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Water Bombs

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Lanie Rubyss, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Lanie Rubyss

    Lanie Rubyss Steampunker

    I said the title in that way to promote two ideas following the first impressions you might get with that name:
    1. A hard mode consumable (or grenade ammo) that detonates into liquid. Would come in varieties for water, lava, and honey, as well as a "dry" variety that destroys liquids.
    2. A hard mode consumable (or special ammo) that soaks dirt, mass converting plain dirt into mud (similar to the Clientaminator and Holy Water/Purification Powder). This could be used both to quick design mushroom biomes as well as defend against the consumption of the Jungle (or to restore it).
    Someone wanted to get a vision on how these would be produced, so I've now included this data as well. There are two kinds of water bomb ideas mentioned, and each comes in a consumable (regular bomb) or ammo variety. That means, we've got 4 items proposed here. But then even more so, the first idea comes in another 4 styles (again each with two ammo types), for a total of 10 items.
    1. Water Bomb: Consumable, Detonates into Water. Deals minor damage in the explosion area.
      Create using bottled water + bomb at a crafting station (A Bomb Forge basically). The crafting station would be sold from the Demolitionist in certain conditions (totally open here for conditions). Would be used to consume one bottle and a set of bombs to make a set of water bombs.
    2. Honey Bomb: Consumable, Detonates into Honey. Applies honey buff in the explosion area.
      Create using bottled honey + bomb at the previously described Bomb Forge.
    3. Lava Bomb: Consumable, Detonates into Lava. Deals medium damage plus burns in the explosion area.
      Create using a lava core + bomb at the previously described Bomb Forge. The Lava Core is basically bottled lava... but since you can't get bottled lava you need to buy an empty core from the mechanic and then use it like an empty bucket on lava.
    4. Vapor Bomb: Consumable, Destroys all liquids. Deals major damage plus slow in the explosion area.
      Create using a pressure core + bomb at the previously described Bomb Forge. The pressure core, playing on a pun with the name, is sold by the Steampunker.
    5. Mud Ball: Consumable, Converts dirt into mud. Deals no damage.
      Create using bottled water + grass seed at an alchemy station (otherwise works like the above bombs).
    6. Water Rocket: Explosive Ammo, Detonates into Water. Low Damage explosion.
      Create using Rocket I + bottled water at a Bomb Forge. As with the above bombs, consumes one bottle and a set of rockets to create a set of water rockets.
    7. Honey Rocket: Explosive Ammo, Detonates into Honey. Low Damage explosion that does not hurt the user.
      Create using Rocket II + bottled honey at a Bomb Forge.
    8. Lava Rocket: Explosive Ammo, Detonates into Lava. Medium Damage explosion causes Burning.
      Create using Rocket III + lava core at a Bomb Forge.
    9. Vapor Rocket: Explosive Ammo, Destroys all liquids. High Damage explosion causes Slow Effect.
      Create using Rocket IV + pressure core at a Bomb Forge.
    10. Soak Spray: Solution Ammo, Converts dirt into mud. Deals no damage.
      Create using bottled water + green solution at an alchemy station.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  2. suprman1114

    suprman1114 Pixel Pirate

    Pretty nice idea, but how would you craft the bombs?
  3. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Crafting recipes for the items would be nice.

    For item 1, it is indeed a sound idea. But I prefer this idea for (re)moving large amount of liquids.

    For item number 2, it is better to just introduce the ability to the Clentaminator rather than a new item. This thread speaks of such terraforming in details.
  4. Lanie Rubyss

    Lanie Rubyss Steampunker

    I've edited in a prescribed personalized view on recipes involved, as requested.

    Regarding Freenight's post, the first shows a great way to collect the liquid, but not as fun of a way to discharge it. You could mix both ideas and use the resulting collected item in place of the bottled liquids involved, then just have crafting result in numerous products at once. However, my idea using bottles means it isn't about moving liquids, it becomes totally possible to create liquids (as bottled liquids do not consume the pool), which is a touch more advanced of an idea. Also why the ability to eliminate liquids becomes important too.

    The second idea does extend on the idea with the Clentaminator, but does not address the function without it and before it (see the above Mud Ball). I'm also concerned that while we have a perfectly good reason for wanting to undo the conversion of mud to dirt caused by the corruption and crimson, the other prescribed ideas do not have such a foundation of need, and are thus a much more advanced terraforming request. I personally explicitly had the above idea do nothing to anything except dirt so that infected stone and sand was not purified in this, and thus it was mostly intended for either surface use or jungle restoration (in fact, mostly jungle restoration).