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Tome of Winds


So basically, my friend asked me to make a Spellbook concept, so I made a sprite, Added stats, and BOOM. This came out

Tome of Winds

(Does that look like a Tornado? Sure..)
22 Damage
4% Critical strike chance
Extremely weak knockback
Average speed
10 Mana
Tooltip: Casts a tornado to pick up your foes!
Drops from Harpies at 2.86%

The deal with this weapon is that it can pick up enemies
It picks up an Enemy and gets larger, and now it does 10%
It does that maxing out at 50% but still can pick up enemies.

The Tornado only goes as fast as a Dungeon spirit at first
but slows down to the speed of the magnet sphere

That's it.
Cya later.
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