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Using early-game throwables in Hardmode


Just about everyone and their dog has made a thread about the thrower class, so I'm not willing to add to the din unless I have something really unique. This is not that time.

These are effectively an easy way to make the early-game throwables (grenades, knives, shuriken, etc.) useful tools throughout the game. They just end up collecting dust or turning into money if you pick them up any later than fifteen minutes into your playthrough. With these, they have some use further on and don't just add on the ammo redundancy I discussed in another thread. Unlike those examples, these actually serve an obvious purpose when they're introduced, which makes me want to give them more uses rather than completely invalidating them.

You should also keep in mind that I'm not all that enthusiastic about the thrower class, and I'd be happy if all the weapons/armor were merged with the ranger. Because of that, I'm purposefully not putting damage type on these weapons.

Also, expect sprites to be updated. This time I'm determined to make some sprites worth anything, and these aren't quite up to snuff (although they're better than my usual fare!)

Spiky Ball Launcher
-36 damage (+15 from ammo)
-29 usetime (average)
-No knockback
-Fires Spiky Balls with higher velocity than normal
-Dropped (0.5%/1%) from enemies during a Hardmode Goblin Invasion

Knife Gauntlet
-71 damage
-15 usetime (fast)
-No knockback
-Works with Throwing/Poisoned Knives, Shuriken, Star Anise, Bone Throwing Knife, and Frost Daggerfish
-Dropped by enemies in the post-Plantera Dungeon


Grenade Launcher
-Now can fire all types of grenades in addition to rockets, keeping special abilities


Bone Glove
Because it's such an interesting weapon, I kind of wish the Bone Glove was accessible in normal mode - maybe a drop from Skeletron, or Dungeon loot, or something. That's a small part of the suggestion, though.

Other types of weapons
While making this thread, I considered making other throwing weapons that were updated for Hardmode, such as cursed flame throwing knives, crystal shuriken, whatever. I opted to forego these and make the launchers - it's really one or the other, since balancing new thrown weapons for the new launchers is a bit of a stretch theory-wise.

Hope my rationale here makes sense; feel free to ask questions if you have any!


You should also keep in mind that I'm not all that enthusiastic about the thrower class, and I'd be happy if all the weapons/armor were merged with the ranger.
This is pretty much how I feel about the throwing class as of now. The foundation of the class simply won't work with how hardmode is structured and I wouldn't mind at all if those weapons were transferred to other classes. Of course, the "launchers" you proposed could mend the problems this poses but it becomes far too similar to ranged in a sense that makes it almost rendundant. So I support, in the regard that throwing simply feels more ranged(or melee in some sense, since some of the weapons require physical force) and therefore should be treated as such.
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Shurikens and Grenades are quite excellent early in the game, and while that’s all that they were designed to be, I certainly wouldn’t say no to cool ideas like these, especially considering that the Merchant sells throwing weapons for the whole game and it’s weird to see them sitting there unused.

I agree that the Bone Glove should be removed from Expert Mode and added to Skeletron’s normal drop table considering that it’s not even that powerful. This makes room for a cooler Expert Mode accessory from him; for example, an accessory that lowers the mana cost of spellbooks.


So....You want the...throwing class have a better weaps and have a launcher(A launcher for the throwing thing for each one of them ?

I support it....+1


One thing that I also wanted to discuss was the concept of a weapon for javelins and a weapon for snowballs. These weren't included in the OP because, generally, these weapons don't tend to accumulate in chests like the others do. That isn't to say they wouldn't be fun to use, but I'm reluctant to add more niche weapons for ammo that doesn't really need consuming. That being said, if people are interested I'd be happy to make these.


Empress of Light
The snowball weapon could be dropped by the Frost Legion, so then it has SOMETHING worthwhile that drops. You'd get a lot of ammo for it over the course of the event, too.
Then again, it'd be Christmas-only, and that'd be kinda sucky. So I dunno.
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