Turn Plantera into dust in a couple of seconds (Expert) (Ranger)


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When I beat Plantera, I literally turned her into dust and left her remains so the soil gets plenty of nutrients. Here's how I did it.

Arena: Make it one and a half screens long, with a relatively wide and long tunnel extending upwards wherever you want it in the roof of the arena. I don't have a specific length for the tunnel, but maybe make it double your flight timer. If it doesn't work, make it longer. Now add a couple levels of platforms, ideally far apart enough so you don't fall down to the underworld but close enough so you can properly go around Plantera in circles. I used three levels of platforms. Also add Sunflowers, Heart Lanterns, Campfires and honey. (I didn't use honey.)
OPTIONAL: Use the Peace Candle to avoid casualties from enemies.

Weapons And Accessories I Used:
Megashark (Unreal modifier)
Crystal Bullets
Bee Wings
Shield Of Cthulhu
Ankh Shield
Worm Scarf/Brain Of Cthulhu (Worm Scarf was used)
Terraspark Boots (Preferably Amphibian boots, since you probably won't be running most of the time.)
Avenger Emblem (Preferably the Ranger Emblem, but remember, this is what I used in the battle.)
These probably arn't the ideal accessories, but it was what I could get.
I didn't bother to reforge my accessories and just used the prefix that came with the accessory, although you could use Warding or Menacing. Find out which works best for you.

Armor: Frost Armor

Ammo Box
Endurance Potion
Swiftness Potion
Plenty Satisfied (I'm pretty sure you could use Well Fed too.)
Ironskin Potion
Regeneration Potion
(I didn't use Wrath/Rage, but I would recommend it for the extra DPS.)
Anything to reduce enemy spawns to avoid casualties from enemies. For example you could use the Invisiblity and Calming potion.

Fighting Guide:
1st Phase:
Go around Plantera in circles to avoid the seeds she shoots out.
2nd Phase:
Plantera is way faster in this phase, so this is where you start using the tunnel.
Once she catches up with you with her insane speed, go up the tunnel, then to the other side of the tunnel and go down. You want to go to the other side of the tunnel once you are up to make sure Plantera doesn't hit you on the way. While going up the tunnel, use any hook to reset your flight.

If you followed all the steps correctly, enjoy your temple key and hopefully a shiny new Venus Magnum.


Eater of Worlds
Make sure to put down peace candles, campfires, and heart lanterns!! those help out quite a bit
And also, in for the worthy you can fill the tunnel with bubbles, living fire blocks, smoke blocks, or anything that counts as a block but don't obstruct movement to avoid the thorns that come out and deal like 120 damage. Perhaps you can also use high velocity bullets to pierce the tentacles if ichor isn't available
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