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Weapon Vanity Slots



I suggest that there be a feature added to the game that would allow the player to change the look of their weapon based on what is equipped in their "weapon vanity slot"
I just think that with all the awesome swords, bows and guns in Terraria, it's a waste to have such unique looking swords that may never be used by the player.

For example:
The Breaker Blade is such a good looking sword but by the time you defeat the Wall of flesh, you likely have an equal if not better suited weapon.
If you could equip the breaker blade in a separate slot and make your sword take the appearance of the breaker blade, the sword would still be nice to have for collectors and players who admire the look.
By having a separate section for weapon vanity, any weapon such as a Terrablade could be re-textured to look like your favorite blade. The same would go with bows and guns and all other weapons. (projectiles created by the weapon would remain the same unless the vanity alternative also has the same projectile type).

The slot for weapon vanity would be found in the same section as the grappling hook and mine cart equipment page and have a slot for each weapon type that will re-texture the next weapon you hold as long as the corresponding vanity slot contained a weapon of equal class (i.e Sword vanity would need a sword in the slot, and so on). Dyes could be added too but even just the basic addition of a weapon vanity would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


I think that only one slot for all weapons would do and it would be simpler(although it would be strange for you to shoot an arrow when visibly you are using a sword), but even so I think that this is more suitable for a mod, although it is not easy to do apparently, as this is something that has been desired by many for some time and no mod was made for that.


Reminder that the devs initially planned out to have dyes work on weapons too, but that proved too complicated due to the particle system used by weapons IIRC. It's a shame really, that would've been really cool.


Or perhaps there could be only one slot, any weapon will use the weapon's look instead. So, if you equip a sniper rifle in the slot, and swing the breaker blade, you will show swing the gun instead; and in reverse, you will use the sword to fire bullets.
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