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Xbox One Two console issues making this game unplayable for me right now

We desperately need a hot fix for player one having no sound in splitscreen and sandstorms happening basically 99.9% of the time, never ending!! Please?

Guys, I’m having two very serious issues with this game. Other people have posted about these as well, but I’m hoping maybe someone has a new solution, or at least if I add my name to the hat, we’ll one day get a fix.

Playing the latest version on Xbox One. In multiplayer, player one has no sound. This is very annoying, especially since it’s been going on since November. But I expect a fix is coming.

The other huge issue is sandstorms. This must’ve been added or changed recently on console. I had never seen one before. Now they are CONSTANT. It’s so beyond annoying that it just feels completely broken. It’s impossible to explore the surface of the world near any sand. Extremely frustrating.

I’ve played a total of 27 hours since getting back into this game in November. One time I went into the desert and no storm. EVERY other time, sandstorm. Constant. I’ve sat and waited for literally an hour (real time, not in game time), and it never ends. I leave and come back. Storming. It’s just so completely frustrating.

I looked this up and it is supposed to be an “uncommon” event? Well it literally happens 99.9% of the time.

Can we hope for a fix to both of these issues in any sort of near future? I love this game and have been playing it for years. But right now it’s really frustrating me. And I’m really into playing right now, it’s the only game I want to play at the moment. Which is why I’m putting up with these two issues. But if they could be fixed, this game would be infinitely more enjoyable.

Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work. Love Terraria!

I’ve also reported both of these issues through the proper channels as bug reports with lots of extra details. Been over a month and no response, not hot fix. Keeping my fingers crossed...
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These issues are hella annoying; my father and I play the game splitscreen, and we often split up to multi task. It's super annoying not being able to hear if a expert mode tomb crawler is coming, lol. I have also seen a few posts saying the sandstorms are "fine". Whoever said that must've gotten super lucky to not get any. I swear Pipeworks mixed up something with the sandstorm, like instead of having a chance for a sandstorm to occur, there is a chance the sandstorm WON'T occur.
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