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PC Upgrading regular Steam version with Collector's Edition?

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Hi there,

I just got my Halloween Contest prize and wanted to install the Collector's Edition because bunny.
There's a steam key in the box, but upon using it Steam tells me I already own the game. However, this is the regular version ofcourse.

So here the question: How can people upgrade their regular Terraria to the CE version of Terraria on Steam?
Or is there another (legal) way to turn my existing installation of the game into the CE version?


A second after posting this I realized I didn't search yet if others have this problem. From another thread:

If you bought the CE and already had purchased/installed from Steam, I believe this would work:
  • Uninstall the game (delete local game content),
  • Install the game from the CD (it should install in the correct place),
  • Update the game through Steam (because the CE version is quite old by now).
You would not need the Steam key that comes with the CE because you already have a registered Steam copy. The update should not wipe out the bunny pet feature - like Marcus, I cannot discuss why I think this is so due to forum restrictions on such things.

My personal opinion is that the cost and risk of getting the CE at this point is not worth it for an in-game pet (there are much better pets in the current version of Terraria). The risk would be that what I said above would not work - I can't guarantee that it would.

Hope this helps in your decision.

Thanks! @Leinfors, @Ghostar, can you lock this? First one here gets a cookie!
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