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Wall of Flesh
While the Title messages on the Desktop/PC version are a minor feature and go pretty much unnoticed by most players, I feel like it would be a cool little thing to have on Mobile (and it would bring mobile one more teensy-tiny step towards the equivalency with PC that DR Studios is going for) to have the Title messages displayed on the iOS Mobile version of Terraria.

Many people might be wondering how this would be done, but I just happened to be switching around my apps in the multitasking UI a lot during a creation/project of mine that spanned multiple apps when I noticed a couple apps like Safari had little extra text/tooltips under their names in the multitasking UI of iOS 13:

If possible, this suggestion would see Terraria for iOS get Title messages like "Sand is overpowered" displayed in this text area:

That's about it! Hope you guys liked my small suggestion, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments below! :D
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