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Survival Micro Terraria World

Discussion in 'Released' started by Baih, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/el570y98mz7p3sv/ants5.wld

    A tiny Terraria world, made in 1.2, you can get all items except from those from 1.2.1+, I will update this in the future.

    The map has very fast progression until getting to and through hardmode where you really need to do a lot of terraforming.



    Elder Sign:




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  2. Really cool map, i've seen your other maps too but this one looks the most intresting, i'll try it out and hopefully enjoy it to the fullest :D
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  3. infinitetech

    infinitetech Terrarian

    oh god, wof battle... gonna be intense
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  4. Gotheran

    Gotheran Plantera

    You miiiight want to consider a different download mirror. I've noticed a lot of issues with Mediafire in recent month, aside from the more in your face advertising than usual, I tried downloading this map not long ago and my entire Pc decided to shut down a few minutes later. It's not the first time weird things have happened to me after having visited Mediafire. Your choice I suppose, but if someone's using mediafire as a proxy for their bug... yeah..
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  5. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble Headless Horseman

    Use star cannon from beneath the bottom eye and shoot up for triple hits, 40 shots should take off about 8,000 HP :dryadwink:
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  6. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    This is a really nice idea, I always would build miniature versions of some things like the giant trees, the dungeon, and even the beach in my world to make suitable housing for my NPCs. Its awesome to see a whole world like this!
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  7. CheatFreak47

    CheatFreak47 Official Terrarian

    I somehow doubt visiting a website and loading browser friendly content caused you to have issues with computers shutting down by themselves.

    Anyway, back on topic-- this is a nice map. I'm trying to do a playthrough on it and so far it's hard, i ended up killing the queen bee with no armor and just a starfury. Lmao.
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  8. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    I'm really surprised it caused your computer to shut down, I haven't heard any problems with it before. Looking into it though I might switch to something like dropbox.
  9. HeroGabe

    HeroGabe Skeletron Prime

    And so Baih has never been seen again.
  10. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    *looks on his profile*
    "Baih was last seen: Today at 1:04 PM"
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  11. HeroGabe

    HeroGabe Skeletron Prime

  12. Mars

    Mars Terrarian

    Baih Baih Baih. When I played this the first time about 6ish months ago my goal was to collect all of the paintings. And I have to say, Waldo was a b**** to get to.
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  13. PotatoBlaster

    PotatoBlaster Plantera

    Was it intentional that you could break three crimson hearts without any pickaxe/bombs? Granted, you couldn't pick up the crimson heart loot, but then you could just defeat BoC and make a pickaxe to get it.

    Fun map though, I ran into the dungeon in suicide runs twice at the start to get the life crystal. XD

    GIRGHGH Plantera

    I've noticed, the three pictures you took completely cover the whole surface...
  15. piemansauce

    piemansauce Spazmatism

    so i beat wall of flesh... now everytime i go underground i get the terrified debuff and i keep on continuasly hearing the roar when you summon it. its freaking me out:eek:
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    GIRGHGH Plantera

    If you haven't killed him, he will continue moving until the map's end. The full map, not the miniatureized bit.
  17. piemansauce

    piemansauce Spazmatism

    i have killed him though.. i can tell with me being swarmed by crimslimes wolves and corruptors. also a pwnhammer

    GIRGHGH Plantera

    Did you try exiting and entering the world?
  19. piemansauce

    piemansauce Spazmatism

    i'll go try that thx

    GIRGHGH Plantera