry because of the water entering into it when breaking the ceiling
  • - Added step to step beginning with levers and "barriers" of red team blocks to set areas and improve the gameplay because of the large amount of loot
  • - Added an ice lake and some grass to Crimson
  • - Removed the Underworld entries in Granite, Marble and Ice (now only one entry in Underground Desert)
  • - Added Mana Crystals
  • - Corrected the Web Covered Chest reachability

Credits :
Re-Logic for the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD yet (Terraria:Otherworld !)
BinaryConstruct for their amazing TEdit (just a problem of invisibles blocks)
Baih for being the best map creator as I think and for Micro Terraria World
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I've been playing the map, and it's pretty neat. Good, fast progression for sure, and all the good stuff seems to be placed in sensible locations from what I've seen so far.

I do have a couple of issues with it, however. First, there seems to be an irremovable ceiling. It's fine if there's something up there you don't want accessible until later, but keep in mind this also prevents fallen stars from reaching the surface, which means no mana stars for magic users. Consider throwing fallen/mana stars into a few chests here and there, if there aren't any (I haven't found any yet, at least)


Considering this chest is surrounded by palladium and contains hardmode items, I'm willing to bet you didn't intend for it to be reachable pre-hardmode. :p

I'd double check all similar chests and make sure there's a complete square of material around them. If there's even one block missing from the corner, you can access the chest from there.


Thanks for your comment, it really helps me ! Just a question, when did you downloaded the map ? I have updated it a lot today, and the updates are focused on the Early-game, with levers and red team blocks etc. It helps me to know where the player is going to be stuck, where are the gameplay issues...
I don't know if I will open the ceiling or put mana stars in the chests, maybe both. Because as you have seen, the loot is very concentrated in the chests (even with the 1.1 update of "barriers", you have to kill EoW before continuing etc. but it's still a very fast progression) and I have to divide the loot a lot. The map is completed but it still needs some balance changes. (I didn't know if you could reach the chest so I'm gonna correct the palladium as fast as I can !)

Thank you very much for your comment !


I downloaded the map last night, so it's very possible I still have the older version. I'm not that far into it yet (just beat the Eye, I've been mostly just exploring), so if you recommend starting over next update, I can wait.


I think you can start now, I updated it with your recommendations, and I added too the Guide and the Demolitionist at the beginning to help for the EoW, because basically you can beat him only with grenades at the start. Just tell me if anything doesn't work or is unbalanced or missing.
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