Water Chest Mimic

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Is it?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    Just an average mimic that spawns in the ocean in hardmode and drops a jellyfish cloak which summons jellyfish from the sky
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  2. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    What would it drop?

    May i suggest something similar to the star cloak that releases a splash of water when the player gets damaged
  3. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    A sick beat
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    No, it actually drops a jellyfish cloak
  4. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    ok, well I didn't know that
  5. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    I know, I just made it up
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  6. giras

    giras Golem

    This is completely a necesity in the game. It makes a lot of sense. And do the drop act like the star cloak? I mean the damage etc
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  7. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    Fantastic idea! However, I would add more drops, as every mimic has at least 4. Here are my ideas:
    -waterblade - something like SFlame Knife
    -water balloons (80-100) - throwing weapons that do splash damage and inflict 'wet' debuff
    -water hook - works like grappling hooks from TOW(you can swing on them)
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  8. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    It does the same damage
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    Actually a bit more since nobody goes to the ocean unless they need coral or shark fins
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  9. computerfan0

    computerfan0 Eye of Cthulhu

    Great idea! I think stats should be between Ice Mimic and Biome Mimics.
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  10. Toottoot

    Toottoot Terrarian

    Good idea. This would work well in the game but I do think it should drop a little more than a star cloak but with jellyfishes. Maybe a water blade?
  11. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    that'd be neat
  12. Phantasmental

    Phantasmental Terrarian

    This is a pretty cool idea! If this were implemented, it would definitely make me actually go to the ocean. (the only reasons one would go to the ocean would be to farm shark fins or fight Duke Fishron). This would HAVE to expanded though: (here are some potential ideas: With Sprites)

    - Jellyfish Cloak: [​IMG] summons jellyfish from the sky which can zap nearby enemies fairly quickly for about 25 magic damage (to make it different from Star Cloak)

    - Neptune's Spear: [​IMG] spear does 38 damage and it fires a spear projectile similar to the ones the Red Demons fire, except they're an ocean blue

    - Fishron Rifle: [​IMG] Fires bullets very quickly (Use Time of 13, so a bit slower than a Megashark) along with damaging bubbles which float around and home in towards enemies. Does 22 ranged damage.

    - Ocean Bolt: [​IMG] Pretty much an upgraded water bolt, shoots a projectile that pierces up to 8 enemies, and it does around 30 damage

    - Jellyfish Staff: [​IMG] Summons a floating jellyfish that can latch onto enemies at close range while firing an electric ray at a somewhat close range. Performs much better while underwater. Does 23 damage.
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  13. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I like this idea a lot, but maybe it can also drop some water chest items too, like beach balls and water walking boots (then water walking boots would actually be easy to find)
  14. Aldenkynan

    Aldenkynan Skeletron Prime

    So this is just a mimic but it spawns in water and drops a Star Cloak ripoff.

    Seems legit.

    Anyway this needs more unique drops for it to have any chance (unless it has the same drops as the normal mimic, which works).
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  15. Daniel16

    Daniel16 Terrarian

    It should have more loot to drop.Also, put a percent chance of getting it