Togglable Coin Gun


Coin Gun has always been an impractical weapon outside of Journey Mode because you don't have enough platinum coins and the other coins only stack to 100, they autoconvert to higher values when you pick them up, you have to manually craft them, etc etc.

But what if it was a togglable item (like the Shellphone) with four modes, one for each denomination?
In platinum mode it only fires platinum coins. Very helpful in Journey so you don't have to worry about ordering your coin slots correctly.
In gold mode it fires gold coins until they run out then keeps firing by converting one platinum to 100 gold, until you run out of both gold and platinum.
And so on for silver and copper modes.

I just don't know which cycling order would be better, increasing or decreasing.

I think this could be implemented without too much additional programming by recycling the function that automatically converts your coins when buying items.
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