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tModLoader TownNpcSpawnDolls


My mod which I started some time ago I have successfully finished and published today.
With this mod it is possible to build dolls that spawn a Town NPC when used.

The recipes always need 5 gold coins and a few other materials.
So that it is balanced and does not border on cheats, these are always only buildable if you own certain things from the NPCs.
So you can only build the dolls if the NPC has been in the world before. A kind of revival when you're impatient or need it.

-Santa Claus dies instantly when it's not Christmas time.
-If the NPC you want to spawn is already in the world, the doll stays in your inventory and nothing happens.
-You're gonna need a lot of silk.

-------UPDATE v1.1-------------
-2 new dolls! The SkeletonMerchantDoll and the TravelingMerchantDoll !!! The Skeleton Merchant is a little hard to find, so just spawn a few more times if it despawns.

And non-consumable versions of the dolls!


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Duke Fishron
That's pretty darn awesome! Definitely very useful. You've done the world a service here.

I think, at the end of the day, my ideal fantasy would be to have a different version of each doll that invites the NPC into the world for the first time, but only if their original requirements are complete. The only reason this is even a thought at all is because I remember spending days and days and days waiting for some NPCs to show up when they were perfectly able to join town, and I really needed them to show up.

All that does is remove the arbitrary random wait. You've technically already accomplished what you need to do to get them into town. Not everyone has that much time on their hands.


This is awesome. It gets rid of the longass wait for the npcs to respawn after dying. Will there be dolls for other popular mods' NPCs added? like calamity, shadows of abaddon, thorium, ect.
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