Mobile Trojan virus from purchased app in google play store

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by giakitzz04, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. giakitzz04

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    Hi! I purchased this game in google play store. Days after playing it, my phone suddenly popped a detection of virus. I opened my antivirus and scanned my mobile (oppo f11 pro), the result showed that my terraria app is infected with trojan virus. (Pls see attached photo) I just want to ask what should i do to prevent this from happening again? Or will i just disregard it? And just keep on playing? Will this harm my gadget?

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  2. Unit One

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    Hi there @giakitzz04, I can assure you that if you purchased the official Terraria app from the Google Play store that it does not contain any viruses. I wonder if you have any anti-virus software on your phone that may be giving you a false reading?
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  3. giakitzz04

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    I my AV is the phone manager app of my phone. Is that okay?
  4. Gotcha!

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    Anti-virus does strange things sometimes. It's not perfect and will sometimes draw the wrong conclusions, locking up innocent files in solitary prison.
    I've had it happen a bunch of times myself.

    See if you can configure your anti-virus to ignore Terraria. You can be certain that Terraria is 100% safe.
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  5. giakitzz04

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    Alrighty! I'll do that! Thank you my fellow terrarians, unit one and gotcha!! ☺️
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