Mobile Welcome to suggest on equipment to beat Plantera.


As per TerraNova suggested. A new post for equipment preparation to deal with Plantera.

Weapons - Mushroom Spear (Godly)
Armor - Frost Melee set.

Lightning Boots (Can't seems to find an ice skates)
Fire Gauntlet
Obsidian Shield (Swap with Charm of Myths if necessary)
Leaf Wings
Star Veil

Things that I use frequently:-
Spider Staff
Nimbus Rod
Ironskin Potion
Heartreach Potion

Welcome to suggest on equipment to beat Plantera.

TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Weapon is Good. Armor is okay. Hmm, accessories...replace Star Veil with Cross Necklace. Reforge all accessories with Lucky.

You won't needs the Charm of Myths. Get the Warrior Emblem.


Make this arena and I can guarantee you, you'll barely be touched by Plantera itself. If anything, you'll only get damaged by its hooks. The square in the middle is L19xW20. The outer barrier is to prevent mobs from coming in. Make it 4-5 Blocks away from the Square.

Just run around the square and Plantera is basically trapped inside where it cannot attack you.

P.S. Use an Ichor Flask.


From wiki:- The Star Veil provides the same benefit as Cross Necklace and the benefit does not stack.

Warrior Emblem +15% Melee
Avenger Emblem +12% all weapons?
Mechnical Glove +10% Melee only?+ 70% knockback. (latest version from my phone. wiki stated 12%)
Fire Gauntlet +9% Melee only? + knockback + On Fire! debuff + light effect (latest version from my phone. wiki stated 10%)

It seems that updates do outdate some of wiki info.

How to verify the + (Melee only) and + (all weapons) buff?
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TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Replace the Fire Gauntlet with either a Moon or Sun Stone.

The wiki is correct on the Star Veil, was thinking of the Star Cloak. Sorry lol.

Mechanical Glove not needed since Plantera is immune to Knockback. Replace with Destroyer Emblem.

TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Avenger and Warrior Emblem. Wings is good. Star Veil is good. Choose whatever you want for the last accessory. Remember to Reforge all to Lucky for Maximum Damage. Armor could be better with either Adamantite or Hallow. If you have defeated Ocean, make Dragon Armor.

TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Depends really. Just equip the Avenger and Warrior emblem for now. The other emblems stack with their respective damage type, not universal.

Plantera gives you access to the the Biome Chests in the Dungeon but requires a lot of farming and tim to get the key molds.

Defeating Ocram first is a bit tough. Constant movement and a good ranged weapon with strong ammunition will help. After Ocram is killed craft the Dragon Armor and you can kill Plantera faster.


After checking the wiki, I will choose to defeat the Plantera 1st.

Setting up the arena for Plantera now.


Great news. Plantera defeated!
With the following equipment set:-
Weapons - Mushroom Spear (Godly)
Armor - Frost Melee set.

1) Lightning Boots
2) Fire Gauntlet
3) Obsidian Shield
4) Leaf Wings
5) Star Veil

Things that I use :-
Ironskin Potion
Heartreach Potion
Ichor Potion/Flash

And very appreciate TerraNova for help with the arena setup. Thanks TerraNova.
My arena are 22x20 with hearth lantern and campfire in the middle. A small Honey pool in the middle. And 10 hearth statue.

It does help a lot. I can't possibly defeat Plantera if not of this square arena made.
My map area doest not allow me to clear the background wall, but that cause not much of a ploblem.

My 10 hearth statue give me 20x10 each few seconds, and that make the entire fight full health.
Althought it last not more than a minutes fight!!! Hence, I defeat the 2nd Plantera in a row.

After the 2nd Plantera, on search for the 3rd one. System message pop up, solar eclipse!
Pop back to base, and go to my surface fort just beside. And experience the event 1st time.
(Sample of my surface fort)
Wow, I have to say Swamps Things really fast and they comes in packs. After the event net me 6 broken swords!

To keep the momentum up, I defeat 2 more Plantera, With at the end got 4 jungle temple keys in hand.

Pygmy Staff, (Grenade Launcher+Rocket I), Nettle Burst, Flower Pow, Wasp Gun, Plantera Trophy!
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Skeletron Prime
Whew,i almost thought you just broke my record(8 broken hero sword in one eclipse,the most impressive luck I ever had.),although,you are very lucky dude,i also got a solar eclipse,but it only gave me a broken hero seord and moon stone,i'm sad :( ,however,we could just easliy kill plantera with frost armor and a spear,if you like,just add a fire gauntlet,you need a wing too,and basicly thats all you needed,jungle provided you enough soild blocks to block plantera's attack,so no arena was needed for me.

I find that burning and frostburn seems very op againist most bosses,i tested on: plantera,lepus(which is actually very hard to kill nowadays),EOC,DG(yes I know this is not a boss,just to mention frostburn is extremely op against DG,killed under a min.).However,with my current knowledge,burning and frostburn does not do well on normal mobs,nor mourning wood(i haven't figured another boss that is immune to both those two burning debuff.)

Heres the data i've collected.*(Both burning does the same damage.)

On normal mobs:2-6 damage per half second.

On bosses:24-34 damage per half second.

Note:burning and frostburn does stacks,they can do their own damage at the same time.

TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Haha, I beat your guy's records for that. 13 Broken Hero Swords. How?

Legendary Death Sickle (Main)
Demonic Scourge Of The Corruptor (Optional)

Beetle Scale Mail Armor (Melee)

Warrior Emblem
Moon Stone
Golem Stone
Avenger Emblem
Moon Charm or Feral Glove
All reforged to Lucky

Ichor Flask
Rage Potion
Wrath Potion

Very simple.

I put myself within an enclosed box and the bottom center is made of 3 Wooden Platforms. Where I initially stand, my view of the ground is 3 blocks high. At this point enemies most of the time spawn right below me as I can slightly see their heads.
Here is how it looms like.

_______xxx xxx__________

The Underscore for the bottom of the box represents the wooden platforms.
The underscore at the bottom represents the ground and the X's are the mobs.


Skeletron Prime
Let's not change the subject of this thread.If comparing luck I am sure not good enough,but let's talk about that in another thread.


For me I use the terra blade (savage), death sickle (unpleasent), stea punk assult rifle w/ chlorophyte bullets, and my accessories are, leaf wings, moon charm, power glove, ranger emblem (couldn't get warrior/avenger), and lightning spark boots full chlorophyte armor, cursed flask and ichor flask (i use 2 worlds, one for boss fighting and the other for crafting and resource gathering).


The Destroyer
I really wanted water fountains for a build I was doing because the water color wasn't the same from one lake to another (Which bothered my OCDness) I fought him several times with no winning- I had beaten him many times before on a different device with the same gear, and I had no idea why I couldn't. I eventually just used my "i'm so cheap I'm a horrible person" way. I used Tsunami, Heart arrows, the twins staff, spectre wings, turtle armor, greater healing potions, lightning boots, and a pygmy necklace. (Those are all that really affected the fight). Be careful- heart arrows only paralyze plantera, not any of his hooks or anything like that, so you can still be killed. Campfires, honey, and heart lanterns are highly recommended.


I beat Plantera by going around her in circles and using a Megashark with Chlorophyte Bullets (and occasionally Golden Shower to reduce her defense). You could also use a decent yo-yo to beat her too, it also works with the "going around in circles" strategy.


I made An arena with 2 portals and a wall with a little hole in it. I use terra blade or Frost bow or that sort of crossbow dropped by mourning wood. Wearing frost armor.


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How to get solar eclipse
I want to get broken hero sword
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