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**REPORTED** Weird hell background bug I can't even describe

Marcos Moutta

Steam or GOG
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Windows 7
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As I scrolled up and down, the birds from hell background showed up inside some soil. Like, don't even need to fix this, it didn't do anything, it was just so funky. Trippy lighting btw


  • bg bug.png
    bg bug.png
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Skeletron Prime
It would help if it gets brighten up
Edit: nevermind saw it when I brightened my phone, but I don’t know how that happened


Duke Fishron
It seems that the Underworld's background goes a few tiles higher than it appears, overlapping with a few tiles of Cavern layer wall.


Oh this is what seems to happen with any 'illuminant' background when there's not enough light. You see a similar effect when you paint a wall in illuminant paint and don't use any light sources near blocks placed in front.

The blocks just don't render at all if there's no light, and you can see whatever is behind them if whatever's behind them also happens to both be visible in the dark and not produce light.

I personally kind of like the effect? If it stays I kind of want to play around with it some lol


Duke Fishron
Yes, the Underworld Background seems to go higher than it appears, meaning it overlays with the Cavern wall. The flying demons (or bats?) are a feature of the Underworld Background. The thing is, the Underworld wouldn't typically have a ton of blocks everywhere, unlike the Cavern. That's what I meant.
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