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Tons and TONS of new items! (All for different languages) Part 1 | English

Is it a cool idea?

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  • Yes but it can have a little more edits (Comment down what item needs more edits)

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  • Meh but it can have a little more edits and then ill say yes.

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  • No but it can have a little more edits

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  • This is so awesome!!!!!!!! Im looking forward to your next one! I will be there!

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The helmet is made out of 20 cobblestone, 25 iron bars and 10 glass. it gives 4 defense.
The plate is made out of 25 cobblestone and 35 iron bars. it gives 5 defense.
the leggings is made out of 15 cobblestone and 22 iron bars. it gives 4 defense.
This is all crafted at the anvil
the set bonus is less damage to hits on head (Critical hit), 8 more defense and if player has a gun, it does more damage, and 2% Less damage.

ahh the crafting recipe still feels a bit too cheap honestly and kinda makes Iron armor pointless when you can go for this one, I dunno. try to make it more expensive(?)
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