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Void Torch (A Torch that removes Light instead of Creating it)


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Potential Other Names for this Torch:

A completely new type of Torch. Instead of Creating Light, it removes Light. It wouldn't be practical for exploring, but it would be very useful for hiding secret treasure stashes and hidden bases from other players in multiplayer. For single player, the player could use it to make dark areas and make certain areas on the map darker if they wanted to.

It would be difficult to see a placed void torch naturally, but the "Dark Light" would simply look black if exposed from other Light Sources.

If in caves, other places with low light levels, and the surface at Dawn/Dusk/Night, the Void Torch makes the area around it completely Dark. Other torches and Light sources can restore light to a degree, but it will still be dim. Void Torches don't work on completely exposed surfaces during the daytime. They won't be able to nullify such a large amount of natural light. The player who placed the Void Torch will actually still be able to see the Torch itself in the dark area as a purple outline of the torch, to make it easier for them to remove it if they need to.

Very strong Light Pets like the Wisp in a Bottle and Suspicious Looking Tentacle will make the area around the player completely visible even with a Void Torch in range. The player will not gain the combat bonus, but can still see enemy auras in a different Void Torch area the player has not reached.

The Void Torch would not take effect in the Underworld either as the new background provides natural light as I understand it.

While fighting the Moon Lord, Void Torches will not take effect as the Moon Lord provides a lot of light making it highly visible even in the darkest areas.

Like the Cursed/Ichor Torches, this Torch can also be placed in Water/Lava and withstand it.

For crafting this strange torch, it requires
5 Normal Torches
1 Soul of Night
1 Obsidian

This produces 5 Void Torches.

Like other Torches it does not need a Crafting Station and can be crafted directly from the player's inventory.

That's all for the most part. This could bring interesting new strategic elements to those who like doing PvP.

I came up for a buff for this torch incase players felt a buff would be needed for a Torch of this nature. This buff isn't necessary based on feedback though so it isn't considered part of this suggestion anymore. I'll still leave it here for historical reference.

The player who placed the Void Torch gains a Stealth-like ability within the Torch's Range, this increases Damage by 30%, Movement by 10% and Defense by 20%. They also become immune to the Darkness and Blackout Debuffs while in this range. The player who placed the Void Torch can also see enemy "auras" of enemies and other players in the Void Torch Area while the player is in the Void Torch Area. These auras will roughly resemble the size of the enemy, but you won't know what enemy it is (Unless you hold your Mouse Pointer over it), enemies will have different colored auras so the player may be able to guess which auras belong to which enemies.

Even though it sounds like this effect could be overpowered, it is worth noting that only enemy auras would be visible to the player if they're in the Void Torch Area with the enemies as well. Other Void Torches that combine their "Dark Light" with other Void Torches increase the range for the player to see enemies. The main disadvantage of this however is that the player cannot see enemy projectiles unless they are glowing, and they cannot see the Terrain in a Void Torch Area.

EDIT 1 (September 2nd, 2015):
Added List of potential other names for this torch based on feedback

EDIT 2 (September 3rd, 2015):
Removed Buff for this torch based on feedback from @layman9 and @Gotcha!
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Brain of Cthulhu
This would look perfect on my house I painted completely with shadow paint, to make it fully invisible... But remove the buff, not only is it op it makes no sense to be on a torch. This should be purely for decoration and custom maps. Complete support otherwise.


I don't care much for any bonuses one would get from these torches but I do like the idea of being able to hide spots on the map. :)
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