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tModLoader TMumbleLink - Positional Audio support for Terraria




This mod adds Positional Audio support through Mumble Link. This allows you to hear other players in a voice chat get louder or quieter based on position and distance.

This mod is meant to be used with the Mumble chat client.

Note: This mod is client-side only so you don't need to install it on a server. Also, the mod only works in multiplayer for obvious reasons.

Download the mod through the in-game Mod Browser

First, download and install Mumble.

After installing Mumble, launch the application and follow these steps to configure positional audio.
  • From Mumble's starting screen, click Configure -> Settings​
  • Click the "Plugins" section
    • Make sure "Link to Game and Transmit Position" is checked. If it was unchecked, restart Mumble after enabling this option​
    • Make sure the "Link v1.2.0" plugin is enabled​
  • Click the "Audio Output" section
    • Make sure the "Positional Audio" box is checked.​
    • You can use the options in the Positional Audio section to control distance thresholds and volumes.​
That's it for the setup! If you want to test it out, join a chat server on Mumble and also join a Terraria server. When you join the game it should say "Mumble Linked!" in the chat and after a few seconds it should say "Terraria Linked." in the Mumble chat log.
- Fixed an oversight where "Mumble Linked" text appeared in singleplayer

- Added Mod Icon
- Fixed a minor issue with chat text

- Release
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Still didnt work. me and my friend both let it through our firewall but its the same thing. We cant hear eachother
You can't hear each other in the Mumble server at all? Even when not in game? Maybe try the loopback tests described here. If that still doesn't work I'm not really sure I can do much because it sounds more like a problem with Mumble and not with the mod.
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